Pretty Princess

by Amy
(Prior Lake, MN)

Princess Dress For My Princess

Princess Dress For My Princess

My daughter wanted to be a princess for Halloween so I decided to make a homemade princess costume. I started by first sewing this dress for her. We selected the princess dress from a pattern that gave 5 different princess options. I did many size checks and adjusted the fit because my daughter is tall and skinny, and I'm glad I did because the stock pattern was designed for a shorter child.

The pearls around the waist are from some old Christmas garland - they are all on one piece of string so I just tacked it on around the beads. There is a zipper in the back.

The fabric was from a bargain bin at our local fabric/craft store. I just adjusted the dress to use the fabric available. The satin was difficult to work with, but I spent the extra time to make sure the hems sewed smoothly.

My daughter added the headband and bracelet, and the stuffed rabbit as her accessories.

She ended up wearing boots (it's very cold where we live in October) but could have worn pink slippers or ballet flats if we had stayed inside.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Amy's wonderful homemade princess costume idea instantly got my creative juices flowing. I absolutely love the princess party theme; it just never gets old. It's stood the test of time and it is still one of the top-rated parties.

I've come up with a few ideas that might help you decorate your party venue and transform the room into a perfect princess party atmosphere. First of all, you'll need to decide on your color scheme. The main party color could be the traditional pink or you might want to venture out with lavender, mint green, pale blue, or any other pastel. Add white to the mix and you've got a recipe for success.

Start by hanging a banner on your garage door that welcomes all your princess guests. Accent the walkway with pink and white balloons attached to yard stakes and roll out the royal pink carpet by covering the walkway with pink butcher paper.

Create a birthday banner to hang over your cake table, which could be covered with a pink and white tablecloth, along with a sprinkling of princess confetti.

Transform a plain wall into a focal point by covering it with pink and white sheer fabric, gossamer or twisted streamers. In the alternative, you could opt to hang posters of your child's favorite Disney princess movies and accent the surrounding area with large stars cut out of poster board and covered with glitter.

You can also hang the stars from the ceiling using fishing line or pastel-colored ribbons. Other options to hang from the ceiling include tissue paper pinwheels, fluffy flower-like decorations, paper lanterns, and streamers. You can also cover the ceiling with helium-filled balloons which will instantly add a splash of princess color.

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