Homemade Noahs Ark Cake Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Noahs Ark Cake Ideas
The Perfect Choice For A First Birthday Party!

Noah's Ark is a popular theme for a 1st birthday party, not to mention a perfect option for a baby shower cake, a birthday party of a young child, or when celebrating a baptism. If you're in need of a cake, which focuses on the theme of Noah's Ark, here are some great birthday cake ideas for you to consider:

Noah’s Ark Cake – Creating a Decorative Boat Cake Straight from the Scriptures

The ark is a special water vessel that is mentioned in chapters six through nine of the Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible. God informs Noah that he plans to destroy the entire world because people living there had started to regularly engage in evil deeds. God then provides Noah with highly detailed instructions on how to build the ark so that he and his family, and two of each of the designated animals are saved.

If you have an interest in creating this type of boat cake, we would like to suggest that you look through the pictures that we have posted on this page. You will discover how many of our readers have taken their knowledge about this popular water vessel and have turned it into a beautiful cake for special celebrations.


noahs ark cake images
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noahs ark cake images
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noahs ark cake
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Now that you have looked through the Noahs ark cake pictures on this page, you now know many different ways that you are able to create a beautiful recreation of the popular boat that Noah used to save himself, his family, and animals when God caused so much rain that it flooded the earth.

You may sculpt a baked cake to resemble the boat, or you may use a cake pan that has been molded to look like the ark – the choice is yours. If you have advanced skills in cake making, a sculpted cake may be the best option for you. If you are a beginner, but would like to create this type of culinary delight, a molded cake pan may be the good option for your first Noah’s Ark cake. The following instructions will assist you in creating a basic boat cake that reflects the story from the Book of Genesis:

Instructions on Creating a Basic Noahs Ark Cake

Items Needed:

  • Noah’s Ark Shaped Cake Pan
  • Multiple Easy Grip Icing Bottles
  • Multiple Decorating Tips
  • Chocolate Cake Mix
  • Assorted Icing Colors
  • Black Gel Paste

Step 1: Create the chocolate cake mix and pour it into the Noah’s Ark shaped cake pan, according to the instructions on the cake mix box. You should then bake the cake and allow it to cool.

Step 2: While the cake is baking and cooling, you should put different colors of icing into the easy grip icing bottles. The colors should include blue, brown, yellow, orange, red, pink, and gray. Once the icing is in the bottles, you should place the decorating tips on the bottles.

Step 3: The cake pan that you used should display Noah’s Ark in the water. There should be an elephant, a lion, and a giraffe in the boat, with a two banded rainbow on top. You should ice the water in blue, the boat in brown, the rainbow in red and blue, with a small yellow strip underneath. The gray and pink icing should be used to color the elephant. The lion should be yellow with an orange mane. The giraffe should be yellow with brown spots. Once you have iced these aspects of the cake with the bottles, you should use the black gel paste to create eyes for each of the animals.

Now that you have our Noahs ark cake pictures and our simple instructions to assist you in creating your own boat cake that outlines the story of Noah’s Ark, it is time to create your very own cake. All of the pictures should provide you with many creative ideas that may be implemented to create a culinary delight – straight from the scriptures. If you would rather use them, the instructions are also quite helpful. When you have finished with your cake, be certain to take pictures of your creation and submit them to use through the submission link that we have placed on this page.

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