Unique Party Favors For Adults

Fun And Fabulous Party Favors For Adults
To Help You Make Your Party Extra Special!

When you initially think of giving party favors to your adult guests, you might be saying to yourself, "Why?" However, it is a nice gesture and a wonderful way of letting your guests know that you appreciate their coming to your party.

So, if you are looking for a way to make your party a bit more memorable, then you might want to go the extra mile and provide your adult guests with a special remembrance of your event. Then every time they look at the favor or use it, they will instantly be transported back to your wonderful party. To help get you started in deciding what favor or favors might be appropriate for your party, here are some ideas to consider:


  • PERSONALIZED COUPONS - Create some personalized coupons for your guests to coincide with what they need most in their life. For example, if they have children, offer free babysitting. If they work long hours, offer a free cooked meal.

  • PHOTOS - Take digital photos at the party and create miniature photo albums for guests to take home so they can remember all the fun they had at your party.

  • BOOK CERTIFICATE - For your book-loving guests, give them a gift certificate to a local bookstore so they may select whatever strikes their fancy.

  • MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION - Give your guests a magazine subscription to their favorite magazine.

  • TEACUP PARTY FAVOR - For a tea party, select a floral porcelain teacup and place individually wrapped tea bags into the cup. Wrap in decorative cellophane and tie off with a bow.

  • TEACUP CANDLE PARTY FAVOR - Place a tea light in a mini porcelain teacup. Wrap in decorative cellophane and tie off with a bow.

  • WINE GLASSES - If you are artistic, taking the time to create 2 personalized hand-painted wine glasses for each guest would be a lovely gesture.

  • CANDLES - For guests who love to decorate with candles or create ambiance with candles burning in their homes, give the gift of decorative votives, along with specially designed candles.

  • CHOCOLATE - Personalize bars of high-quality chocolate like Godiva and Ghiradelli by creating labels on your computer.

  • GOURMET FOOD - Guests always love specialty gourmet foods like BBQ sauce, meat rubs, gourmet coffees, nuts, pasta and sauces, etc.

  • PLANT - For a garden party, you might give your guests a small potted plant or an herb plant. Wrap the pot in decorative foil, put a fun balloon on a stick with curling ribbons into the dirt, and add a thank you note. If you give an herb plant, provide a favorite recipe that uses that herb.

  • MOVIE - For your movie-loving guests, provide them with a gift certificate to a local movie rental store, attach it to a package of microwave popcorn, Red Vines, or other munchie of your choice.

Bottom Line: - It is best to give not only useful, but personalized party favors for adults that say, "I was not only thinking of you and wanting to say thank you, but I wanted to do so in a personalized way."

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