Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Pirate Birthday Party Ideas
To Pillage & Plunder!

Ahoy! If you’re looking for great adult birthday party ideas, why not shake your booty, sail the high seas and enjoy a pirate party. Everyone is sure to have a swashbuckling good time at a pirate themed party, not to mention the great fun you will have as you plan out all the details of your party.

To help you plan that perfect party, here are some great pirate party ideas for invitations, costumes, games, foods, favors, cakes, and decorations. Browse through these helpful ideas and you’ll be able to shore up the details with plenty of inspiration to throw an incredible pirate party for all your guests.


Make sure you invite the crew for your pirate birthday party in advance and allow your invitations to introduce the pirate theme. You can find cute pirate theme invitations that are pre-made, which makes it fast and easy to get the invites out. If you have the time and you enjoy getting creative, you can also experiment with making your own invitations as well.

One invitation idea is to create a treasure chest shaped invitation. Begin with some brown cardstock and cut it out in the shape of a treasure chest, but make the lid of the chest a flap that flips up. Underneath the flap, add a piece of silver or gold paper and write the party details on it.

Another fun invitation idea is to print out some pirates on your computer or print out pirate themed clip art. Glue the pirates and the clip art to some black cardstock and then write in the party information with a silver glitter pen.

You may also want to make message in a bottle invitations. Use paper with an antique look and write the party information on it. Roll up the invitations and put each one in a glass bottle, delivering the bottles by hand, tied up with black ribbon.

Do you need some good wording ideas? Here are a few wording options to try using in your invitations:

- Arrrr. (Name’s) turning (age).

- Grab your treasure and come on over for a pirate birthday party.

- You’re invited to (Name’s) pirate party. Be prepared…you may have to walk the plank.

- Get ready for a jolly good time and celebrate pirate (name’s) birthday.

- Ahoy matey. You’re invited to celebrate (Name’s) birthday. Board the ship on (date) at (time).

Having all your guests dress up in costumes is one of the pirate party ideas that will really bring your pirate theme to life. In your invitations, let guests know that they should show up in pirate themed garb.

Women can wear a weathered or torn dress along with a pirate hat and boots for an easy costume.

Men can wear white shirts that are ragged along with some active pants and a scarf tied around the head.

Guests can also rent or purchase their own pirate themed costumes if they don’t want to make up their own.

If you don’t want to ask guests to show up in full costume, offer pirate hats, eye patches, hooks and scarves when they arrive so they can add accessories that allow them to play the part during the party.


As you decorate for the pirate birthday party, you want to choose decorations that will set the mood and reflect the theme.

Use signs around the party area that say “Beware of Pirates.”

You can also add fun pirate posters. Posters of Captain Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean” are sure to be a big hit and they are easy to find as well.

A nice skull and bones flag can be flown outdoors or you can add these flags to your indoor décor as well. They even make great placemats at your tables.

If you really want to make the area reflect your theme, use a water patterned wall cover as a background, then you can add a pirate’s ship silhouette and even some palm trees in the background.

Fishnets, captain’s wheels and other pirate and sea themed decorations can add to the overall décor.

Don’t forget balloons and streamers in your party colors and you can find pirate themed tablecloths and paper goods to use as well.


When guests arrive at the party, one of the fun pirate party ideas is to let them know that they’re supposed to talk like pirates throughout the party. It really makes everyone get into the pirate mood. Offer printouts with some pirate terminology so they have a few examples to get them started. If they fall out of character and forget their pirate speak, make them walk the plank.

If you have a pool, actually playing a walk the plank game is a fun idea. Guests can walk the plank by walking out on the diving board while receiving instructions from the rest of the pirates. It’s a fun way to get into the pirate mood.

Another fun activity is to watch one of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. They are funny and exciting, which means your guests are sure to enjoy the movie.


Don’t forget that you need to have plenty of food available from the galley for your guests at the pirate birthday party. Choose pirate friendly fare that all the scoundrel guests will enjoy eating.

Soft drinks and pirate punch are both great ways that your pirates can quench their thirst. Bottled water with pirate themed labels make great drink options as well.

Serve up great pirate themed food, such as pirate legs, which can be fried chicken legs. Another fun idea is to serve up submarines, piled with cheese, meats and veggies. Make them ahead of time or allow guests to make their own.

Kebobs done with beef or chicken and some veggies will make a great choice too.

All manner of seafood will go along with your pirate them as well.


If you need some pirate party ideas for the cake, one easy cake idea is to make a treasure chest cake. You can make it by making a sheet cake of two layers. Stack the layers and decorate them to look like a treasure chest. Use unwrapped candies on top to look like treasure.

Another idea is to make a treasure map cake, decorate to look like a treasure map. A sheet cake decorated like the sea with a pirate ship in it will look incredible.

You may even want to try a cupcake cake, decorating cupcakes with red or black icing and topping them with chocolate gold coins.

Of course, if you aren’t sure you can make a pirate themed cake yourself, you can always purchase one with a pirate or sea theme for the party.


Thank guests for attending your pirate birthday party by sending them home with great pirate themed guests.

Personalized pirate mugs look great and are favors that guests can use again and again.

Another idea is to send guests home with bags of chocolate gold coins.

Cookies decorated to look like gold and silver coins will make great edible favors that are tasty too.

Other great ideas include copies of the “Pirates of the Caribbean,” fun pirate telescopes or even their own pirate hat to take home at the end of the night.

YOUR Favorite Pirate Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite pirate birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your pirate cakes and costumes.

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