Noah's Ark Matching Game

by Catherine
(Concord, NC U.S.A)

Shower Your Guests With A Fun Noah Ark Game

Shower Your Guests With A Fun Noah Ark Game

The kids had lots of fun at our VBS learning about how Noah brought the animals in 2 by 2 by playing a Noah's Ark Matching game. It's like any other matching game, only with animals! We made ours, but I'm sure you could buy them too. =)

This Noah’s Ark game is sure to be tons of fun to play at your baby’s Noah’s Ark party. The matching game made me begin thinking of some other fun games that you could play to go along with your Noah’s Ark party theme.

One fun idea for a Noah’s Ark game is to have kids play pin the animal on the ark. This is a really cool variation of pin the tail on the donkey. What you’ll need is a picture or a cutout of an ark. Find a picture online, print it out and color it for an easy ark. You can also look in Noah’s Ark coloring books to see if you can find a great ark. If not, use brown construction paper and then draw your own and cut it out. Make sure the ark has a door. Have a variety of different paper animals that are much smaller than the ark, which you can print out or find in coloring books. Blindfold the kids and have them stick their animal on the ark. The child that gets the animal closest to the ark door wins the game. Even the adults may want to try this fun game.

Another fun Noah’s Ark game idea is to have a little Scavenger hunt. Gather up a variety of different stuffed animals. Hide them outside or around the party area. Let the kids start searching for the animals and see how many they find within 1-2 minutes of time.

At the end of the night, once all the games are over, send your little party guests home with their own Noah’s Ark stuffed animal. Be sure to have a nice variety of animals so kids can have fun picking out a stuffed animal to take with them.

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