Awesome Pirate Birthday Parties For Toddlers

Fun And Fabulous Pirate Birthday Parties
To Help Create Swashbuckling Fun!

Blimey! Is it that time of the year already? Your little buccaneer is having another birthday and you've decided to invite or his little lads and lasses over for a pirate party, but you seem to be without ideas. No need to walk the plank over the situation. This Old Salt has got you covered.

Get ready to sail the Seven Seas me Hearties! I will help you to prepare to celebrate in swashbuckling style! Grab your favorite grog and start scrolling to check out some of the following ideas that are sure to help make your little pirate's special day a memorable birthday party.


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MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE PIRATE INVITATIONS – One cool idea for your invitations is to make message in a bottle pirate invitations for all of your guests. Start with plastic bottles (you don’t want to mail glass ones). You could even use used plastic water bottles, removing the labels from the bottles. Place some seashells and some sand in the bottles to make them look cool. Print or write all the party info on pieces of paper, about 4-inches by 5-inches. Roll up the papers like a scroll, using some twine or ribbon to secure the scroll so it won’t unfold once you place it inside of the bottle. Place the scroll into the bottle. Add the cap to the bottle, wrapping the cap with some twine to make it look nice. You can place these in boxes and mail them, or you can deliver them directly to your guests.

TOY BOAT PIRATE BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATIONS – Another fun idea for invitations for pirate birthday parties is to purchase some small plastic toy boats, ensuring you have enough to give one to each of the guests you plan to invite to the party. On a piece of blue cardstock, write “Ahoy! You’re Invited to Sail Away for a Pirate-y Celebration.” Then, add the pertinent information for the parties to the piece of blue cardstock. Punch a hole in the cardstock and use dark blue ribbon to attach the paper invitation to the toy boat. Hand deliver these fun invitations. Guests are sure to enjoy playing with the toy boats as they await the big day for the party.

TREASURE CHEST PIRATE PARTY INVITATIONS – Treasure Chest pirate party invitations are the perfect choice to set the tone for your pirate party. Use brown cardstock, folding it in half. Decorate the top like the top of a treasure chest, writing on the treasure chest, “Ahoy Matey! You’re Invited to Search for Buried Treasure.” On the inside, all the party details can be written. You can use stickers to decorate the inside with gold and silver coins and other treasure. You could even include a few gold chocolate coins on the inside for guests to enjoy when they receive these fun invitations.

PIRATE PARCHMENT INVITATIONS - Use parchment paper, brown paper bag, or crumpled cream paper with burnt edges to create pirate invitation. Say: "Ahoy Matey! Prepare to Set Sail on the Seven Seas. All Ye Scallywags Come And Join Me. Chart Yer Course for (address) on (date). Don't be Late, or Ya'll Walk the Plank!

PIRATE SCENE INVITATIONS - Cut 8 1/2" x 11" black card stock into 4 pieces and create pirate scene using pirate stickers. Across top say: "Ahoy Matey!", "Buccaneer Birthday Bash", "Avast, Me Matey", or "Wanted: All Scallywags With An Eye For Treasure". On reverse side type or handwrite party details in calligraphy on piece of crumbled cream paper with burnt edges. Start by saying: "Ye be invited fer some fun, cuz' Pirate Swabby is turning (age)."

PIRATE FLAG INVITATIONS - Cut an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of black cardstock into four pieces. Either cut a skull and crossbones out of white cardstock and glue to the center of your flag or place a sticker of a skull and crossbones in the center of the flag. Using a white ink pen, write out all of your party details on the back of the flag in calligraphy. Glue your flags to twigs or popsicle sticks and hand-deliver your invites.

Ideas For Pirate Birthday Parties Invitations

PIRATE SHIP PHOTO INVITATIONS - Cut out a pirate ship from a piece of brown cardstock. Cut out the sails from white or cream-colored cardstock. Write your party details on the sails and glue them to your ship. Take a picture of your little tot wearing his or her pirate best and burn the edges of the photo. Glue the photo to your pirate ship. Decorate the corners of the invitations with pirate stickers. On the reverse side put all the pertinent party info.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE PIRATE PARTY INVITATIONS - Buy ready-made pirate invitations and embellish picture. For example, brown glitter on treasure chest with sequins and jewels coming out, black glitter on pirate hat, etc.

Be sure to tell your guests to come to the party ready to share some pirate talk. Have their mom or dad teach them a few phrases. To help you get started, click on over for some basic Pirate Sayings from which to select.


Use black or striped pants. Cut large "fringe" at bottom edges and wear with thick, black knee socks pushed to ankles with short black boots or tuck pants into knee boots. Add white blouse with full sleeves. Add black vest, wide black belt, eye patch, hook hand, and gold hoop earring. Either wear a pirate hat or a bandana. Add eyeliner and facial hair.

Girl pirates wear all of the above (except for facial hair), wear black, or stripe skirt with "fringed" bottom and black fishnets or tights.

To grab a few more ideas, be sure to check out our PIRATE COSTUME FOR KIDS page which has lots of fun photos.


When you’re throwing a party with a pirate theme, red, white, black, green, blue, gold, and silver all make great decoration colors for pirate birthday parties. Choose your own combination of these colors as you decorate for a beautiful party area.

  • Outside of the party entrance, use sand to make it look like guests have arrived at the beach. Add some sea shells to the sand. Fly a pirate flag on the “beach” and you can even add a pirate chest to the “beach” area to really make the party entrance stand out as guests get ready to enter the party area.

  • Find a wooden chest that looks like a pirate chest. Add party prizes and favor bags to the chest. Place the chest on one of the party tables. It will make a great centerpiece and will also keep your favors and party prizes in one place for easy access.

  • Don’t forget to add some parrots to your pirate scene – after all, every pirate always had a parrot on board his pirate ship. It would be fun to have a live parrot at the party. Ask around to see if anyone you know has one that you can borrow. If not, you can always purchase some stuffed parrots to place around the party area, adding to the pirate décor.

  • A pirate party is not complete if you don’t have a plank so your guests can “walk the plank.” To create your own plank, start with a mini plastic pool of water. Get a plank of wood that is long enough to go across the pool. Prop it up on blocks on each end so it is a couple inches above the pool, securing the plank to the blocks with some nails to ensure it is stable. Not only will it add to your pirate party décor, but it will also make a fun activity for your party.

  • Use black cloth to cover your pirate tables for the party. Then, sprinkle the table with chocolate gold coins and cheap jewelry, such as fake gold chains and fake strings of pearls.

  • To really set the scene, hang some rigging and rope lines from the ceiling all around the pirate area. You can also add some wooden whiskey barrels to add to the pirate ship décor. Add a few inflatable sharks and other marine life to the area as well.

  • Find some old paper maps at garage sales or buy them online. Soak them in some tea water, which will turn the paper brown so it looks like they are very old. Then, carefully burn the edges of the maps, giving the edges a scorched look. After you make the maps look old, hang them up around your party area.

  • Make your party entrance look like guests are approaching a treasure map. Use black tape strips to create broken lines that go down your sidewalk to the party entrance. Then, hang a huge red “X” on the front door, so guests will know that they have arrived at the right spot.

  • Buy some pirate hats at a party supply store. Add them to your tables to add to the décor, and you can allow guests to try them on to get some fun pictures too.

  • If the party is outdoors, add a sandbox of sand, adding toy crabs, starfish, sea shells and seaweed to the sandbox. Not only will it look great, but your young guests can enjoy playing in the sandbox as well.

  • Add mounds of pirate treasure around the party area. You can use gold spray paint to pain rocks, bubble wrap, marbles, Styrofoam balls, shells and other items gold. Place them in heaps around the room to make it look like there is pirate treasure everywhere.

Decorations For Pirate Birthday Parties

  • use twisted streamers, clusters of balloons, and curling ribbons in any combination of your party colors and hang them all around your party room to give it a festive look.

  • Pirate wall graphics are a great pirte party add-on. They can help transform an ordinary room into a great pirate scene. The best part is that you can put them on your child's bedroom walls after the party is over. In essence, they will do double-duty.

  • Another option for your walls would be to cover them with a pirate scene kit. Place it on the main wall in your party room and it will instantly create a pirate party atmosphere.

  • Decorate archways or doorways with streamers in one or two of your party colors.

  • Decorate wider walkways with black sheets tied back with silver or gold rope ties or fabric.

  • One of my favorite decorations is gossamer. Depending on the design, it will instantly transform your party room. Cover your furniture, ceiling, walls, and tables.

  • Hang fishnets on the walls and attach plastic fish, lobsters, crabs, and sea horses.

Decorations For Pirate Birthday Parties

  • Create a Pirate Treasure Map Mural and hang it on the wall behind the cake or gift table.

  • Hang pirate birthday banner.

  • If you're looking for a fun pirate theme piece that is also useful, an inflatable treasure chest or pirate ship would be a perfect choice. Either of these will keep your drinks cool while adding a bit of the pirate theme to your party.

  • Fill small treasure chest with beads and gold coins to serve as a centerpiece.

  • To create extra special photo-op add personalized pirate ship, which comes with water gossamer and have each pirate pose while saying "Aaaargh!"

  • Make pirate ship out of refrigerator box by cutting off top. Paint lower half with blue waves and upper part brown or black which is the ship. If you are inside attach white sheet to ceiling and ship to make mast or run clothesline and attach to that. Add pirate flags, an anchor and place ship on blue tarp or surround it with water gossamer.


If you're in the market for a pirate themed game or two for your little ones to enjoy, here are a few options to consider. If you're interested in putting together some games that have a pirate twist, here's an entire page with nothing but Pirate Party Games and Activities for your pirate birthday parties.

  • Pirate Treasure Chests
  • Pirate Telescopes
  • Peg-Leg Pete
  • Tick Tock, Find The Croc
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Pan For Gold
  • Walk the Plank
  • Swab the Poop Deck
  • Before the Bomb Blows
  • Pin the Flag on the Treasure Map
  • Pin the Parrot on the Pirate
  • Dig for Buried Treasure
  • Musical Islands
  • Pass the Pirate Hat
  • Pirate Pinata


To help you feed your scallywags, here are a few food ideas that would be perfect for a pirate birthday parties.

FISH AND SEAWEED SNACKS – On snack crackers, such as Ritz crackers or Townhouse crackers, spread just a bit of cream cheese. Top the cream cheese with two goldfish crackers. Add just a bit of alfalfa sprouts, which will look like seaweed. Label the dish as “Fish and Seaweed Snacks.”

FISH STICKS – Of course, fish sticks go perfectly with your theme. Bake them in the oven and serve them up on a black platter. You could even call them “Pirate Fish Sticks.”

CANNONBALL MEATBALLS – Make up party meatballs for your party guests. Label them as “Pirate Cannonballs.”

PIRATE PARROT LEGS – Grill or fry up some chicken drumsticks and serve them labeled as “Pirate Parrot Legs.”

OCTO-DOGS - Cut hotdog in half lengthwise leaving 1"-2" end intact for head. Cut each long section in half again until you have 8 octopus legs. Cut 3 holes with knife point for eyes and mouth in head. Boil until legs curl and hotdog is cooked through. Serve with goldfish crackers.

GOLDEN NUGGETS - Serve chicken nuggets as pirate's gold.

BOOTY BURGERS - Serve hamburgers in pita bread with shreds of lettuce and cheese.

SEA SNAKES - Spaghetti.

Food Ideas For Pirate Birthday Parties

GOLDEN TREASURE - Prepare your favorite Mac & Cheese recipe.


SWORDS - Carrot sticks, breadsticks, or pretzel sticks.

PIRATE SHIPS - Cut pieces of celery into 3" to 4" lengths and fill pieces of celery with peanut butter, cream cheese, or cheese spread. Place raisins (pirates) in the celery. Thread 1" pieces of paper onto toothpicks to serve as sails and insert them into the celery.

FRUIT ON A SWORD - Cut up pieces of fruit like pineapple chunks, apples, strawberries, cantaloupe and thread onto sword-shaped plastic picks or bamboo sticks.

OCTOPUS IN THE OCEAN - Make blue Jell-O. Once it is set, chop it up and put it into a serving container. Add gummy octopus.

KIDDIE ALE - Root beer.

RUBY RED GROG - Day before party fill ice trays with red fruit punch. Serve punch cubes in clear cups with Sprite.


TREASURE CHEST PIRATE BIRTHDAY CAKE – Make your own treasure chest pirate birthday cake. Here's a great recipe and the directions for an easy Treasure Chest Cake that is sure to please all your little guests.

This treasure chest could also serve as a great centerpiece. All you need to do is fill the chest with gold wrapped Rolo candies, chocolate coins, and any other candy wrapped in gold foil. Add rock candy and candy necklaces to the chest as well. Use fruit leather to look like the hinges on the treasure chest cake.

PIRATE TREASURE MAP BIRTHDAY CAKE – Bake a sheet cake, using your favorite cake flavor. Decorate the cake in chocolate buttercream on the sides, then top the cake with white buttercream. Use blue icing gel to create some water, make trees with some pretzels and green icing and add some crushed graham crackers to create sand. With black icing, make dotted paths, then use red icing to make a big “X” on the treasure map. You can also add a few gold coins to the treasure map.

Cake Ideas For Pirate Birthday Parties

PIRATE CUPCAKES - Make or buy cupcakes and frost them with chocolate frosting or black frosting. Cut out a skull and crossbones from white fondant and lay on top of each cupcake.

PIRATE CAKE - Make a simple sheet cake and frost bottom portion blue for the sea. Then frost sand using tan frosting and toasted coconut. Add plastic pirate figurines, trees, and ship.

MINI PIRATE SHIPS - Make your favorite cake recipe and fill mini loaf pans. After cakes cool, cover them with chocolate frosting. Create a sail with a piece square piece of white paper threaded onto a toothpick and inserted into the "ship." Place some crushed graham crackers around the bottom edges to serve as sand.


Here are some favor ideas for your pirate birthday parties. Fill colorful paper bags or cellophane bags decorated with pirate stickers with your favors. In the alternative you could use pre-made pirate favor boxes. Little tots will enjoy pirate themed tattoos and stickers, gold foil covered chocolate coins, candy necklaces, ring pops, Mardi Gras necklaces, eye patches, and glow sticks. A pirate hat and sword also make for a great pirate party favor.

Pirate Birthday Parties

Do you have some favorite pirate birthday parties ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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