Pikachu Pokemon Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

Am I Just Too Cute Or What?? Love My Lips!

Am I Just Too Cute Or What?? Love My Lips!

Pikachu in made from rice crispy treats, then covered in fondant and hand painted. The bottom cake tier is covered in fondant. The individual Pokemon characters are made by cutting out a piece of fondant, then painting the details on before they were attached around the cake tier.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

I’ve seen several Pokemon cakes, but this one “takes the cake.” The rice crispy Pikachu is so cute. Any toddler is going to fall in love with a cake like this one. If you’ve decided on a Pokemon theme for a toddler birthday party, you’ll need more than just a great birthday cake. Here are some helpful tips and ideas to get you started.

Pokemon Invitation Ideas

Looking for some fun Pokemon invitations for your toddler birthday party? Consider printing out some Pokemon images from the web. Color them and then write party information on each one. Send them out as the party invites, using Pokemon stickers to seal up the invitation envelopes.

Decoration Ideas

When you’re decorating for the Pokemon party, bring the room to life by hanging up Pokemon posters around the party area. These posters are quite easy to find in stores and online. If you can’t find any posters, use Pokemon pages from the web. Cut them out and attach to cardboard to the back of the pictures to provide stability. Color them and hang them from the walls or the ceiling to add to the party décor.

Activity Ideas

Toddlers will enjoy watching a Pokemon episode while at the party. Just stick to one episode so the toddlers don’t get bored sitting still. Since toddlers love to color, having Pokemon themed coloring pages on hand is a great idea. Set out plenty of crayons and let everyone have fun creating their Pokemon masterpiece. You could even provide everyone with a picture to color while the moving is playing. This way you can ward off boredom with an alternate activity.

Favor Options

For the favors, consider sending home pokeball cupcakes. Bake up some cupcakes, icing them to look like pokeballs. This is easy. All you need to do is frost half of the cupcake in red and the other half in white. Then you can use some chocolate frosting to draw a line down the middle, separating the two sides. Simply add a white gumball to the middle of the cupcake and you have the perfect pokeball cupcake. Send them home in cupcake boxes to be enjoyed later. However, if your tots are too tiny for gumballs, then just opt for a fun cupcake.

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