Homemade Over The Hill Cake Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Over The Hill Cake Ideas
For The So-Called Geezer In Your Life!

Over the hill birthday cake ideas are popular options for the individual that is aging and has a good sense of humor. When in doubt, tread lightly.

Over the Hill Birthday Cake Ideas – Funny and Creative Birthday Cakes for the Aging

While these are often created for family members and loved ones, in some instances, offices and other places of employment will throw a surprise birthday party that includes an over the hill birthday cake for individuals turning 50 years old. Essentially, these cakes are a humorous way to show that a person has passed their years of youth and are beginning to enter a phase where others may consider them to be “old”, or, “past their prime”.

While cakes utilizing these themes are not appropriate for everyone, those that take their age with a grain of salt, have an appreciation for the aging process, and have a good sense of humor are sure to enjoy this type of cake. On this page, we have many pictures that display over the hill cake ideas. If you have an interest in creating these cakes, we suggest that you take a few minutes to look over these pictures in order to experience inspiration on how to create your own funny birthday cake for the aging.


over the hill cake ideas
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over the hill cake ideas
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Cake Submitted By:
Mama Rizzo - St. Louis, MO
Death of Youth

over the hill cake

My first shaped and fondant-covered cake. This was a simple 9x13 cake, which I cut to form the shape of a tombstone. I mixed in black paste food coloring to Wilton's pre-made fondant and gave it a marbled grey look. I made buttercream icing to put between the fondant and the cake, then rolled out the fondant and cut it to fit the cake once smoothed out. I used a grass tip and two different writing tips to write the dedication on the cake. All royal icing writing and decoration was made by me and tinted with Wilton colorings.


In reviewing the over the hill cake ideas in the form of pictures on this page, you have likely reached the conclusion that there are many unique and creative ways to create an over the hill birthday cake. Many may create a cake that resembles a graveyard; while others may create a cake that shows the progression of life through a hill, and others are simple cakes that simply state that the recipient of the cake is officially “Over the Hill”. The sky is the limit in creating these types of cakes. If you find that you are a bit challenged on how to proceed, you may benefit from utilizing the following set of instructions:

Instructions on Creating a Grim Reaper “Over the Hill” Cake

Items Needed:

  • Square Cake Pan
  • Wilton Ball Pan Set
  • Two Boxes of Chocolate Cake Mix
  • Chocolate Icing
  • White Icing
  • Black Gel Paste
  • “Over the Hill” Candles
  • Grim Reaper “Over the Hill” Cake Topper
  • Black Balloon Cake Toppers

Step 1: Create the batter of one chocolate cake mix and place it in one of the pans from the Wilton ball pan set and bake it.

Step 2: As the half ball cake pan is cooling, create the other box of chocolate cake batter and bake it in the square cake pan.

Step 3: Once both cakes have cooled, place the square cake on a cake tray and then put the half round cake on top of the square cake with the rounded side up in order to create the appearance of a “hill”.

Step 4: Next, place the white icing in a bowl and combine the black gel paste until you successfully create a gray-colored icing. Once you have accomplished this, ice the entire cake – including the hill.

Step 5: The next step is to place the “Over the Hill” grim reaper cake topper on top of the hill.

Step 6: On the two front corners of the cake, put on the black balloon cake toppers.

Step 7: On the side of the cake – opposite the “hill” – put on the “Over the Hill” candles across the cake.

There are numerous over the hill cake ideas that you may use. If you have created this type of cake, we would love to hear from you! On this page, we have a submission form that will allow you to tell us the story associated with your cake, outline the instructions used to create the cake and upload images of your creation. We encourage you to take a few moments and use our submission form to upload any information that you like. We would especially like to see your pictures! In submitting your images and stories, you will be assisting our visitors in coming up with their own designs for over the hill cake ideas.

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I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade Over The Hill cake, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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