Printable Easter Trivia Game Ideas For All You Know-It-Alls!

Fun And Fabulous Printable Easter Trivia Game Ideas
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One of the best ways to stay sharp is to tickle our brains a bit each day. Playing games that require one to think is a great way to accomplish this task while having fun. And just because it is Easter time, don't think this means that the brain gets to go on holiday.

Since Easter is upon us, seeking out some trivia type of games that have an Easter twist is a great way to not only tickle the brain, but to have some fun while doing so. The great thing about these types of games is that you can usually play them with an unlimited number of people. As you scroll through this article you will discover several trivia game options that will test your knowledge of various subjects.

Printable Easter Bible Trivia - If you are looking to put your knowledge of the Easter Story to the test, along with finding out who among your party-goers knows their Bible, then you will probably enjoy a round of Easter Bible Trivia.

Printable This & That Easter Match - This game will give your guests to hop into fun and test their ability to match up the list of Easter items to the clues that are describing them.

Printable Cottontail Song Lyrics - If Peter Cottontail gets you hoppin', then you will probably want to play this game. This is a great option for teachers to use at Easter time. This game will test the kids' knowledge about the Peter Cottontail song. Then once the game is over, everyone can sing a round or two of the song for added fun and commradery.

The Passion Trivia Game - This game will take Mel Gibson's infamous movie, The Passion of the Christ and test your knowledge of the final hours and crucifixion of Jesus.

Printable Bible Babies Moms & Dads - Stable - This is a fun trivia game that will require you to put your thinking cap on to recall which child in the Bible should be matched to which parents. This is a fun whom begot whom game. There is also a harder version of this game available if you happen to be entertaining Bible know-it-alls--no disrespect intended.

So, if you love testing your knowledge and are a trivia officiato, then you will surely enjoy a fun round of one of the following printable Easter trivia games. There are also a couple of other games to select from involving spring flowers, Bible Jeopardy, and Biblical idioms just to name a few.

Printable Easter Trivia

Now that you have had an opportunity to check out the various Easter trivia game options, your mind may be returning to everything else you must do to get ready for your shindig. As you begin to plan your Easter get together, or perhaps you are also simultaneously hosting an Easter Birthday Party or a Christian Easter Party, you might want to click on over to one of these pages to gather a few ideas for your party particulars like the invites, decor or perhaps the area of food, cakes or favors might be more of interest to you.

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