Oscar Party Decorations To Make Your Hollywood Party Come Alive!

Fun And Fabulous Oscar Party Decorations
For A Glamorous Red Carpet Affair!

If you and your friends love to watch the Oscars and get your glam on, then perhaps you might like to host an Oscar Party. If so, then you will definitely want to be sure to decorate your home to the nines in order to compliment this auspicious occasion.

To help you figure out how you can transform your party room into an Oscar party extraordinaire, I've put together lots of fun theme decoration ideas. These ideas will help you to set the scene and create a little pizzazz for your red carpet affair. As you begin to scroll though these decorating ideas, you will quickly see that they are not only appropriate for creating a stunning Oscar party but would also work great for a Hollywood theme party.


To create the perfect Oscar party, you must decorate Hollywood style with lots of sparkle and shine! Select from the following Oscar party ideas to add a few strategic decorations:

Oscar Party Decorations

  • Start by picking your color scheme. Use black and gold, black and silver, or black and red.

  • Put a giant movie clapboard in your front yard and everyone will know exactly where the Oscar Party is being held.

  • Line walkway by rolling out the red carpet. Use plastic red tablecloths, red fabric, red sheets, or a literal piece of red carpet.

  • Have friends and/or family dress-up like photographers and have them ask guests questions as they walk into the party area.

  • For a dramatic and star-studded entrance, add aHollywood arch and/or column that will scream Hollywood.

Hollywood Party Decorations

  • Create a photo-op by hanging a dark sheet or backdrop near the entrance where each "star" can stop to be photographed.

  • Place Hollywood Camera Lights around the room to create spotlights and bring your Oscar theme alive.

  • Get standees of stars and put them on the red carpet. Have guests take pictures with them and give out as favors.

  • Interview guests as they arrive using a microphone. Videotape and play back the interviews later during the party.

    Oscar Party Decorations

  • Have someone dress like a security guard to escort the "stars" and open the doors.

  • Oscar party ideas must include handing out sunglasses to guests and perhaps feather boas.

  • Post a sign on the door that says "Starring 'Name'" with a picture of the birthday teen.

  • Enhance your tables, walls, and ceiling with these self-stick glitter stars.

Hollywood Party Decorations

  • String some fun celebrities party tape throughout the party room instead of crepe paper streamers.

  • Cover tables with tablecloths in party colors and use matching metallic tableware and elegant glassware.

  • Make large gold or silver stars and use them as place mats.

  • Scatter Hollywood confetti, star-shaped confetti, and glitter on your tabletops.

    Oscar Party Decorations

  • Decorate side tables with tablecloth, lay white Christmas lights on top, then cover with sheer fabric. Add vase of flowers, candles, shaped mirrors, clapboard picture frames, etc.

  • When you think of Oscar party ideas, remember to keep your lighting low and to use candles on the tables.

  • Hang a dazzling Hollywood Camera Curtain Topper to mark the entrance to your Hollywood theme party.

  • Play music from films throughout party.

Hollywood Party Decorations

  • Cover tables, walls, furniture, floors, ceilings, etc. with Hollywood patterned gossamer for an instant transformation.

  • Fill decorative glass bowls with colored water and floating candles.

  • Fill top hats with candies, popcorn, balloons, flowers, tissue paper, etc.

  • Hang some fun neon food signs by your food tables to alert guests of the location of the grub in a fun Hollywood style.

Oscar Party Decorations

  • Hang gold or silver stars from the ceiling or use gold or silver star garland.

  • Hang this cute Spotlight Lantern Garland around your party room ceiling or string it to ceiling fans, around banisters, etc.

  • Hang some spotlight lantern garland around your party room to accent windows, mantels, shelves, doorways, etc.

  • Hang a Hollywood banner on your party room wall.

  • Hang some fun movie party cutouts on the walls or movie party dangling foil decorations from the ceiling to pull it all together.

Hollywood Party Decorations

  • Hang movie posters on walls. Check with video stores to see if they would be willing to donate them or sell them at a nominal price.
  • Hang "Hollywood" sign made from card stock, or create huge "Hollywood" sign from cardboard boxes, paint letters white, and place the sign on front lawn.

  • Hang disco balls from the ceiling or add additional lights with some starlight spheres like those pictured above.

  • Hang white Christmas lights throughout the party room to add ambiance.

  • If you plan on handing out Oscars, you can always initially use them to decorate your party room. Be sure to get both the male and female version.

  • Another fun add-on for Oscar night would be an Awards Night door curtain like the one pictured above. As your guests come forward to accept their Oscar, they could enter through a doorway that is adorned with one of these curtains.

Oscar Party Decorations

  • Oscar party ideas must include creating street signs that say Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Strip, Rodeo Drive, Vine Street, and Walk Of Fame for placement on your walls.

  • Create a "walk of fame" by making stars from poster board. Put your guests' names on them and place stars on floor.
  • Be sure to add lots of fun balloons and clusters of balloons tied with curling ribbons in your party colors throughout your party room.

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