Pool Games

by Nicole

Coolest Pool Party Games

Coolest Pool Party Games

Games for your pool party will help everyone stay scattered throughout the area while having fun.

If you invited a lot of people, then you don't want them all in the pool at the same time. It can be too crowded, so have some activities throughout your yard that everyone can participate in.


Beach volleyball is a great way to get everyone hot enough to want to go dive in the pool! Or it's a great way to get everyone working together as a team, burn off excess energy, and have a blast--all at the same time!


Corn hole is also another fun game that the kids could enjoy when they're ready to get out of the pool. This game is also known as bean bag toss. For added fun, if someone fails to get their bag into the hole, it could require that they jump back into the pool.

Be sure to have activities that everyone can participate in at once, like the Limbo or dances such as the Cha Cha Slide and the Cupid Shuffle. You could have a dance off and winners could get small prizes like necklaces, bracelets, candy, etc.


You could have swimming competitions, pool games, and even bobbing for apples if you like.


In-pool games such as diving for rings, collecting pirate coins, and underwater skills competitions can be fun too.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Nicole offered some great games to keep teens engaged at a teen pool party. Her ideas made me think of a few more great ideas for teen pool party games.


One fun idea is to play collect the chips. Take a bunch of poker chips of different colors and toss them into the pool at different areas. Assign each color a point value before beginning the game. Divide the group up into two teams. Give them two minutes to see which team can dive to the bottom and collect the highest value in chips within that amount of time. Just make sure you have adults on hand to make sure there are no accidents in the pool.


Another of the cool teen pool party games that will have teens laughing is Catch the Watermelon. All you’ll need is a watermelon and a jar or two of petroleum jelly. Slather petroleum jelly on the watermelon to make it extremely greasy and slippery. Divide players into two teams with one team on each side of the pool. Toss the watermelon into the middle and have players work to get the melon all the way to their pool wall. No one can pick up the watermelon. They have to push it along, which is tough because it’s so slippery.


If your guests are looking to take a break from swimming, you might want to keep them occupied and thinking with a fun scavenger hunt. You have the option to create your own custom hunt which only takes a few clicks and presto, 60 seconds later you can break your guests into teams and send them out on the prowl. In the alternative you could a hunt that's ready-made. Click below to check out your options!

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Fun Scavenger Hunt Clues

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