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Fun And Fabulous Oscar Party Ideas
To Bring The Show To Life Add Lights, Camera & A Bit Of Action!

Get ready to celebrate the awards in Hollywood style. I'll help you do it up right, so get ready to host the go-to party of the year which will include fabulous food, great games, delightful decorations, and all you'll need to do is gather your friends together to enjoy the Oscars and watch the magic unfold! You can recreate all the excitement that Oscar night has to offer, along with adding a bit of pizzazz.

Let's get the party started by planning a red carpet event with a bit of Hollywood flair. To insure the party goes smoothly, be sure to start your planning well in advance. The following Oscar party ideas are sure to provide plenty of glitz and/or glam, and make it possible for everyone to celebrate in style.

oscar party ideas
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This is definitely a party that involves lights, camera and action! Prepare your guests to walk the infamous red carpet. Entice their attendance to your Oscar party by sending out Academy Award winning invites. They not only set the tone for your party, but they also let your guests know all the splendid details of your soiree! Here's an Oscar party invitations idea to start you thinking.

OSCAR AWARD INVITATION - Create your invitation on good quality white card stock or textured paper. Type out all your party details using an ornate font. Place the invite into a high-quality white envelope and seal it with wax, a gold seal, or a large Oscar statute sticker.

Now that you're in invitation mode, if you would like to check out several more ideas for Oscar Party Invitations, here's a page that will help you create just the right party tone. In other words, let everyone know it's not a jeans and t-shirt party, but rather an evening filled with glitz and glam.


Bring the glitz and glamour of an Oscar party theme to life by having everyone dress the part. Boys wear black suits or tuxedos and girls wear long, prom-type dresses.


An Oscar party lends itself nicely to puttin' on the dog and bringing the glitz and glam of the Oscars to your home. This type of party is usually a formal affair and the decorations lend themselves towards extravagance and anything that creates a Wow-Factor. My favorite color combination that works well for an Oscar party is black, red, and gold; however, other color combinations could work well too.

If you are trying to keep the costs down you'll still be able to come up with flashy ways to glam up your home. Using lots of black, silver and gold helium balloons and star-shaped Mylar's will give the room a Hollywood feel. Another money-saving decoration are streamers--use lots of them and your home will take on a new look and feel. Don't forget to toss around plenty of confetti and glitter.

If you are fortunate to have a larger budget to create your party worthy of the stars, you will discover that there are so many decorating options available and the only problem that you will have is not purchasing yourself into Oscar oblivion.

Here's a few ideas for your table tops to whet your Oscar party decorations appetite:
  • To help create a rich environment, place vases of fresh red roses or red velvet roses on your tables.

  • Add various-sized mirrors and sprinkle with crystal-like beads to add a sparkling, glitzy feel.

  • Lots of tea lights and taper candles can make for a cozy atmosphere, or pump up the glitz and glam--it's all in the details!

Now that your brain is engaged toward decorating, you will want to be sure to check out all my great ideas that I've put together for Oscar Party Decorations. I've got so many that I created a separate page; they will surely assist you in creating just the right tone for whatever level of splendor you desire to create.


To keep all your guests entertained in Hollywood style I created a page of Oscar Party Games and Activities. If you want a sneak preview of that page, here's what you'll find:
  • Arrive In Style
  • Paparazzi Photo-Op
  • Hollywood Word-Find
  • Movie Start Charades
  • Talent show
  • Who Am I?
  • Guess Who
  • Who Said That?
  • Oscar Awards Guessing Game

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Munchie type/finger foods are ideal. If you want a little more substance, serve food buffet style and label each dish using movie clapboard place cards.

MINI QUICHE - Serve various flavored mini quiche.

MINI CROISSANTS - Fill mini croissants with cheese and turkey, roast beef, or ham.

PIZZA - Serve pizza cut up into small pieces with decorative toothpicks.

HORS D'OEUVRES - Taco roll-ups, mini pigs in blanket, mini corn dogs, meatballs.

CRACKERS & CHEESE - Serve star-shaped crackers on clapboard platter with cubes or slices of cheese.

DEVILED EGGS - These are always a crowd-pleaser. Use your favorite recipe, pipe filling back into eggs, and top with a sliced black olive.

CHEESE FONDUE - Serve with cut-up French and/or Sourdough breads, crackers, or tortilla chips.

VEGGIES & DIP - Serve a tray of cut-up carrots, celery, mushrooms, cauliflower, and broccoli with dip.

TOP HAT TREATS - Line top hats with plastic and then fill with various flavored popcorn, nuts, pretzels, chips, candies, etc.

MOVIE POPCORN - Serve your movie buttered popcorn into fun red and white striped popcorn bowls or boxes.

CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES - The bigger the berry, the better.

FUDGE - Cut into bite-sized pieces and serve on white paper doily for presentation.

STAR-SHAPED SUGAR COOKIES - Create star-shaped cookies using cookie cutters of various sizes and decorate them up with edible glitter.

"CHAMPAGNE" - Serve sparkling apple cider in chilled plastic champagne or wine glasses or go all out and use real glasses.


oscar party ideas
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OSCAR CAKE - Make up one of your favorite cakes and use 4", 6", and 8" round cake pans. Bake, stack, and frost white. Put edible stars on sides of cakes. Top with Oscar statute.

CLAPBOARD CAKE - Bake a sheet cake and cover with white frosting. Either use a toothpick to draw a clapboard on the cake or download a picture and use it as a template. Pipe the outline of the clapboard with black frosting. Pipe in party details in party colors. Decorate surrounding area and sides with edible dots. Ideas for clapboard wording:

SUPPORTING CAST: Names of siblings, or animals, or friends.
DATE: Birth Date
LOCATION: Hollywood

STAR CAKE - Make a star-shaped cake using a star cake pan. Pipe the edge with black frosting and fill in the star with piped yellow frosting. In black, write in the center of the star, "Reach for the Stars!"

MINI STAR CAKES - Make individual mini star-shaped cakes for each of your guests and decorate them in Hollywood style--lots of glitz and glam!

HOLLYWOOD CUPCAKES - Make your favorite recipe and frost in party colors. Top with Hollywood-related scrapbook stickers adhered to toothpicks.


Place favors in popcorn bags. Hollywood favors might include package of microwave popcorn, sunglasses, movie posters, picture frames, jewelry, movie ticket, video rental card, autograph book, and candy.

Oscar Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite Oscar Party Ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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