Present Cake Ideas--All Wrapped Up In Whimsy!

Fun And Fabulous Present Cake Ideas
That Are Not Only Whimsical But Also Yummy To The Tummy!

A present birthday cake design is the perfect choice if you have the desire to create the ultimate gift for a birthday celebration. Essentially, this is a type of cake that looks like a wrapped present.

Present Birthday Cake – Creating the Ultimate Gift for a Birthday Celebration

In many instances, individuals will utilize a certain theme or design on a cake that reflects the birthday boy’s or birthday girl’s favorite things, hobbies, or interests. However, there are many situations in which it is rather difficult to come up with a particular theme or design. In these cases, it is best to search for present cake ideas.

On this page, we have put up photographs of various types of cakes that have been created by our readers. Each of these cakes looks like a wrapped present. In looking through these pictures, you are sure to discover a design that is perfectly suited for the birthday celebration that you are preparing for. Take a few minutes and look at these images to discover the inspiration that you need to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind cake for that special someone in your life.


present cake images
Photo courtesy of: Crazy About Cakes


present cake images
Photo courtesy of: Cags31


present cake images
Photo courtesy of: Kim Haese


present cake images
Photo courtesy of: Tasty Cakes Of Canterbury


present cake images
Photo courtesy of: Mistys Boopettie Cakes


Everyone loves presents! It does not matter if they are small or large, there is a certain thrill associated with receiving a wrapped gift, topped with a big, gorgeous bow! In looking at our pictures, you observed many different types of cakes designed to look just like a wrapped gift. Many looked like stacked gifts, while others looked like single square or round gifts. Each exhibited its own color scheme and many included various types of designs, such as hearts, circles, and even stripes.

When electing to create a fun-filled present cake, you should base the design on the color scheme that is being used at the birthday party, and any types of symbols being used to maximize the joy associated with the cake. Below, you will find a set of instructions that will assist you in creating a fantastic cake that is sure to be remembered for years to come:

Instructions on Creating a Cake That Looks Like a Wrapped Gift

Items Needed:

  • 2 Small Square Cake Pans
  • Medium Cake Tray
  • 2 Boxes of White Cake Mix
  • Pink Food Coloring
  • 2 White Frosting
  • Dark Pink Fondant
  • Light Pink Fondant
  • Dark Pink Edible Gift Bow Topper – Large

Step 1: Turn the cake mix into batter and then add the pink food coloring to create a pink batter.

Step 2: Pour the batter into the 2 square cake pans and bake.

Step 3: Place a large sheet of rolled dark pink fondant on the cake tray.

Step 4: Cut out 4 strips of the dark pink fondant for the ribbon pieces that will be placed on the sides of the cake.

Step 5: Add the food coloring to the white cake frosting.

Step 6: Place the cake on the tray and apply the newly created pink frosting.

Step 7: Cover the entire cake with a large piece of rolled out light pink fondant.

Step 8: Add the ribbon pieces to the sides of the cake that you created using the dark pink fondant.

Step 9: Top the cake with the dark pink edible bow.

Now, you have a few present cake ideas to work with. Choose the colors that you want to use and acquire the supplies that you need. Then, get to work on creating a present cake masterpiece. Once you have finished with the task, take a picture of your work. Then, visit our submission link and upload the picture so that we may see what you came up with. Additionally, you may share your cake decorating tips with us and any stories associated with the cake. In taking this step, you will help our readers that are learning how to make present cakes of their very own!

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