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Hi, I'm Elizabeth! I am all about planning and organizing one-of-a-kind parties that are family-friendly and I love to share what I know with all of you. Aside from all the fun ideas that I have placed on my website, I have also created the Partyzine which is a FREE e-zine newsletter. It provides you with fun and fabulous birthday party ideas and tips for all ages, to help you make your party a sensational celebration!

The Partyzine is sent directly to your e-mail box, once a month. When you fill in the form below. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail which will ask you if you really want to subscribe to the monthly e-zine. I realize this is an added step, but it is for your own protection. This will ensure you are the one who submitted your e-mail address and requested the newsletter. After you confirm your subscription, I will then place you on my mailing list.

To give you an idea of what to expect, each month I will provide you with original and valuable information. For example, I might feature a new party theme, or provide ideas for decorations or costumes, I might be in a money-saving mood and give you some decorating ideas that will save you oodles of moolah, or perhaps give you a yummy new recipe that I tried and found to be scrum-diddli-delicious.

Having been a professional organizer, I might provide some party planning tips and hints, along with ways to keep your party organized! In addition, I might provide a tip or two on how you can ultimately arrive at your party in a stress-free fashion rather than being wild-eyed and crazed.

So, to all my fellow party-animals who enjoy a good G-rated party and just can't get enough, sign up below for my Partzine Newsletter and I'll help you Par-Tay Hearty!

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