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Fun And Fabulous Printable Christian Games For Easter
To Keep The Reason For The Season During Game Time!

Are you hosting an Easter get together or perhaps a party with the goal of keeping the true meaning of Easter at the forefront and centered on Jesus? If you are concerned that you might need to compromise this goal when it comes to game time, let me assure you that need not even enter your mind. To assist you in maintaining a Christ-centered party, I've gathered together some great printable Easter games, all of which have a Christian theme.

As you begin to click through the following Christian game options, I am sure that you will quickly realize that you have heard of many of these games; perhaps you have even played some of them. The only difference might be that the ones you have seen or played did not have an Easter spin on them. You will soon discover that some of these Easter games involve the Bible as it relates to some old favorites like Bingo, trivia, word scramble, word finds, and puzzles. Here's a quick overview of some of the favs:

Easter Bible Word Scramble - This is a game that will put your guests' knowledge of the Easter story to the test. They will compete against one another to be the first person to unscramble all of the Bible words that relate to Easter.

Easter Bible Word Find - If your guests are not that familiar with the Easter story, this game will help guests learn some of the key words that pertain. Everyone will be searching through all of the jumbled letters to discover words like resurrection, Jesus Christ, empty tomb, and new life--just to name a few.

The Passion Trivia Game - If you know your crew saw The Passion of the Christ movie, then you might enjoy seeing just how much they remember about the crucifixion of Jesus, which obviously is an integral part of the wonderful Easter story. As your guests race to answer the questions, you will soon learn who can boast that they know the most about this popular Easter movie.

Christian Easter Phrases - This game is not a test of one's skill, but rather their ability to recall what they know about the Bible coupled with a bit of mind-reading so to speak. For example, if you were to see "King _______" would you fill it in with King of the Jews, King of Kings, or perhaps King Forever?

To learn more about the options that you have to select from in terms of printable Christian games for Easter, all you need to do is click through the following pictures to check them out. You will instantly see that they all have an emphasis on Christianity and Easter. Imagine that, what a concept--keeping Jesus in your Easter celebration! These games will not only provide a great time for your guests but will also help keep the reason for the season at the forefront.

Printable Christian Games For Easter

If you happen to still be on the hunt for some ideas pertaining to your party essentials, then you might want to click on over to either my Easter Birthday Party page or my Christian Easter Party page for some ideas. You will find lots of options for invites, decor, food, and many other goodies to boot!

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