Printable New Years Eve Games

Fun And Fabulous Printable New Years Eve Games
A Perfect Add-On To A New Year's Eve Party!

If you have decided to take the plunge and be the one among your friends who will be hosting the New Year's Eve party, then you will want to be sure that you plan a sufficient number of games in order to keep everyone entertained until it is time to count down to the new year.

To help you in this endeavor, might I suggest some fun printable New Year's games? To narrow the search a bit, I've included some info about a few of the favorite printables.

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Printable Stacks - If everyone is getting too comfortable in the seated position, you might want to break out Printable Stacks. Although the game begins with everyone remaining in their seat, this is game that is designed to get everyone up on their feet and moving. Ultimately your guests will find their way onto someone else's chair or lap. This game is also a perfect option for kids as they love to pile up on one another and see how high they can go.

New Year's Luck - You need not be superstitious to play New Year's Luck. However, if your guests happen to be "lucky" enough to know of the new year traditions that various country's believe need to be done on January 1st in order to have good luck the entire year, then they are sure to enjoy playing this game as they endeavor to match each of the traditions with the appropriate countries.

Printable New Years Eve Games

New Year's Bowl Trivia - If you are hosting a party that has a lot of football fans, then they are sure to enjoy the New Year's Bowl Trivia game. This game will give your fans an opportunity to suit up, strut their stuff football style, and see who is able to name the different football bowls based upon the clues that are provided which will include tidbits of history and trivia.

And The Heisman Winner Is - If the New Year's Bowl Trivia game just warmed up your football fans, why not follow it up with another football-themed game called, "And The Heisman Winner Is". Your guests might be able to remember which team the winners played for professionally, but this game will see if they can take it a step further and recall the college team they played for that made them famous. Not to make it too easy for your know-it-all fans, this game not only includes the professional super stars, but it also tests their knowledge about the professional disappointments.

Printable New Years Eve Games

New Year Word Scramble - Put your guests' brain to the test with the fun Happy New Year Word Scramble game. This is a game that contains various New Year's words that are all mixed up. Players will race against one another to be the first to unscramble the words. For younger guests, give them more time to accomplish the task and for the more seasoned guests shall we say, cut them off at the pass, apply pressure and lessen the time they have to complete the task. We will see if Mr. or Mrs. Smarty-Pants will prevail!

Printable New Years Eve Games - Conclusion

One last thing before I sign off--if you're throwing a New Years Birthday while simultaneously ringing in the new year, here are some great ideas for New Year's Eve themed invites, decor, party food, cakes, and favors, all with a birthday twist! However, with a slight tweak, these ideas could easily work for a New Year's Eve theme party, or a New Year's Day family get together.

As I'm sure you discovered, these printable News Years games are great for keeping the kids entertained while they wait to count down for the stroke of midnight. They are also a great option for an adult New Year's Eve party or a New Years Day family get together. It gives everyone an opportunity to have good quality family time together, while enjoying a little bit of fun game competition.

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