Oscar Party Invitations To Inspire The Event Of The Season!

Fun And Fabulous Oscar Party Invitations
Lights, Camera, Action!

If you have decided to take the plunge and host an Oscar Party, then you will want to be sure to allow yourself plenty of time so your party does this momentous occasion justice. Do it up right and your guests will have a blast and not even miss being at the Academy Awards. Okay, who am I kidding. Of course they would miss being at the real deal!

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Ahh, but alas that is not possible, so I will help you to do the next best thing--get your Oscar party off on the right foot. You will want to start by sending out some fun Oscar-theme invitations. They will set the tone for the party and let your guests know that you will be hosting a formal affair, or if you're planning to dial down the glitz and glam a bit, you'll want to be sure to let your invite reveal that detail. Here are several invite options for you to consider using that will help you lay the proper party foundation towards your hosting an Oscar party that is a smashing success!

Oscar Party Invitations

MOVIE STAR INVITATION - Download some pictures of various movie stars and create invitations by affixing one picture to a piece of card stock. On the front write, "(Name of Movie Star) cordially requests the honor of your presence at a private showing of the Academy Awards". On the back put all of your party details. If you're hosting an Oscar party without the Academy Awards, just change the invite to read, "(Name of Movie Star) cordially requests the honor of your presence at a fun and fabulous Oscar party!"

POPCORN INVITATION - Cut an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of red card stock into four pieces. Write out your party details and glue to a package of microwavable popcorn. Hand-deliver invites.

HOLLYWOOD SIGN INVITATION - Google "Hollywood sign" and click on one of the image results. Print the image on decorative scrapbook paper that will compliment your invitation. Cover "Hollywood" with white glitter to make it stand out. Underneath the picture put all the party details.

STAR INVITATION - Cut a star shape out of yellow card stock and line the edges with yellow or gold glitter. In the center put "You're Invited." On the reverse side put all the party details.

Oscar Party Invitations

"REEL" MOVIE FILM TIN INVITATION - take1.com provides 6 sizes. Write your invitation details on a circular piece of scrapbook paper, cut to lay flat inside the tin. For a fun touch, put gold and silver confetti in tin.

FILM STRIP INVITATION - Use old film negatives to create invitations. Type party details and run off onto paper. Type info the size of negative squares. Cut out squares and glue on one side of negative. Suggested layout:

1st square - Oscar Birthday Party
2nd square - In Honor Of Name
3rd square - Photo of birthday girl/boy
4th square - Date & time
5th square - Location
6th square - RSVP info & Dress Required

MOVIE TICKET INVITATION - Cut out oversized tickets from yellow card stock. Put "Admit One" in red on front, along with a ticket number. On back put party details.

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