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Gather the biggest stars in your life and treat them all to an an Academy Award winning event. An Oscar Party will provide you with the opportunity to dress to the nines, dine on sophisticated fare, and enjoy a glamorous atmosphere--what more could a teen want. I know lots of things.

At any rate, to help you roll out the red carpet, create the necessary glitz and glam that this type of party deserves, and help you celebrate in style, you will want to be sure to have some games and activities for everyone to play that have a bit of an Oscar theme or flair to them. I have put together this page of games to help you out. So start scrolling and see if anything is star-studded in your book and worthy of your red carpet soiree.


ARRIVE IN STYLE - Rent a limo and transport everyone to and from the party.

PAPARAZI PHOTO-OP - Create photo-op backdrop with black fabric against a wall. As guests arrive, invite them to have their picture taken.

OSCAR PARTY GAMES - HOLLYWOOD WORD-FIND - Give everyone a pen and a piece of paper that says "Movie Stars Arrive At The Oscars." Have guests come up with as many words from the headline. The person with the most words wins.

OSCAR PARTY GAMES - MOVIE STAR CHARADES - Before party write names of movie stars on pieces of paper. Fold papers and put into a jar. Each guest takes a turn pulling out a name, acting out the movie star, and everyone tries to guess whom he or she is.

TALENT SHOW - Have each guest sing, act, stand-up comedy, play an instrument, etc. Be sure to let your guests know on the invitations that they will be called upon to perform. Videotape performances and show later during party.

WHO AM I? - Cut stars from card stock and decorate edges with coordinating glitter. Write one name of an actors or actresses on each star. As guests arrive, attach one star to each guest's back. Have them try to guess who they are by asking a series of "yes" and "no" questions.

GUESS WHO - Cover large photos of well-known stars with the exception of a distinguishing feature. For example, a large nose, full lips, receding hairline, etc. Have guests try to figure out the star. If no one guesses, then uncover a little more of the picture to give an additional clue. Continue until someone guesses correctly the veiled star.

WHO SAID THAT? - Write famous lines from movies on individual slips of paper. Fold slips and put into a jar. Each guest takes a turn pulling out a slip, reading or acting out the line, while everyone else tries to guess which actor/actress they are, and which movie that the line comes from.

OSCAR PARTY IDEAS FOR OSCAR AWARDS GUESSING GAME - As guests arrive, give them ballots with the nominees names for each category and have guests vote for who they think will win.



Actor in a leading role______________________________________

Actor in a supporting role___________________________________

Actress in a leading role____________________________________

Actress in a supporting role_________________________________

Animated feature film________________________________________

Art direction________________________________________________


costume design_______________________________________________


Documentary feature__________________________________________

Documentary short____________________________________________

Film editing_________________________________________________

Foreign language film________________________________________


Music (score)________________________________________________

Music (song)_________________________________________________

Best picture_________________________________________________

Short film (animated)________________________________________

Short film (live action)_____________________________________

Sound editing________________________________________________

Sound mixing_________________________________________________

Visual effects_______________________________________________

Screenplay (adapted screenplay)______________________________

Screenplay (original screenplay)_____________________________

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