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Popcorn After Pool Games

Popcorn After Pool Games

After you get out of the pool and eat what else do you do? You could have a bonfire OR set up some pool chairs and put a white sheet on your garage door, get a projector and turn on a beachy movie!

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If you’re throwing a teen pool party for your son or daughter, you definitely need to make sure that you have more activities planned other than just swimming in the pool. You don’t need a group of bored teens on your hand and with a few good games for teens, you can keep boredom at bay when everyone gets tired of swimming.

If the gang is ready to be out of the pool for a while, but still full of energy a good old-fashioned water balloon fight with a twist might be in order. Color the water red, blue, green, and yellow and then fill the water balloons. Divide your teens into four teams and have everyone put on a white t-shirt and have at it. You can play if a person gets hit, they're out or opt to let everyone continue and whichever team has the least amount of color on their shirt are the winners.

After swimming for a while, teens may need something a bit laid back to give them time to regroup and relax. This is the perfect time for some indoor games, after everyone dries off, of course. Why not play some indoor trivia games, such as teen 20 questions or a game of celebrity Who Am I? Then everyone can go back outdoors later.

Once teens have relaxed and had some food, why not take everyone back outside for some more games for teens. If you have enough room in your yard, consider having some relay races at your teen pool party. Three legged races and sack races are tons of fun. Once everyone is nice and sweaty, you can send everyone back into the pool for some more fun.

If you’re holding your teen pool party at a large pool with diving boards, one of the fun games to try is a diving contest. Set up the contest like Olympic diving competitions. Have judges on the sidelines to give each teen a score when they do their dive. See who ends up with the best score after two of three rounds of diving. Larger pools are also great for swimming relay races. Break guests up into teams of four and have them swim pool lap relay races. See what team gets the best time on the race in the pool.

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