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If you are thinking about throwing a Pirate Party then you need to get ready to hoist up the pirate flag and grab some of these great ideas for creating your pirate theme party. Then of course you'll need to focus on creating and planning some pirate party games to keep your buccaneers busy and having a yo ho, yo ho great time!

To get you started I've created this page of pirate games. All you need to do to access them is shake your booty, walk the plank and start scrolling. You will soon discover several options that Peg Leg Pete would even enjoy playing.


PIRATE FLAGS - Give everyone a piece of cotton fabric that is cut in the shape of a flag. Provide fabric markers, fabric paints, permanent markers, pre-cut felt in the shape of skulls and crossbones, ribbons, etc. After the flags are decorated, staple or glue them to a dowel.

SWORD FIGHTING - To maintain order and safety, be sure to closely supervise your pirate sword fight. Two pirates with an overseer is a great ratio. If someone tries to "stab" or "hits" a body part, they will automatically be out. Lay 2"x4" or 6"x6" boards on the ground. Have two pirates dual on each board until one falls off. The winners then dual with the next pirates in line. The dueling continues until only one dueling pirate remains who shall be the ultimate winner.

PIRATE SHIP RACE - Divide the kids into two teams. Paint and/or decorate two cardboard boxes that are large enough for a child to sit in to look like pirate ships. Have a child from each team get into the box. The next child in line on each team will push the ship to the finish line. Upon arrival, the kids will switch places and push the ship back to the start line. The next two kids in line on each team will repeat the process. Whichever team gets through all of their kids first shall be the winners.

PIRATE PARTY GAMES - MAROONED - Birthday child starts the game as Captain Jack Sparrow. As Captain Sparrow chases the other pirates and tags them, they are considered captured and must go to a designated area, which is the jail. Once all of the pirates have been captured the game is over. You can replay the game with someone else being Captain Sparrow. Be sure to designate the boundary lines, otherwise your pirates are sure to jump ship.

SWAB THE POOP DECK - Divide your pirates into teams and give one person on each team a broom and an inflated balloon. Each pirate must balance balloon on broom going to finish line and bounce balloon on broom for return trip to start line. Then the next pirate repeats the process and the game continues until all the pirates on one of the teams has had a turn; the first team done are the winners.

FLOATING CANNONBALLS - Give everyone an inflated balloon (cannonball). On "Go", everyone bats their "cannonball" in the air with their hand while trying to walk and run to the finish line. Whoever gets there first is the winner.

PRINTABLE GAMES - When all your pirates are "pooped" out on the poop deck, turn your wild game time into one that is more subdue. To get everyone to transform their behavior and quiet down, you might want to use some Printable Birthday Games that can be played quietly at a table or sprawled out on a floor.

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