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Fun And Fabulous Owl Party Ideas
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If you're looking for some 1st birthday party ideas for your little one's special day, you might want to consider creating an outstanding and fun filled 1st birthday party with an owl birthday party theme. You will find yourself saying, "Look Whoo's 1" and done right this theme can be a real hoot!

At first blush you might think, "owl birthday party?", but as you peruse the ideas and check out the adorable owl decor, I'm sure you'll soon discover why this big-eyed guy is gaining popularity. In no time at all you will be saying, Hoot! Hoot! This party is too cute! To help get you started in your party planning efforts, keep scrolling and check out my fun hoot sweet ideas!


OWL INVITATION #1 - This is your first opportunity to be creative when making your own invitations. Start with a base of construction paper or card stock. Then paste pictures of cute little owls on the front cover of the cards. Add all of your party details on the reverse side or inside, depending upon the invite design.

OWL INVITATION #2 - Download a picture of an owl and cut out its shape from construction paper or cardstock. Then embellish your owl invite with a few colorful feathers and be sure to accent their great big eyes.

EMBELLISH READY MADE OWL INVITATIONS - Buy some cute owl invitations and embellish the owl picture with coordinating glitter, googly eyes, and perhaps some fun false eyelashes. If you add the lashes, then it's best to hand-deliver the invites.


Mom and Dad might consider greeting your guests wearing an owl mask and say something like, "Look Whoooo's Here!" as guests arrive.

To get all of your little owlets into the owl theme party frame of mind, you might consider creating some owl wings for the little tykes to wear while they play owlish games. Use construction paper, colored card stock or poster board to make owl wings and attach an elastic band to secure the wings around the arms. Don't forget to jazz them up with feathers and glitter. You can pass them out as they arrive or hang onto them until game time.

Another fun option to consider as guests arrive, have some teens available to paint a little owl on the baby's cheek or hand.

Last but not least you might want to consider giving each baby a little owl t-shirt and owl cone hat--blue for boys and pink for girls. This will be a hoot and they will certainly look adorable at photo time.


Have fun turning your party room into a woodsy atmosphere for your owl theme party.

  • Start with a welcome banner on the front door of your home announcing your owl birthday party.

  • Fill the room with plants and nestle little woodland animals at their base.

  • Gather twigs and make owl nests and place plastic eggs with a treat inside for the little ones to find during game time.

  • Transform your ceiling into an owlish-looking room by hanging streamers at various lengths from the ceiling, along with balloons. You can opt to use brown and green to create that woodsy atmosphere or go with the "Look Whoo's 1" colors of pink, brown and green for girls or blue, brown and green for boys.

  • Hang a pull string pinata to serve as a focal point during the party. Later it can be used at game time. Pull-string pinatas are the perfect choice as they are child safe so no injuries will occur to your little owlets.

  • Cover your owl birthday party table with a dark green cloth. Cut out leaves from construction paper and lay them randomly on the cloth. Collect a few small pebbles and mix them in with the leaves. Just be sure this is all out of reach from little owlet hands.

  • Continue the owl theme by using some owl-printed party plates, cups, napkins, etc., along with plastic forks and spoons for easy clean-up.

  • A large plush owl is an ideal centerpiece for your owl birthday party table, along with a big bouquet of balloons. Owls have been a long time favorite with collectors, so if you have friends or family who have collections, ask if they might loan some of their owl decor to add to the table for a real woodland look.

  • All owlet eyes will be on your party walls if you jazz them up with some fun theme decals like the ones pictured above. These decals can later be transferred to your child's bedroom walls--that way you get twice the mileage and more bang for your buck.

  • If you set up a cake table, you might want to hang a personalized owl themed banner over the table.


OWLET TREASURE HUNT - As you may recall, under the decoration section above, it was suggested that you make little owl nests and place plastic eggs filled with little treats into each nest. Now it's time to use those decorations for a little game. Pair up each owlet with a teen helper and send them on a treasure hunt to find the owlet eggs that are in the nests.

WHOOOO CONTEST - Have a hooting contest where you instruct all the little ones to Whoo loudly, softly, quickly, etc.

CRAWL RACE - Set up an area for a crawl race for the owlets. If you can get them to wear their owl wings they will look doubly cute. Be sure to have the parents cheer them on to the finish line.

OWL PARTY PINATA - The party games and activities can end with the owl pull-string pinata. Although this is an easy open pinata, it may still require some adult assistance to open it up. The owlets can then scoop up the fallen treats and take them home as part of their favor package.

STORY TIME - If you want to quiet your tykes, you might consider reading the Owl and the Pussycat to them. Be sure to read it in a very animated fashion to hold their interest.

MOVIE TIME - When it's time to wind down, you might want to have your guests watch the Disney movie The Sword In The Stone. This is always a big hit with little ones. Everyone loves Archimedes who is Merlin's best friend and a very wise owl.


Of course, PB&J is sure to please and if you opt to cut them out in an owl shape, they're sure to be a hoot. You can also serve pretzel sticks, Cheetos, and macaroni and cheese with tiny little bits of hot dog.

To add a little fruit to the mix, along with a theme centerpiece, carve a watermelon into the shape of an owl.

When you think about 1st birthday party ideas for food, the mind naturally travels to thoughts of cookies. All you have to do is make your favorite chocolate chip, sugar cookie or peanut butter cookie recipe and cut them out into the shape of owls. Then decorate them with yellow, chocolate, and orange frostings or fondants, or opt to decorate them in your party colors. Either way they're sure to be a hit and yummy, yummy.


OWL CAKE #1 - Make two round cakes, one smaller than the other and lay them on a cake board next to each other. The small cake is the head and the larger one is the body. Frost the cakes with chocolate frosting. Add some "feathers" using tan frosting on the front of the larger cake. Then cut two huge pieces of white fondant and two small pieces of blue fondant for the yes. Accent the edges of the cake by piping out a decorative edge. Add a birthday message on the cake board.

OWL-SHAPED CAKE - Using Wilton's owl-shaped pan, make your favorite cake recipe and then decorate it according to the pan's instructions. In the alternative, you could opt to use your party colors for the frostings to tie everything together.

OWL CAKE WITH PICTURE - If you decided to go with an owl costume for your child, then be sure to take his her picture a few days before the big event. Take the photo to a bakery and have them turn it into an edible image. This will make for a great cake, happy memories, and a fun theme add-on.

OWL CUPCAKES - Make your favorite recipe and create owl cupcakes. All you have to do is pipe on the frosting , top them each off with a little fondant owl and add a few sprinkles.

OWL CAKE WHATEVER - As you know, there is a wide world of choices for birthday cakes. The question is, "Which one and do I bake or buy." Undecided? Then let the Internet help you with recipes, design, and color. If you decide it's too big of an undertaking, then find a picture of what you have in mind and take it to your local bakery and you can have it made to suit your specifications. That was easy!

Regardless of which cake you decide to use, don't forget the ice cream, a swirl of chocolate and vanilla always pleases the palate.


Favors for an owl birthday party can be placed in a brown Kraft lunch bag that is decorated with a large owl sticker. You can give the little tykes things like owl sticker sheets, owl tattoos, a small owl toy or stuffed plush toy, an owl poster or perhaps a poster of Archimedes, or an owl t-shirt. Remember they will also have the candies that they scooped up from the pinata and some candy filled eggs from the treasure hunt. If you made little wings, they'll take that home too.

Before the little owlets leave, be sure and take a group picture of them to remember this all important 1st birthday party. In fact, you can do this early on and have your teen owl helpers download the pictures, insert them into little frames, and place in each of the favor bags while the party is going on.


As you can see, an owl party theme can certainly make for an adorable 1st birthday. The Look Whoo's 1 party supplies are a perfect complement to help you create an animal theme birthday party that's sure to be a hoot!

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