Panda Bear Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

What's Black & White & Cute All Over? -- It's Me!

What's Black & White & Cute All Over? -- It's Me!

Create a sweet little panda to help celebrate your special occasion. I made mine out of rice crispy treats. While the "treats" were still pliable, I shaped them into the panda. Butter up your hands a bit, this makes it easier to work with the rice crispy mixture. Once you are satisfied with your bear, cover him up in a piece of fondant and then hand-paint the bear and details.

To coordinate the bear with the cake, I stayed with using fondant and covered it too with white fondant and painted the bamboo design onto the cake. I created my "paint" with a mixture of powder sugar, food coloring, and a tiny bit of water. You can use a template if you think you might have trouble creating the bamboo free-hand. The cake is fondant covered and the bamboo design is hand painted on with a food coloring and powder sugar mixture.

Reply: Another Wonderful Cake By Mae-Lan, But I'm Still Going To Add A Few Comments

What a fun panda cake. This Panda looks like he is ready to take a nice bite of that bamboo. If you’re hosting a birthday party with a Kung Fu Panda theme, this is one cool cake idea that you may want to give a try. I also thought of some other panda cake ideas that you can consider for some more inspiration.

Easy Panda Cake

Looking for a fairly easy panda cake you can make without spending hours in the kitchen? Why not start out with a nice quarter or half sheet cake. To keep it simple, decorate it in basic green icing. Then you can purchase some cake toppers that include the panda, tigress and some of the other characters from the movie. Add the toppers to the cake and write “Happy Birthday” on the cake. If you want to make it a bit more elaborate, you can use icing to make a scene on the cake before adding the cake toppers.

3-D Panda Cake Idea

Another idea you can use is to purchase a basic 3D bear cake pan. This allows you to make a three dimensional panda cake. While the cake pan might come with directions for a regular teddy bear, you can change the icing to make this bear look like a panda for your panda party. Use white on the head and the trunk of the bear. Then you can use black on the ears, around the eyes, on the nose, and for the legs and arms. When you are all done, you’ll have an adorable panda bear that almost looks too amazing to eat!

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