Party Favors For Teenagers To Put A Smile On Their Face!

Fun And Fabulous Party Favors For Teenagers
Fun Party Gifts For Teens!

Giving out favors at the end of your party is always a happy note to end on. There's no need to rack your brain to try and come up with ideas for teen party favors, as we have several options that are sure to please that special age group.


When trying to figure out what favors to hand out, remember that there is no need to go overboard. Giving everyone a small gift of remembrance that has significance may very well prove to be a more "favorable" and memorable item then handing out a load of small items that have no meaning. To help you try and narrow your search, I've provided the following ideas to get you thinking:

party favors for teenagers
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  • PHOTOS - Teens love to take photos to share with their friends. Be sure to take lots of digital photos at the party, download, print and place into fun teen-style frames. Leave the basic wood and metal frames behind and opt for fun pewter designs, decorative ceramics, unusual shapes and designs.

  • MUSIC - Most teens love to play music. Create a personalized music CD and add a fun label that ties into your party to serve as a remembrance.

  • COFFEE - Teens love Starbucks. Give them a gift certificate so they can pick out their own latte. If you are feeling a little creative, get a fun mug, fill a party-theme print cellophane bag with ground coffee and place it in the mug, tie a little thank you note and balloon to the handle, add voila you have a great favor!

  • SHOPPING - Teens love to shop and if you have a mall in your area, get them a "mall" gift certificate that allows them to shop at any of the stores. They can have an after party and all go shopping together.

  • ACCESSORIES - If you know your friends likes and dislikes, then accessorize them with earrings, rings, sunglasses, sun hats, visors, wallets for boys and a tote bag for girls, etc.

  • KEY CHAINS - Key chains are another great option that offers the opportunity of personalization. You can get them engraved with a special thought for each teen, you can select charms that represent significant events in their life, or you can select the kind that allows photos to be inserted and add pictures from the party.
Party Favors For Teenagers

  • CANDY - Take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary by dressing up your candy favors. For example, rather than placing various candies into a cellophane bag, you could create a mini candy bouquet in a mini bucket. Think of items that coincide with your party theme and then see if you can fill them with candy and jazz them up with tulle, ribbons, colorful cello, etc. for a fun presentation.

  • GRAPHIC T-SHIRTS - What teen doesn't like a nice trendy looking graphic T? None that I know. You can make them yourself to go along with your party theme, let the teens create them as one of the party activities, or opt to have them done professionally. Any of these choices are great options from which to select and sure to be a hit with your teen crowd.

  • MOVIES - Teens love to get together and go to the movies, so give them a movie theatre gift certificate and encourage they have an after party and all go to the theatre together.

  • GIRL STUFF - If you have an all girl teen party, then makeup and hair accessories are a perfect choice. Be sure to personalize the items to each of your guests. For example, don't give a girl with short hair any long hair items like large combs or ponytail ties.

  • GUY STUFF - If you have an all boy teen party, then sunglasses, a t-shirt, or a wallet make a great choice. Be sure to pick out designs and styles that are appropriate to each individual.

  • $$$ - Teens are always looking for ways to get money, so why not incorporate the party games and activities to have monetary payouts.

Party Favors For Teenagers - Conclusion

It is best to give useful items as party favors for teenagers. The last thing they want is something that screams "child" or "cheap." It is better to select 1 more costly item that they will use, than 3 cheap "toys" that they will just throw away.

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