Peg Bundy Costume

by Stephanie

Tacky Is Where It's At!

Tacky Is Where It's At!

This was such a last minute costume. I knew I had to look for one thing to be Peg Bundy, and that is TACKY!

I found the leopard dress on sale for about $10. The tights ran me about $5 for both pair. The hideous purple shoes were on sale for about $10. The wig was perfect and was just what was needed to complete the costume. You can get one for about $20 at a Halloween store. This costume was a HUGE hit for me!

Reply: Great Costume Idea, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Just like Stephanie was saying--tacky is where it's at when it comes to Peg Bundy. So If you're thinking of taking a step back in time and hosting a Married With Children theme party, which was the hit TV show that featured Peg Bundy and ran for 10 years back in the day, here are a few ideas to help you out.

As there aren't any pre-made party packs out there featuring Married With Children, you'll going to have to get creative and make your own. You can start out by using a leopard print as your theme, as Peg loved to wear tight-fitting clothes that featured this print. Your party colors could then be black, tan and brown. However, you could easily toss in a hot pink or hot lime, or bright turquoise also.

Start by turning the room into a leopard delight by twisting black, brown and tan streamers down your walls to cover the white so to speak. You could also use leopard print fabric or gossamer to transform your walls.

You could then take these same colors in balloons and cover your ceiling with helium filled balloons that have curling ribbons hanging down. In the alternative, you could use or accent with some leopard print balloons.

Another fun option would be to create a leopard print walkway so guests can get the idea of what is to come. You can use chalk or opt for creating a collage effect using butcher paper. Just be sure you have clear skies or all your work will be for nothing!

Cover your table with a solid tablecloth and use leopard print plates, cups, and napkins, along with some confetti to jazz it up a bit.

You could also create a fabric garland to accent your table, a wall, windows, etc. Be sure to incorporate some leopard print fabrics into the garland, along with some tan, black, and brown.

This should get you started planning your own tacky party that focuses upon the beg red-headed diva.

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