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If you want to shower your little one with an extra special first birthday, you could opt for a Noahs Ark Birthday Party. I'm flooded with ideas and this is an adorable theme that works very well for this age group and provides ample opportunities for creating a wonderful and memorable 1st birthday party.

The following Noahs Ark game ideas and activities are great for 1-year-olds and they have a focus on the theme of Noah's Ark. They will compliment your party theme nicely and are perfect for playing at a 1st birthday party. They are geared toward these young little learners and many of them will provide the opportunity for the parent and child to interact in a fun way. So, if you have decided to throw a Noah's Ark party, here are some great games to consider:


ANIMAL BALLOON GAME – Before the party, inflate different colors of balloons, using colors that go along with animals, such as brown for bears, pink for pigs, etc. Draw faces on the balloons before the party as well. Then, during the party, bring out all the “animal” balloons. Have the adults at the party help you toss the balloons in the air and then let the little ones pat the “animals” around, trying to keep them in the air as long as possible. Parents will need to help and encourage the younger ones to keep patting the balloons, but all the balloon animals floating around are sure to bring plenty of giggles at your Noah’s Ark birthday party.

STUFFED ANIMAL PETTING ZOO ACTIVITY – For this activity, set up your own stuffed animal petting zoo for the kids to enjoy at the party. While you may not be able to bring in a live petting zoo, the little ones will love a stuffed animal petting zoo just as much. Before the party, gather together a variety of stuffed animals, such as stuffed horses, stuffed bears, stuff cats, and any other animals you have on hand. You can also ask other parents to bring some extra stuffed animals to add to the petting zoo. Build a make-shift fence using a cardboard box, but make it a low fence so the little ones can easily reach over it. Place all the animals inside the fence. Then, you can let kids have fun interacting with the toys, petting them and playing with them.

Noahs Ark Game Ideas

TWO-BY-TWO ANIMAL HUNT GAME – Another fun Noah’s Ark game for your young guests is a two-by-two animal hunt game. You’ll need to purchase some toy plastic animals, but make sure that you purchase them in pairs. Try to have at least 10 pairs of animals, if not more. Before the party, hide one of each animal around the party area, making sure you don’t hide them too well so the kids can easily find them. To start the game, show the little ones the animals you have and tell them that they have to search for the other animal so that the animals can enter the ark in pairs. Let the little ones crawl around searching for the animals and give small prizes out as kids find the other animal to each pair.

DECORATE A NOAH’S ARK ANIMALS ACTIVITY – You’ll need to take some time to cut out some animals before the party. Cut out different animal shapes, such as lions, bears, elephants, giraffes, zebras, horses, etc. Set up a small table and when your young guests arrive, allow them to pick a favorite animal from the animal cutouts you made. Then, have some crayons, feathers, glitter and other decorations on hand. With the help of some adults, let the kids have fun decorating their own Noah’s ark animal that they can take home with them at the end of the party. They’ll enjoy doing something creative and it’s easy enough for the young ones to do if they have some help.

Noahs Ark Game Ideas

FOLLOW NOAH GAME – You can also have a fun round of the Follow Noah game, which is played a lot like Follow the Leader, an old party favorite. Have one adult be “Noah” for this game and have “Noah” do fun activities that the little ones can copy. For example, Noah could rub his head, tap his toes, dance or do other activities that are age appropriate. You could even have “Noah” get down and crawl around like he was entering the Ark as all the little ones follow him.

NOAH'S ARK PUPPET SHOW - Little ones are always fascinated with puppets and a Noah's Ark party is the perfect opportunity to put on a puppet show. You can have parents, high school students, or perhaps a church youth group help you by putting on the puppet show. You can give your "actors" a child's Bible or perhaps a DVD concerning Noah to give them a guide for the storyline. You could also check with local Bible book stores to see if they might have a simple play/puppet show dialog; it might be found in the youth pastor section of the store. Just be sure whoever decides to take on the various roles are not afraid to act silly, talk funny, and be goofy with their puppets. No shy Violets are allowed.

Noahs Ark Game Ideas

NOAH'S ANIMAL CHARADES - With the help of Mom or Dad, or perhaps an older sibling or party helper your little tots will be able to enjoy a round of animal charades. You will need to gather together several pictures of animals. You can opt to download them, snag a few from magazines or calendars, or just get a deck of animal flash cards to use. The Birthday boy or girl will go first by selecting one of the pictures. Then the helper can see if they can get the child to make the sounds and/or movements of the animal they have selected while all the other little guys try to guess which animal they are. For example, they could try to bark like a dog and be on all fours while wagging their rear end. After everyone has had a turn acting out an animal the game will be over.

PIN THE TAIL ON THE DONKEY - You can play the traditional Pin the Tail on the Donkey or get a poster of any animal and play pin the tail on the tiger, lion, etc. or play pin the trunk on the elephant, etc.

NOAH'S ANIMAL PARADE - Have all your little ones line up with the assistance of your helpers, put on some fun music, and then have everyone parade around the room or outside while acting like various animals. You can try and have everyone act the same animal at the same time or let them be whatever they want. Also, you can let everyone take turns being the leader.

first birthday party gamesAdditional First Birthday Party Games - In case you've had enough Noahs Ark game activities, these games don't have a Noah's Ark theme, but they are perfect for little 1-year-olds to play.

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