Prince Birthday Party Ideas
For A Little Prince Party

Fun And Fabulous Prince Birthday Party Ideas
For your Little Prince!

If your lil' prince is about to turn 1, what better way to usher in the celebration of his first birthday than with a little prince party theme. After all, your son is going to be the center of attention on his special day anyway, so you might as well give him the royal treatment with a special birthday par-tay!

To help you create kingdom magic and slay that party dragon, I have put together this page of party ideas that will help you plan a splendid affair. Scroll on and keep reading to see how you can get your home castle-ready and put on a regal first birthday.


If you want to make your own invites, here are a few ideas to get you started:

DRAGON INVITATIONS - Download a picture of a dragon onto a piece of card stock. Type out all your party details on the reverse side.

CASTLE INVITATIONS - Download a picture of a castle to use as a template and cut out a large castle shape from card stock. Decorate the edges with some glitter. Write out all your party details on the reverse side.

CROWN INVITATIONS - Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut out crown shapes. Decorate with icing, sprinkles, dots, and other toppings. Insert one cookie into a clear cellophane bag. Type all your party particulars onto a piece of scrapbook paper and cut out with decorative scissors. Hole-punch the upper left corner and run a ribbon through, tie around cellophane bag and hand-deliver your invites.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE INVITES - Buy some cute prince invites and embellish the picture with various glitters and jewels.

If you need some wording for your hand-made invites, you might say something like:

"Our sweet lil' prince is turning 1, come join us for some royal fun!"

Then add all of your party particulars, along with an RSVP to the Queen Mum.


Coming up with a prince costume for a one year old is going to be a bit of a challenge. If you want to take the easy way out, then opt for a regal crown and a prince themed t-shirt like the items above. If you're up to the task of creating the costume, then you'll want to start by cutting off a pair of pants at the knees and running elastic through the knee area too blouse them. Add a white blouse/shirt that has ruffles down the front and around the wrists. Top it off with a cape, which can easily be made from a piece of red fabric with a casing tie around the neck. Add a crown, along with some black shoes and your lil' prince is good to go.


You can opt to use the royal colors or if you've decided to go with the Lil' Prince party supplies, then you will want to use light and medium blue and white, with perhaps a touch of gold.

  • Tie a bouquet of balloons to your mailbox to let everyone know the party location.

  • Attach posters of dragons to yard stakes and line your walkway and/or yard.

  • Hang posters of castles, dragons, knights, and night shields on the walls.

  • Create bouquets of balloons to accent the corners of the room.

  • Twist streamers throughout the party room.

  • Hang a personalized birthday banner over the cake table, on one of the main walls, or over the garage door.

  • Another fun option for the walls is to use the giant prince wall decals. The nice thing about the decals is that they can later be transferred to your son's bedroom walls.

  • Hang sheer fabric or lightweight tulle around the room to create a billowy atmosphere.

  • Buy some extra Lil Prince plates and hang them at various lengths from the ceiling using fishing line.

  • Set up a small table where the older guests can sign a keepsake plate that has the prince theme. This way, when your son is older he can see what everyone had to say to him when he turned one.

  • You can create a fun photo op corner for all your royal guests. As they arrive, place them in a special chair, crown them literally, and snap their picture.

  • Put a light blue table cover on your main table with a medium blue runner. In the alternative use a Lil' Prince table cover.

  • Jazz up your table with all the fun Lil' Prince theme party ware. The kids will love all the wonderful color and design.

  • Make a centerpiece out of a pinata or you can use a bouquet of balloons that are weighted down and placed into the center of a crown.

  • Decorate your child's high chair so it mimics a throne. Velvet for the back, tulle for the skirt, and stick-on jewels to accent.


Give classic party games a princely twist and you're sure to create kingdom magic.

PIN THE TAIL ON THE DRAGON - This game will be played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey except you will hang a poster of a dragon and have little ones try to pin a tail onto the dragon. You can make the tails out of construction paper and use double-stick tape.

PASS THE HORSEY - This game is played like Hot Potato except your little guests will try to pass a beanie type horse around the circle. Teen helpers might be in order to help keep the horse going around the circle.

HORSE RACE Have little ones saddle up their wooden stick horses and with the help of Mom or Dad ride them around the room.

ROCKING HORSE - Have a rocking horse available that is being monitored by an adult. Have the children take turns riding their stately steed.

PULL STRING PINATA - Little ones always enjoy the fun that a pinata brings, therefore, you might want to consider one of the above options to stay with your theme.

BUBBLES - Have some teens use large bubble wands and blow bubbles to entertain little ones. Be sure to allow everyone to try to pop and/or catch the bubbles.


Here are a few party food ideas that would certainly be fit for your royal crowd.

  • Gerber Graduates
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Cut-up fruit
  • Mini sandwiches cut into fourths. Grilled cheese or cashew butter and jelly are great options.
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Milk for the little ones
  • Fruit Juice


Here are a few cake ideas that you might consider if you are thinking about making the cake yourself.

CROWN SHAPED CAKE - Make your favorite cake in a crown-shaped pan. You can either decorate it according to the package directions or opt to mimic the crown that you give your lil' prince to wear.

CASTLE SHAPED CAKE - Another fun cake option is one that is shaped like a castle. Once again, you can use a castle-shaped pan to make it easy on yourself and just follow the pan's instructions for decorations or opt to adapt to your party colors.

PRINCE SHEET CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake and cover it with light blue frosting or fondant. Pipe out a decorative edge around the top and bottom of the cake. Add a crown, scepter and birthday message.


Send your little guests home with some fun party favors. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Bottle of bubbles decorated with prince themed stickers
  • Beanie horse or dragon
  • Chunky book with a prince story
  • Bath toys
  • Stacking blocks

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