Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Princess Birthday Party Ideas
To Help Make 1st Birthdays Extra Special!

Roll out the pink carpet and get ready to create a princess party which is a perfect 1st birthday theme for your little princess. Since your little one will be the belle of the ball so to speak, you will want to be sure to plan an extraordinary event that is nothing less than a majestic celebration.

To help you turn your home in a palace fit for your little princess and her royal subjects, I have put together this page of ideas that are sure to spark an interest. You will easily be able to celebrate her first year of life in royal style with these fun princess party ideas. They will help you to create a perfect princess party filled with colorful whimsy and marvelous memories.


CROWN INVITES - Cut out a crown shape from pink cardstock. Put something like, "Join Us As We Crown (Name) With Her 1st Birthday." Decorate it with pink, lavender and silver glitter and jewels. Put all the party details on the reverse side.

PHOTO INVITES - Take a picture of your baby all decked out in her princess best and download it onto a piece of pink cardstock. Cut around the edges with decorative scissors. Put all your party info on the reverse side.

SCROLL INVITES - Write out all of your party particulars in calligraphy onto a piece of decorative scrapbook paper. Roll up the invites and tie them off with a piece of ribbon.

Princess Birthday Party Ideas For Princess Invitations

CASTLE INVITES - Cut out a castle shape from a piece of cardstock and decorate it with various craft items like glitter, jewels, sequins, etc. Put all the party details on the reverse side using a silver gel pen.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE INVITES - Buy some princess invites and embellish them a bit with some glitter, stick-on jewels, ribbons, and sequins.

Suggested wording for your invites:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, you are formally invited to (Name's) 1st birthday party. It's sure to be a royally great time as we celebrate in perfect princess style. (Then add all the party details.) Pop your invites into a pink envelope and decorate with a tiara, crown or castle sticker.


If you're thinking of dressing up your little one in a special princess costume, here are a few options to consider. It would certainly make for some adorable pictures if you had all of your guests come dressed in their princess best and all the boys in their princely attire.

In the alternative, you could provide everyone with a crown and t-shirt as they arrive. Of course, the crowns will go by the wayside as little hands toss them to and fro. Therefore, you might want to hold on to them until picture time to insure they make it through the all-important photo-ops.

PRINCESS MAKE-UP - As guests arrive have some teens available to spiff up the little princesses. Have the add a little blush, perhaps some lip gloss and of course glitter.


The perfect princess color is pink, but you could easily use other pastels or intermix some purple, lavender, white or silver.


  • Transform the front door with a fun 1st birthday princess theme cover.

  • To dress up those barren walls, hang some princess posters on the walls.

  • Be sure to make a special 1st birthday banner to hang across the garage, party table or as a focal point on a wall. It can become a special keepsake when all is said and done, especially is you personalize it with a photo of your birthday princess.

  • Twist streamers around the perimeter of the room and add clusters of balloons at each corner.

  • Hang glittery stars of various sizes at different lengths from the ceiling using fishing line.


  • Create a princess photo-op area and take a picture of each child as they arrive. Here's a great throne that would be a perfect add-on. After the party is over you could transfer the chair to your daughter's room.

  • You could also create your own throne by covering a chair with some velvet fabric and tying it off with a big tulle bow. Since you're dealing with wee little ones, you probably won't want to raise it up off the floor, but if you do, just place your chair on a raised platform that can easily be constructed from plywood and boards or opt for placing a chair on top of a table.

  • To create a nice backdrop, hang some sheer fabric in the background, along with some greenery and/or floral vines. Be sure to add a "red carpet" leading the way up to the throne. This can be created from construction paper, poster board, or even a red vinyl tablecloth.

  • Use a fun castle pinata to decorate a barren corner, hang from the ceiling, or even accent a table. Then when the time comes for fun and games, you can use it for a fun activity.


  • Cover your table with a pink tablecloth and a white table runner.

  • Although you could opt for some solid colored party ware, why would you want to when there are several fun print options to select.

  • Create a centerpiece using a pinata or opt for a balloon bouquet. You can place it into a princess bag and weight it down.

  • Tie large sheer or tulle bows around the chairs or decorate the high chairs.
  • Add some cute placemats at each place setting. Here are some options to consider:


TIARA TOSS - Remove the labels from 1 liter soda bottles and spray paint them pink. Then fill them with water to give them stability. Have the little ones toss tiaras to try and "ring" one.

PASS THE TIARA - This game is played like Hot Potato except the little ones will "attempt" with the assistance of Mom, Dad or teen helpers, to pass the tiara around a circle while music plays.

CROWN THE PRINCESS - This game will be played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Hang a picture of a princess on the wall and have your little guests try to crown the princess with a construction paper crown using double-stick tape.

PINATA - Hang a castle, coach or princess pull-string pinata and give all your little guests an opportunity to split it open.

BEAN BAG TOSS - Set up some pink and lavender buckets and have each child try to toss bean bags into the buckets. You can make the bean bags by sewing or gluing the edges of two squares of fabric filled with split peas or beans. Be sure to use princess printed fabric.

BUBBLE FUN - Have several teens blow bubbles and use large bubble wands to entertain your guests. Allow them to try to catch and pop the bubbles.


GERBER GRADUATES - Contact parents to find out what stage their baby eats.

GRILLED CHEESE - Make some grilled cheese sandwiches and cut them into fourths.

MACARONI & CHEESE - Make your favorite mac and cheese recipe or opt for a boxed option to make it quick and easy.

CHEESE & CRACKERS - Cut up slices of cheese and place on various crackers.

CREAM CHEESE & JELLY SANDWICHES - Make some little cream cheese and strawberry or raspberry jelly sandwiches and cut them into fourths.

FRUIT - Applesauce, sliced bananas, strawberries, kiwi, and watermelon. SHAPED COOKIES - Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut the cookies into the shape of crowns, castles, or a princess coach and decorate with icing and sprinkles.

DRINK OPTIONS - Pink lemonade, punch, or milk.


CROWN CAKE - Make your favorite cake in a crown shaped pan. Decorate it according to the pan's directions. To stay with your color scheme, frost it in pink and white and decorate with lavender accents.

CASTLE CAKE - Fill a castle shaped pan with your favorite cake batter. Decorate it with pink frosting and make the castle tops lavender. Accent the edges with some piped out flowers or make it easy on yourself by using pre-formed sugar flowers.

PRINCESS COACH CAKE - Once again, make your favorite cake except you could use a coach shaped pan and decorate it up in princess style.

PRINCESS CAKE - Make or buy a sheet or round cake and top it off with either a princess-themed cake topper or edible sugar art image. Either way, it is a quick and easy option to creating a fun cake.


Send all your little ones home with some fun favors to enjoy. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Bubbles
  • Princess t-shirt
  • Tiara
  • Bath toys
  • Pink headband
  • Chunky book
  • Soft blocks
  • Staking cubes

YOUR Favorite Princess Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite princess birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your princess cakes and costumes.

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