Pink Poodle Birthday Party Ideas For A Poo-Tascular Good Time

Fun And Fabulous Pink Poodle Birthday Party Ideas
To Help You Create A Great 1st Birthday Party!

Looking for a novel idea for your baby girl’s 1st birthday party? As this is an important event in her little life and yours, you might want consider starting her out with an Ooh-la-la pink poodle party. This theme will certainly create a stir among the 1st birthday party guests--alright, their parents.

This all-important 1st birthday party will require a fair amount of planning, a bit of creativity, a touch of imagination, along with party set-up and tear down. To help keep your sanity, why not enlist the assistance of some talented friends and family.


Start by enlisting the assistance of an older sibling or perhaps one of your talented helpers could come up with a novel idea and create personal pink poodle party invitations for you. In the meantime, here are a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

PINK POODLE PARTY INVITATIONS #1 - Type out all of your party details and print it out onto a piece of scrapbook paper that has a light pink stripe or mottled background. Leave a space for a cute pink poodle sticker. Glue a tiny bow to the poodle's head or perhaps one of the corners of the invite. Also be sure to glue a tiny little pink pom-pom to the tail for added dimension.

PINK POODLE PARTY INVITATIONS #2 - Pink and black make for great pink poodle invitations. Start with a piece of black, pink and white stripe or polka dot scrapbook paper as your foundation. Type out all of your party info, download a cute pink poodle clipart image, and print it out on white paper. Then cut out the invite wording using decorative scissors. Glue to the scrapbook paper and mail those babies out.

Pink Poodle Party Invitations

PINK POODLE PARTY INVITATIONS #3 - Cut a large poodle shape out of pink card stock. Decorate it with glitter, ribbon roses bows, etc. to create a wow effect. Be sure to seal the envelope with a pink poodle sticker.

PINK POODLE PHOTO INVITATIONS - If you decide to invest in a pink poodle costume for your daughter, be sure to get your money's worth and create photo invites.

EMBELLISHED READY-MADE INVITATIONS - Just purchase some cute little invites and decorate them using various craft supplies like glitter, ribbons, feathers, pom-poms, etc.


As you can see, there are several options that you might want to consider for a pink poodle costume if you have decided to go all out and purchase one.

Another option that you might want to consider would be to dress your daughter in a pink top or pink long underwear shirt. Then make a simple wrap around skirt out of pink net or tulle and sew on an appliqué of a poodle. If you have a problem finding a pink top, you can always use a white one or opt for black if your party colors are pink and black.

Pink Poodle Birthday Party Ideas For Pink Poodle Costume

Another simple costume idea would be to dress your tot in a pink poodle t-shirt or add a pink poodle bib, along with a fun party hat which is always a fun touch.

Lastly, greet your guests wearing pink poodle ears and have a pair to hand out to each guest as a party favor. Of course you'll want to take some pics of all your cute little pink poodle babies. Also be sure to have some music playing in background, perhaps some popular French tunes.


  • Turn your party room into an outdoor garden scene with the help of Better Homes and Gardens magazines. Start by covering the wall with grass green butcher paper and attach it with two-sided tape. Cut out scenes of gardens, flowers and trees from the magazines and artistically arrange them onto the "grass". Be sure to mingle pictures of pink poodles and wall decals. An art student would be a big help in assembling the garden scene.

  • Twist pink and white or pink and black streamers throughout the party room. Frame your windows and doorways, along with accenting any bannisters, shelves, and of course the perimeter of the room.

  • Make a pink poodle garland using card stock and ribbon. All you need to do is create a poodle template (perhaps a clipart download), cut out several poodle shapes, decorate them with a bit of glitter, pom-poms, bows, and ribbons. Then attach them to a long piece of ribbon and hang it around the party room.

Pink Poodle Birthday Party Decorations

  • Create bouquets of balloons using three or five balloons and hang them in each of the corners of the room to add a little party pizazz.

  • Hang pink, green and white balloons from the ceiling with matching streamers and weight them down with a tiny pink poodle stuffed dog. This will be your final party favor to give out to the little guests as they head for home.

  • Cover your party table with a white cloth and use pink tableware or pink poodle printed party ware to carry out your theme. Along with your tableware, add matching cups and napkins to complete the look. Sprinkle pink and white Jelly Belly's on the table and tie large pink bows to the four corners of the table cloth.

Pink Poodle Birthday Party Decorations

  • A large stuffed pink poodle is an ideal centerpiece. Tie a bouquet of balloons to it, along with a big bow on its head.

  • To add to your garden atmosphere, plug in a floral scented air freshener and fill the room with plants and flower arrangements (real or fake) if your budget covers the expense. If not, perhaps you could borrow a few.

  • Accent your room with as many pink poodle dogs that you can find or have your guests bring theirs to the party. Just be sure they have their name on their poodle in case there are any duplicates.

  • Hang a string pink poodle pinata from the ceiling over the middle of the table filled with foil wrapped chocolates and small homemade bone shaped cookies.

  • Hang a pink poodle banner outside over the door welcoming the guests to your party. You might also want to hang a banner on one of your main walls, or over the cake or gift table. Accent the banner by attaching a Mylar pink poodle balloon to each side of the banner.


PINK POODLE HUNT - Bake enough bone-shaped and poodle-shaped cookies so you can hide them for a puppy hunt. Wrap each one with cellophane and tie them off with, you guessed it--a pink ribbon. Have the parents help the tykes to find the treasure that you hide in the party room.

BUBBLE FUN - Little ones are always intrigued with bubbles. Have the parents blow bubbles or opt for a little assistance from long-winded siblings and teen helpers. The little tykes will love to chase them around and try to catch them.

Another option to consider would be investing in a bubble machine. This way you can have an unlimited flow of continual bubbles without all the hot air having to be expended. Also, you'll be able to sit back and enjoy your child as she enjoys her 1st birthday party. This is an activity that always ends up with a good deal of laughter and giggles.

Pink Poodle Birthday Party Activities

CRAWLING RACE - Your young guests might enjoy a crawling race thru a sea of pink, white and black balloons. Something active is more conducive to participation then playing games like Simon Says which is a bit advanced for 1-year-olds.

PULL-STRING PINATA - As your last activity, you'll want to set up that pink poodle pinata and let each child pull its string towards opening it up. Either let little ones scamper to collect their loot or divide the bounty among them all.


Once again a reminder, keep the festivities age appropriate especially with the food. Hot dogs cut into small bites a top a dish of mac n' cheese is tasty and satisfying. For added fun, tint it pink with a little bit of red food coloring.

A yummy mixed fruit salad of cut-up watermelon, bananas, kiwi, grapes, strawberries and a dash of cool whip is both tasty (Cool Whip) and nutritious (fruit).

Set out glass candy dishes filled with pink M&M’S, watermelon gummy bears, strawberry covered yogurt raisins, and pink frosted pretzels.

Goldfish and animal crackers are good finger food and are well liked by this age group. If you have a little time on your hands or can inlist a little assistance, why not turn those animal cracker boxes into something a little more appropriate for a pink poodle birthday party. Start by covering them with pink paper, add a few pink poodle stickers, perhaps a bit of glitter and they're good to go.

Pink Poodle Birthday Party Food Ideas

Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe or save a little time and opt for store bought cookie dough. Roll out the dough and cut it into the shape of a dog bone. After the bones have cooled, frost them with a pink icing. Be sure to cut the puppy bones into small sizes for little hands to easily hold and munch upon.

Juice boxes would also be appropriate for the little ones to enjoy and certainly easy to serve.

For the adults, you might want to serves ham and cheese croissants, a fruit tray and an assortment of chips with a tall glass of pink lemonade.

Everyone would enjoy cupcakes frosted in pink and white or cookies such as chocolate chip, peanut butter, or oatmeal and raisin which are all big favorites. However, you don’t want to go overboard with sugar if you're serving a large birthday cake, then skip the cupcakes and cookies and serve the cake with a scoop of strawberry ice cream.


PINK POODLE STRAWBERRY DELIGHT - Make a two-layer round cake using your favorite recipe or a Duncan Hines cake mix. Frost the bottom layer with cool whip and place strawberries cut into halves on top of the cake. Cover the strawberries with cool whip and place the second layer on top of the first and frost again with cool whip.

Put an edible sugar art pink poodle in the center of the cake or pipe one out of pink frosting or icing. To accent the poodle, outline the shape with black icing. Add a ring of whole strawberries around the top layer and place a pink #1 candle in the center. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

PINK POODLE SHEET CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake and frost it white. Download a pink poodle image to use as a template. Cut out the pieces of the poodle from light and dark pink fondant. Accent the face with black icing and add a few colorful sprinkles on top.

Pink Poodle Birthday Party Cake Ideas

PINK POODLE CUPCAKES - Whip up your favorite cupcake recipe and frost them all pink. Cut out bone shapes from white fondant and pipe out the name of each guest onto one of them. Place a bone in the center of each cupcake.

PINK POODLE CAKE MADE TO ORDER - For this very special party you might splurge and have a pink poodle cake made to your specific order. There are some Tres Fantastque pink poodle cakes to be had. Check out your bakery’s book of cakes for both ideas and to find the one special design that stands out in the crowd for this very special 1st birthday party cake.


Sometimes we can go overboard with party favors. With 1st birthday folks they are not aware of the idea of favors and would likely be happy with a paper bag and wooden spoon. The suggestion has already be made to supply pink poodle ears, a balloon with a miniature pink poodle attached to the streamers, the puppy cookies from the bone hunt, and the loot from the pinata.

To this collection you could add a pink poodle bean bag and some stickers. Or check out our pictures and suggestions above for a few additional ideas.


At party’s end you heave a sigh of relief and flash a smile of delight that all went so well. Yes, it was a lot of work but what a memory you have created. Perhaps on your daughter’s 16th birthday you'll take out the memory book you've created for the 1st birthday party and reminisce with her and re-live this happy day in both of your lives. You'll be able to remember all the fun times you had and the total joy that everyone shared thanks to all the pictures that your friends and family took. Oohh, la, la--what a party that pink poodle birthday party was!

YOUR Favorite Pink Poodle Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite pink poodle birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your pink poodle cakes and costumes.

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