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Popcorn birthday cakes are an absolutely perfect option for movie parties. They're also a great add-on to a circus birthday party.

Popcorn Cakes – Creating the Perfect Cake for a Movie Party

These types of parties are typically designed for children or teenagers and are in the form of a slumber party. The parent or another adult usually outlines an agenda that includes the guests watching several movies during the course of the night. For example, a movie party may include a night where children watch movies from the Harry Potter series, or all of the Garfield movies- the choice is yours. Popcorn is a common treat at movie parties; however, desserts are also another popular option.

If you are interested in including a dessert snack, popcorn cakes are a perfect choice. As you browse through these pictures you'll find some different popcorn cake ideas. Perhaps you'll also experience some inspiration on how you might be able to successfully make a cake that looks like popcorn, or a box of traditional popcorn given at movie theaters.


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In looking through the various pics, I'm sure you have seen some ideas and options that you might like to try that will make a special cake that looks like a popcorn treat. Some cakes look like a popcorn tub, while others look like a box of popcorn. There are some cakes that retain their original shape and are simply designed with images that look like popcorn, or topper pieces that resemble movie theater popcorn. When creating your own cake, you may choose any design that you prefer. For an easy to make popcorn theme cake, check out these instructions:

Instructions on Creating a Movie Theater Popcorn Tub Cake

Items Needed:

  • Round Angel Food Cake Making Pan
  • Angel Food Mix
  • Icing - White
  • Red Fondant Strips
  • Small White Marshmallows
  • Popcorn Cake Topper

Step 1: Bake the white cake batter in the round angel food cake pan.

Step 2: Flip the cake pan over to remove the cooled cake, but turn it back over on a cake tray so that the smaller side of the cake is on the bottom and the larger side is on the top. This will act as the popcorn tub.

Step 3: Ice the cake with your plain white icing.

Step 4: Place thin red fondant strips down the sides of the cake so it has the look of a movie theater popcorn tub.

Step 5: Take the marshmallows and use the fingers to double them over. Then, place them in the center and all along the top of the cake.

Of course you have several ways to make your very own popcorn theme cake. Have you created a cake? Do you have any popcorn birthday cake ideas? If so, we would be thrilled to have you share. Below you'll see a cake submission form that you can use for this purpose. Tell us all about your cake-making experience and/or the event for which you made the cake, along with a picture or two of your creation. In turn, we will share your stories and pictures on this site so others may experience inspiration to create their very own cake that looks like popcorn for their movie parties!

Share Your Fun & Fabulous Popcorn Cakes

I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade popcorn cake, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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