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Fun And Fabulous Princess Party Ideas
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Once upon a time, a little girl wished upon a star for an enchanting princess party. Her mother heard her desires and alas decided the time had come to turn the family home into a castle, don the landscape with everything pink and sparkly, and commence the planning process to create a splendid affair suitable for royalty to attend.

But lo and behold Mama-Nooche was not a princess herself and she did not know how to begin planning this splendid affair so she too wished upon a star for help--princess style. Her wish was heard and this page was prepared so she might glean some ideas to help her create a royal affair full of make believe, enchantment, and wonder.

princess party ideas
Photo courtesy of: Nieve44La Luz

Princess parties make you think of once upon a time stories. Like once upon a time a little girl wished for an enchanting princess party. Below are some ideas that will help you design a princess party that is full of wonder and magical make believe for your special little princess.


PRINCESS TIARA INVITATIONS - Either buy pre-made tiaras or cut them from silver, gold, or pink card stock and decorate with glitter and jewels. Write party details with silver gel pen. Hand-deliver invitations.

SCROLL INVITATIONS - Use scrapbook scroll paper or parchment paper and print party details on computer using Old English font or write them in calligraphy. Roll up, tie with pink satin ribbon, and hand-deliver. For added fun, have invitations delivered by dad, brother, or a teenager dressed in a prince costume.

GLASS SLIPPER INVITATIONS - Decorate clear Cinderella glass slipper party favor with glitter, jewels, and satin ribbon. Print out party details on pink or lavender card stock, cut with decorative scissors, hole-punch, thread ribbon through, and tie to slipper. Have dad, brother, or a teenager dressed in a prince costume hand-deliver slipper on top of satin pillow (leave only the slipper).

PRINCESS PARTY IDEAS FOR CREATING PRINCESS WAND INVITATIONS - Use 12" long, 1/4" wooden dowel. Paint Styrofoam star pink. Spray with tacky glue and sprinkle with pink glitter. Tie eight 24" pieces of pink and white curling ribbon to end of dowel and secure with glue. After star dries, push onto dowel over ribbon knot, and glue in place. Curl ribbons. Print out party details on pink or lavender card stock, cut with decorative scissors, hole-punch, thread ribbon through, and tie to wand. Hand-deliver wands.

PRETTY PINK PRINCESS PARTY IDEAS FOR INVITATIONS - Cut into 4 pieces a shiny pink sheet of card stock. Then, write all the party info on pieces of pale pink or white textured card stock. Cut pieces with party info to 3"x 4 1/2" using decorative scissors. Glue them to the pink pieces. Cut about a foot of pink tulle ribbon. Punch two holes into the top of the invite, threading the ribbon through the holes and tying it into a pretty bow. Add stickers to the bottoms and use glitter around the edges if desired.

Princess Party Ideas For Invitations

PRINCESS PARTY IDEAS TO CREATE PHOTO INVITATIONS – Take pieces of card stock and cut them in half. Fold each piece in half. Take a photo of your daughter dressed like a princess. Cut around the edges of the photo with some decorative scissors, ensuring that the photo is a bit smaller than the invitation. Glue your photograph to the invite's front side. Above the picture put "Your Invited to a Royal Princess Party".

Using scrapbook paper with pretty pale pink design (finished size will be 4 1/2" x 7 1/2"), type or use calligraphy to add in the party information. Cut the inserts and glue to the inside of the invitations. Decorate with some cute princess stickers.

PRINCESS PARTY IDEAS FOR EMBELLISHING READY-MADE PRINCESS INVITATIONS – Buy some pre-made, cute princess invitations. Have fun embellishing them with bows, glitter, sequins and other fun embellishments.

Select from the following princess party ideas for invitation openings:

You're invited to a royal princess party.

A royal celebration in honor of
Princess (Name's) (Number) Birthday.

Your presence is requested at
Princess (Name's) royal birthday celebration.

Once Upon a Time in a Land Far, Far Away,
A Princess was born on a Very Special Day!

Dress in your Princess Best for a Royal Celebration,
as Princess (Name's) (Number) Birthday
is the extraordinary occasion!

Her Royal Highness (Name) requests the honor
of your presence at her (Number) birthday coronation.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! You are cordially invited to
attend (Name's) Royal Birthday Celebration.

Then add the day, date, and time.

For party location, select from the following and add the address:

(Last Name's) Palace
(Last Name's) Castle
Magical Dress-Up Palace
Magical Dress-Up Castle
(Name's) Royal Palace
Magical (Last Name's) Kingdom
Then conclude with an R.S.V.P. and a request for princess costumes to be worn. Select from the following:

R.S.V.P. to Queen (Name), (Phone #)
R.S.V.P. to Queen Mum (Name), (Phone #)
Regrets to Queen Mum (Name), (Phone #)
Regrets to Queen (Name), (Phone #)
Can you party happily ever after? R.S.V.P. to Queen (Name), (Phone #)

Please wear your best ball gowns.
Please come dressed as a princess.
Dress in your princess best.


Ask guests to wear their princess best. For some additional princess party ideas, give guests any of the following when they arrive:

PRINCESS PARTY IDEAS FOR CREATING A PRINCESS HAT: Take a plain, pink cone party hat and cut top off. Tie knot at end of a 24" to 36" long piece of pink tulle (depending on size of child). Insert tulle in hat and glue knot at hole area to hold in place. The tulle will flow down child's back. Wrap lace and satin ribbon around bottom of hat and decorate hat with jewels, sequins, and glitter.

PRINCESS PARTY IDEAS FOR CREATING A PRINCESS HEADPIECE: Make each girl a headpiece by twisting pink and silver metallic star-type of garland into a circular shape to fit a child's head. Tie eight pieces of pink and white curling ribbons to the back of the headpiece. They will need to be between 36" and 60" in length depending upon the height of the child. You obviously don't want them too long so they don't get in the child's way as they flit about being a princess. Curl the ribbons and use some bobby pins to hold the headpiece in place.

PRINCESS PARTY IDEAS FOR A PRINCESS WAND: Here's an adorable combination that is reasonably priced and would be perfect to hand out as your guests arrive.

In the alternative, if you want to make your own, here's a few princess party ideas. Use 12" long, 1/4" wooden dowel. Paint Styrofoam star pink. Spray it with some tacky glue and then sprinkle it with some pink glitter. Then you will need to tie eight pieces of white and pink curling ribbons to the end of a dowel. For added security, glue them in place. The ribbons should be about 24" long. Once the star dries, push onto dowel over ribbon knot, and glue in place. Curl ribbons.

PRINCESS TIARAS: If you're short on time or not inclined to making your own tiaras, there's a great option pictured above that has marabou trim.

PRINCESS MAKEUP: Apply blush, lipstick, and body glitter on princesses.

PRINCESS JEWELRY: Glitter jelly bracelets and hologram hair twists.

For the boys, you can request they wear their prince best and give them the following:

PRINCE CROWN: Make a crown out of gold card stock or poster board. Decorate with jewels, sequins, and glitter. If you're looking to buy a fun crown for all your prince attendees, there's a great one pictured above.

PRINCE SHIELDS: Make a shield out of foam-backed poster board and cover with foil. Glue gun a piece of elastic to the back of each shield for the prince to slide his hand through. Glue a small, purple piece of shield-shaped card stock to the foil and write their name as follows: "Prince/Sir (Name)."

For some more princess party ideas for costumes, you might want to take a gander at the photos of PRINCESS COSTUMES that I have posted on this page. I'm sure you'll get lots of ideas for creating your own or if nothing else, you will surely enjoy feasting your eyeballs on all the lovely princesses.


The dominant royal colors for your princess party should be pink, purple, lavender, blue, cream, white, gold, and/or silver. Select your colors carefully so that you create the royal atmosphere that your little princess desires. As you select from the following princess party ideas, all you'll need to do is to adapt your color choice to coincide with your selected colors.

  • Create a red carpet leading up to your doorway. Use a carpet remnant or create the "red carpet" from red felt, red poster board, or red plastic tablecloths.

  • Set up a special castle gate at your entrance for all your little princesses to walk through in order to enter the enchanted kingdom. This can also make for a great photo-op.

  • Either create your castle at the front door area or on a wall for a photo-op location. Make castle frame from foam-backed poster board or cardboard. Measure width of door frame so you know how wide to make it. Create 2 castle towers with a jagged edge. Join them together with a piece of straight cardboard and hang a sign in this area that says, "Welcome to "Name's) Castle." Paint castle in shades of gray and use black for the windows.

  • Outside of the party area, hang up some royal bunting flags. Make them yourself out of silver or gold paper, and then cut out the flags. Add flags to wooden dowels using some glue. Then, place them in the ground along the sidewalk, making a royal walk up to the party area.

  • - Place pretty pink or white lanterns all around the edges of your party area. Place some battery operated LED lights inside of the lanterns as well, which will make them put off a soft glow, adding to the princess party ambiance.

  • Decorate ceilings with pink and white twisted streamers and clusters of balloons with curling ribbons.

  • Create a pretty entryway canopy by loosely attaching pink and white streamers to center of ceiling and looping them to the wall joint to create the canopy. Allow each streamer to go all the way to the floor.

  • Fill up your archways or doorways with pink and white streamers; this will create added fun as your little princesses walk through these openings.

  • Dress up your wider hallways and door frames by using pretty pink sheets and tying them back with lovely pink bows.

  • Hang glittery stars from your ceiling using either satin ribbons or curling ribbons.

  • Dress up the party tables by adding pretty pink or lavender tablecloths. Then, use some tulle in a matching color to make a table skirt. It will really add to the tables and it is very cost effective, since you can purchase colored tulle at a fabric shop or hobby store for a reasonable price. You could even add some white lights along the edge of the table, just under the tulle.

  • Use white tablecloths and pink toppers, or white and pink sheets to cover the tables. Tie the corners using pink and white ribbons and scatter some pink, glittery confetti, gold stars, sequins, and jewels on top.

  • Place white paper doilies, princess plates, napkins, pink plastic cutlery, and plastic champagne or wine goblets with pink bows tied on stems and glue jewels to bottom of glasses to create royal goblets at each place setting. Tie napkins with pink satin ribbon.

  • Hang sheets of white Christmas lights on walls with lightweight, see-thru, light pink fabric over lights.

  • Hang white twinkle lights around door entrance.

  • You can also hang jeweled or metallic foil curtains at your doorways for your little princesses to walk through.

  • Cover the living room ceiling by hanging pink sheets, pink fabric, pink plastic tablecloths, or sheer pink fabric to create the ballroom. Then allow several pink and white helium balloons to float to the ceiling.

  • Head to your local thrift store and find a variety of different mirrors. Hang the mirrors up on the walls along the party area, or place them on the floor to stand up. Your princesses can enjoy looking at themselves in their princess finery and the mirrors add to the princess décor as well.

  • Turn regular chair into royal chairs by putting silver or gold poster board on them, taping the poster board doesn’t move. Then, wrap some white or pink tulle around the chair and tie it in a nice bow. You could also tie a pretty balloon to the back of each of the chairs.

  • Purchase or buy some royal crowns in silver or gold. Make sure they are fairly plain though, because you want to have room to write on them. Use a black marker to write the name of each child on one of the crowns. Then, place them at place settings, using them as royal place cards. You could use a more decorative crown for the birthday princess’ place setting. Girls can enjoy wearing their crowns as they enjoy the royal food.

  • Hang princess posters and/or princess decals on your walls, all of which can later be transferred to decorate your child's bedroom walls.

  • Transform dining room chairs into princess thrones by taping gold and silver poster board around the backs and decorate with jewels, glitter, sequins, tulle, etc. Add pink pillows to sit on or use pink glittery fabrics to cover chairs. Make the birthday princess' chair extra tall and extra special with more elaborate decorations.

  • Put vases of pink and white flowers around room.

  • Put out some pink balloons in front of the party location so guests can find it.

  • Tie pink tulle bows around all the party chairs.

  • Make sign that says, "Welcome to ____'s Princess Castle" and hang on front door.

  • Use a bubble machine near the doorway so your princesses get to stroll in through all the bubbles.


If you're on the look for some game and activity ideas that have a princess theme, here are a few options to check out and see if you want to incorporate them into your party. If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and get busy planning your games, here are some Princess Party Games and Activities that you might want to review. They will surely create a day of great fun for all your royal subjects.

  • Princess Beauty Parlor
  • Pretty Princess Treasure Boxes
  • Royal Candy Necklaces
  • Royal Diamond Drop Relay
  • Princess Walk
  • Princess May I
  • The Princess and The Pea Game
  • Princess Castle Play Time
  • Princess Parade
  • RoyalBall Freeze Dance
  • Pin The Crown On The Prince
  • Pass The Tiara
  • Musical Crowns
  • Dig For Jewels & Make A Treasure Chest
  • Disney Princess Pinata


Select from the following princess party ideas for party food to fill your little princesses' bellies:

PRINCESS PARTY IDEAS TO CREATE PRINCESS SANDWICHES - Cut some bread using slipper, star, or heart cookie cutter or use some mini croissants.

Filling Options: Jelly and peanut butter, cream cheese with pecans, chicken or tuna salad would all be great selections. If you want to princess them up a bit, then just add some red food coloring to give the filling a tinge of pink.

PRINCESS MAC & CHEESE - Prepare favorite Mac & Cheese recipe. Add red food coloring and stir until desired "pink" color is achieved.

PRINCESS PARTY IDEAS FOR A MEDIEVAL FEAST - Prepare traditional Medieval Times feast consisting of tomato soup, chicken legs, ribs, baked potatoes, and garlic bread with no eating utensils.

ROYAL PRINCESS JEWEL SALAD – Cut up fruits in the colors of different jewels, such as raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, cherries, etc. Place the fruit in a large bowl, tossing with a bit of the fruit juices. Sprinkle with a dusting of edible colored pink sugar. Label the fruit salad as “Royal Princes Jewel Salad.”

PRINCESS PINK LEMONADE – Make up lemonade and pour it into an ice ring mold. Allow to freeze for 2-3 hours. Once it is slushy, add strawberries to the bottom of the mold. Freeze until it is solid. Make up the pink lemonade, pouring into a big punch bowl. Place the ice ring into the bowl before serving.

PRINCESS FRUIT FLAVORED TEA – Tea parties always seem to go along with princesses, so consider serving up some princess fruit flavored tea. Most kids won’t like regular tea, but you can find fruit flavored teas, such as raspberry tea and peach tea. Serve up the tea in some pretty teacups and saucers. If you don’t want to use tea, make some pink or red punch and call it “tea.”

PRINCESS PINK BERRY SMOOTHIES – Another great drink idea for your princess party is to make up some princess pink berry smoothies. Not only are these delicious, but they are wonderfully tasty as well. Start with some ice and mashed bananas, then, add strawberries or raspberries, or add both to the smoothie. Blend and pour into pretty cups. Garnish with clear toothpicks that have a berry and a couple marshmallows on them. Add pretty straws so princesses can sip at their berry smoothies.

PRINCESS CREAM CHEESE STUFFED STRAWBERRIES – Not only does these strawberries taste amazing, but they look great as well. Cut the stems off strawberries, hollowing them out a little. Make a cream cheese filling by beating cream cheese with some sugar, to taste. Add a couple drops of red food coloring to make the cream cheese filling pink. Then, pipe the cream cheese filling into the strawberries. Arrange the strawberries on a platter. Melt some chocolate and then drizzle over the strawberries.

PINK PRINCESS POPCORN – Pop up several bags of plain popcorn in your microwave. Place the popcorn on baking sheets in single layers after lining the sheets with wax paper. Then, melt about eight ounces of white chocolate. After the chocolate is melted, add a couple drops of red food coloring to the chocolate to make it pink. Drizzle the chocolate on the popcorn, trying to distribute the chocolate evenly. Place baking sheets in your fridge, allowing the chocolate to harden. Place all the popcorn in a large bowl and serve up the pretty pink, princess popcorn.

PRINCESS FROG JELL-O – Your young princesses are sure to know the story about the princess and the frog. Make your own frog Jell-O by making up a batch of green Jell-O and dividing it among small pretty cups. Allow the Jell-O cups to gel in the refrigerator. Before the party, add a single chocolate frog to each “Frog Pond.” Serve to your princesses and tell them the now have their own Frog Prince.

PRINCESS PINK MACAROONS – Macaroons are always an elegant party food and they will look so pretty on your food tables if you make pink macaroons. Make the pink macaroon cookies and fill them with a delicious chocolate filling that your princesses will definitely approve of when they try them. Serve them on a pretty china tray.

PRINCESS SUGAR COOKIES - Using a slipper cookie cutter, cut cookie dough into slippers and cover with pink icing and decorate slippers with any combination of edible glitter, sprinkles, sparkling sugar, nonpareils, cake gel, or candied flowers.

STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM - Either get it plain or with strawberry pieces.

frog cake images
Photo courtesy of: Piece-A-Cake.com


Select from the following princess party ideas for birthday cakes to celebrate your little princess' birth:

PRETTY PRINCESS FIGURE CAKE – Pick the guest of honor’s favorite princess and find a doll, such as a Barbie Doll, that features that princess. Then, bake a double layer round cake. After baking the two cakes, place the layers together. Before frosting the cake, place the doll inside of the cake so only her upper body sticks out. Frost the cake to look like a pretty dress. Add plenty of candy pearls and edible glitter so the doll/cake looks like a princess.

PRINCESS PINK CROWN CAKE – Start out by baking a sheet cake in the flavor of your choice (or let the royal princess choose the flavor). Then, using a knife, cut the sheet cake into the shape of a princess crown. You could print out a large template to help you as you cut out the crown. Decorate the entire cake in pretty pink icing. Use icing in jewel tones to add jewels to the crown. Write a birthday message on the crown in white icing. Sprinkle with plenty of edible glitter to really make the crown sparkle.

CINDERELLA CARRIAGE CAKE – Purchase the Cinderella Carriage cake pan. Follow the instructions, baking a cake in a fun flavor that the guest of honor will enjoy. After baking the cake in the pan, carefully turn the cake out on a cake serving dish or on a sturdy piece of cardboard. Follow the included instructions to decorate the Cinderella carriage. You can always change the colors in the instructions to go with your party colors if you desire. This cake is sure to be a huge hit.

Princess Party Ideas For Cakes

ICE CREAM CONE PRINCESS CROWN CAKE – Start by baking a simple two layer round cake. Decorate the cake in a color that goes with your princess party colors. Then, place small ice cream sugar cones all around the outer edge of the cake, placing them upside down so they form a pretty princess crown. Cover the cones with frosting so they go with the cake. Decorate the cones by using icing to attach small colored candies to look like crown jewels.

PRINCESS IMAGE CUPCAKES – Make cupcakes in a tasty flavor. Decorate them in bright pink frosting, topping with some edible pink sugar or glitter. Then, print out small images of fun princesses from the internet. Cut them out and tape to colored toothpicks. After the icing sets, place toothpicks in the cupcakes, adding a cool princess topper to each of the cupcakes.

PRINCESS PARTY IDEAS FOR CUPCAKES - Decorate white cupcakes with pink frosting and any combination of edible glitter, sprinkles, sparkling sugar, nonpareils, cake gel, or candied flowers. Use this as a party activity and let princesses decorate cupcakes.

CASTLE CAKE - Bake five 8" square cakes. Place 4 cakes side by side to create 1 big square cake. Place fifth cake on top of the center of the 4 cakes. Frost all the cakes with white frosting. Frost 4 sugar cones with pink frosting and roll in edible glitter. Place them on the 4 corners of the cake. Decorate cake with sprinkles, Skittles, M&M's, etc.

PRINCESS SHEET CAKE – Purchase or make a large white sheet cake, icing it with white frosting. Then you can place a sugar art image of a princess scene or the princess and the frog to make your cake instantly look spectacular!

PRINCESS CAKE - Bake 6" and 9" round white cakes. Stack smaller on larger and frost with pink frosting. Create scene by decorating with princess, prince, and castle figurines. You can also add some other cake decorating materials like sprinkles, edible glitter, nonpareils, cake gel, or sparkling sugar. Add candied flowers or silk flowers around bottom of cake.

If you are interested in viewing some photos of some beautiful CASTLE CAKES and CROWN CAKES to help you get a few more ideas for creating your princess theme cake, then click on one of the above links.


If you've decided that you want to put together your own batch of party favors rather than buying one of the ready-made options, here are some princess party ideas for favors to get you started:

Along with the princess tiaras and magical wands, fill cellophane bags with princess party favors using ribbon to tie the bags shut. Conceal contents with a piece of pink tulle large enough to cover the favor bag and tie using some curling ribbon.

Fill bags with any combination of princess stickers, pink lip gloss, pink nail polish, pink barrettes, friendship rope bracelets, flower rings, edible candy necklace or bracelet, pink wax lips, body glitter, pink crystal rock candy suckers, pink pencils, glitter balls, paper dolls, bubbles, princess bookmarkers.

Princess Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite princess party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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