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The Peg Bundy theme costume is a favorite among the fans of the American sitcom, “Married…With Children”.

Creating a “Married…With Children” Diva Costume

This television series follows the lives of a dysfunctional family that lives in an Illinois suburb. The show ran from 1987 until June 9, 1997. It was a highly controversial series as it addressed many topics that were considered to be nonstandard of the time period, but according to fans, this is what made the show such a success.

The family depicted on the show consists of a married couple named Al and Peg Bundy. It also includes their children, Kelly and Bug Bundy. Peg Bundy is a housewife that is more into shopping and daytime talk shows than domestic responsibilities, such as cooking and cleaning.

Many women, despite the fact that they enjoy their household responsibilities, find the character of Peg Bundy highly entertaining. As a result, many of them search for Peg Bundy costume ideas so that they may dress and act like Peg at dress up events and holidays. Below, you will find many pictures of costumes that others have created when dressing up like Peg Bundy. We encourage you to look through these pictures in order to experience inspiration on creating your very own “Married…With Children” diva costume.


 peg bundy costume images
Photo courtesy of: Laurinapastin


 peg bundy costume images
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 peg bundy costume images
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 peg bundy costume images
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 peg bundy costume images
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 peg bundy costume images
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 peg bundy costume images
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As you can see from the pictures above, there are many creative ways to make a costume that will permit you to look like the Peg Bundy character from “Married…With Children”. All it takes is a keen fashion sense, a creative flair, and a little bit of time and you can instantly transform yourself from a typical, domesticated housewife to a rebellious, shopaholic, witty housewife.

If you have a passion for piecing together clothing, red hair and the 60s hairstyle referred to as the “Bouffant”, you will find that it is exceptionally easy to create a Peg Bundy costume. If you need a little help, you may follow the instructions below on creating a costume that will be the envy of all of the women in your neighborhood:

Instructions for Creating a Peg Bundy Diva Costume

Items Needed:

  • Auburn Bouffant Wig
  • Leopard Print Scarf
  • Sexy Black Lace Tank Top
  • Leopard Print Leggings
  • Black High Heels

Step 1: Place the auburn bouffant wig on the head and poof the top part of the wig, while brushing the bangs straight down. Use hairspray to keep the hair in place.

Step 2: Wrap the leopard print scarf around the neck and place it over to the side to create a seductive look.

Step 3: Put on the sexy black lace tank top.

Step 4: Put on the leopard print leggings.

Step 5: Step into the black high heels.

Step 6: Put on makeup – ensuring that you use blush and bright red lipstick to complete the look.

If you have Peg Bundy costume ideas, or you have created your own costume, we would love to receive your pictures and your instructions on how to complete this type of costume. We will then share your stories, tips, instructions, and photographs with our readers. In submitting your pictures and stories, you are not only displaying your creative flair, you will also be helping our readers discover their own creative flair in creating a Peg Bundy costume. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

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