Pool Party Games

by Coco

Splash Water Paddle Game

Splash Water Paddle Game

Splash Water Paddle Game -- Give everyone a paddle and throw a few balls into the mix and see if they can keep hitting the balls that are coming to them. You can also break the kids down into teams.

Dive For Treasure -- Throw a bunch of quarters into the pool and have everyone dive in and claim the treasure. Whoever gets the most wins.

Musical Floats -- Throw a bunch of things into the pool that will float and have everyone walk/swim around the pool. When the music stops everyone has to grab a float and whoever doesn't get one is out.

Make Me Laugh -- Line everyone up at the edge of the pool and the person who is "IT" will try to make everyone laugh. Whoever laughs, "IT" gets to push those people into the pool. Last person who remains and doesn't laugh is the winner.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

These are some wonderful teen pool party games submitted by Coco. You’ll want to give these a try if you’re holding a teen pool party for your teen’s next birthday. These cool game ideas made my brain start spinning and I thought of a few more fun teen pool party games you can try.


One fun game idea for a teen pool party is to play Ping Pong Ball Dash. You’ll need lots of plastic ping pong balls and plastic buckets for each person playing. Have all the guests get in the pool, forming a huge circle. When everyone is in place, take the huge basket of ping pong balls and toss them into the middle of the human circle. Once the balls hit the water, everyone has to grab the balls and get as many as they can into their bucket. You can do this as individuals or put guests into teams. The individual or team with the most balls will win the game.


Split your teens into teams and have them line up at least arms length apart. For more of a challenge increase the spacing. Then place a full bucket of water with a sponge in it at the start of each team's line and an empty bucket at the end of each team's line. The first person of each team will reach into the bucket, pull out the sponge, and toss it to the next team mate in their line. This process continues until the sponge reaches the last teammate in a line who then squeezes the excess water into the bucket and runs to the front of their line, emerges the sponge into the bucket of water, and then proceeds to toss the sponge to their next teammate in the line. This process continues until one team rotates through all their teammates. At that time, the game is over and whoever has the most water in the ending bucket shall be the winners. Just because one team finishes first doesn't necessarily mean they will win; perhaps they lost too much water in the process and one of the other teams could end up winning the game.

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