Owl Cake

by Tarra Gray
(Thornaby, Stockton-on-tees, uk)

Whooo Needs An Owl Cake? Make Me! Make Me!

Whooo Needs An Owl Cake? Make Me! Make Me!

I was asked to create an owl cake for a girl turning eight. She loves owls a lot.

I made an 8” round chocolate fudge cake filled it with chocolate fudge and covered it in chocolate flavor regal ice.

For the design, I found an owl coloring page on the internet, printed it out, cut out the pieces and used the design as a template to create the owls features.

You can find the picture I used here http://free.clipartof.com/details/175-Free-Cartoon-Owl-Coloring-Page-Clipart

If you like my cake, please feel free to see my other creations at http://www.flickr.com/photos/themixingbowl and

Who knew that creating an owl cake could be so simple? I loved Tarra’s idea of using coloring pages to help her design the features for the owl on the cake. If you want to create your own owl cake for your little one’s owl birthday party, you may want to try this yourself. Look online for coloring pages or look through coloring books to find an owl you like. Then have some fun using the picture to create your own unique cake.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to make a round owl cake. You could make a large sheet cake and create several smaller owls on the cake while leaving room to write on the cake as well. A larger sheet cake may be the perfect choice if you plan to have a large number of guests at your child’s owl birthday party.

You can have some fun with the colors as well. Owls don’t have to be brown. You can use blue, pink or even lovely greys for your owls as well. When trying to decide on the colors to use for your cake, it’s a good idea to consider your party color palette. If you are using pinks for a girl’s party, pink owls may be adorable. For a boy, a blue owl cake could be the perfect fit.

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