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If your little sweetie wouldn't be caught without her diamond-studded tiara, then it must be time to throw a Princess Birthday Party. Click on over to see how you can create the proper princess atmosphere and set the tone by turning your home into an enchanted castle or fairy tale environment.

Now that you have some ideas for creating a fun-filled Princess theme party by turning your home into a magical castle, it's time for you to think about the entertainment part of your party. I've created this page of activities and games that have a bit of a princess theme to complement your party and create a royal affair full of wonder and make believe. Her little highness, along with her fair maidens are sure to enjoy an afternoon of pretending to be a princess and all that you have planned for them.


The following princess party ideas for activities and games will surely keep all of your little princesses engaged in fun and busy with all their royal duties:

PRINCESS BEAUTY PARLOR – This is a fun activity to use at the beginning of your princess birthday party. Set up a large mirror and ensure you have plenty of light. This will be your beauty parlor. As the princesses arrive, transform each guest into a beautiful princess by giving her a new hairstyle, a bit of lip-gloss, some blush and some fingernail polish. You can even have crowns available for all your little princesses.

PRETTY PRINCESS TREASURE BOXES – Let your princesses have fun making their own pretty princess treasure boxes. You’ll need some small, hard cardboard boxes for this activity. Spray paint the boxes with silver or gold spray paint before the party. During the party, let the princesses decorate their treasure boxes using plastic jewels, sequins, glitter and other fun embellishments. You can even fill up their boxes with fun favors at the end of the party.

ROYAL CANDY NECKLACES – For this activity, you’ll need plenty of candy. Licorice string can be tied together to create the basic necklace. Then, girls can add gummy lifesavers, fruit loops and other edible items to the necklaces. Make sure you have plenty of edible items on hand, because they are sure to enjoy eating them as much as they enjoy putting them on their necklaces.

Princess Party Games

ROYAL DIAMOND DROP RELAY – This is one of the princess party games that will keep your princesses busy for a while. You’ll need to divide your group into two teams. Have them line up on the starting line and have a finish line designated, which should be about 10 feet from the starting line. Give each team a bowl of ice cubes, and at the finish line, have an empty bowl for each time. You’ll also need chopsticks for each team. When you start the game, the first person uses the chopsticks to pick up a diamond and race it to the bowl at the finish line. If the “diamond” is dropped, they have to use the chopsticks to pick it up and then complete the race. The team that gets all their diamonds to the other bowl wins.

PRINCESS WALK – For this game, print out pictures of different princesses, gluing them to poster board so they are stiff. You can make more than one of each princess, ensuring you have enough princesses for each guest. However, you only should print out one Cinderella for the game. Place the princess pictures on poster board on the ground or floor in a circle. Play some fun princess tunes and then have kids walk around the princess circle. Stop the music. When it stops, the person standing on Cinderella is given a prize. Keep playing so everyone gets a chance to win a prize.

PRETTY PRINCESS MAY I – This fun princess party game is played much like the fun game, Mother May I. To play the game, have the birthday girl start out as the Pretty Princess. Have everyone else line up about 8-10 feet away from the princess. Have the Pretty Princess start giving individual commands to players. For example, she might say, “Susie, you may take three steps forward.” Then, the player called out has to respond by saying, “Pretty Princess May I? Then, the princess says either “No, you may not,” or “Yes, you may.” If a person forgets to say Pretty Princess May I, then that player is out of the game. You can play until a single player is left or you can let kids take turn being the Pretty Princess.

Princess Party Games

THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA GAME – Take some large cushions and hide a small ball beneath one of the pillows. Have a princess sit on each pillow and then tell you which pillow has a pea beneath it. If they guess correctly, they get to hide the pea and the game continues until everyone gets a chance to find the pea.

PRINCESS CASTLE PLAY TIME - Keep your royal guests busy as they arrive with a lovely Princess Castle. Of course this will require mom and dad creating a fun castle long before party time. If your child already has a play house, you could turn it into a castle with fun decorations.

PRINCESS PARADE - After all the little princesses arrive and adorned accordingly, parade them around the yard, posing and waving to the crowd. Take pictures and provide copies with thank you's.

ROYAL BALL FREEZE DANCE - This game is played like "Freeze." Music plays and everyone dances. Music stops and everyone freezes.

PIN THE CROWN ON THE PRINCE - Hang a poster of your favorite Disney prince on the wall. Make enough yellow construction paper crowns so all the kids have one. Blindfold a little princess and spin her around a time or two and have her try to place the crown on the prince's head. The crown that is the closest to sitting level on the prince's head wins.

Variation: Instead of a prince and a crown, pin the Kiss on the Frog.

Princess Party Games

PASS THE TIARA - Have the princesses sit in a circle and hand off a tiara to the princess who is sitting to their right while you play some royal music in the background. Whoever is in possession of the tiara when you stop the music will be out of the game. The game continues until only one princess remains.

MUSICAL CROWNS - Play this game like you would musical chairs except you place one court jester hat and enough crowns for all the girls in a line on the floor. As the music plays, the girls walk around the crowns. When the music stops, they scramble to put a crown on their head. The one who ends up with the court jester hat is out for the next round. Remove 1 crown and the play continues until only 1 princess remains.

PRINCESS PARTY GAMES - DIG FOR JEWELS & MAKE A TREASURE CHEST - Fill baby pool with "treasures" that consist of self-adhesive jewels, pom-poms, stickers, lace, ribbons, and strands of sequins all wrapped up in decorative pink wrapping paper. Then cover the "treasures" with some pink shred and small, blown up pink balloons. Have girls all dig for their treasure and when found they report to the queen's court where you have a craft table set-up with empty baby wipe boxes spray painted gold, silver, or bronze. Each child will decorate their box with their "treasure" supplies.

DISNEY PRINCESS PINATA - A party's not a party without a fun pinata and if you can find one that has a princess or castle theme, then all the better. Then all you will need to do is blindfold your little princesses using a pink sash, wrap a bat with white and pink streamers and let them all take a royal swing and try to break open the pinata.

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