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Fun And Fabulous Noahs Ark Birthday Party
The Perfect Toddler Birthday Choice!

Get ready, the flood is coming! A Noahs Ark Party will set the tone and is the perfect choice for a toddler birthday party. A Noahs Ark theme is great because it involves a lot of animals and most children love animals.

If you are looking for ideas to bring your child's favorite Bible story to life in the form of a birthday party, then read on to discover how you can turn Noah's Ark into a fun and festive, yet colorful celebration. Let the colors of the rainbow inspire your color creativity and the love of animals spark ideas for decor.

noahs ark birthday


NOAH'S ARK ANIMAL FOOTPRINT INVITATIONS – Choose a favorite animal, such as a bear or an elephant and draw the footprints of that animal on pieces of cardstock in an appropriate color for the footprint. Cut out the footprints, making sure that you have a footprint for each of your party guests. On the front of the footprint, write “Walk this Way: You’re Invited to Board the Ark for (Child’s Name)’s Birthday Party.” Then, on the back of the footprint, you can add all the rest of the party details for your guests, including the date, time, location and other pertinent information.

ANIMAL CRACKERS NOAH'S ARK BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS – Animal crackers will go perfectly with your Noah’s Ark birthday party theme. For these invitations, you’ll need to purchase enough mini boxes of animal crackers so you have enough to send a box to each party guest so every guest gets a fun box of animal crackers to enjoy. On pieces of cardstock, print or write out all the details for your birthday party. Attach the card to the box of animal crackers using some glue or use ribbon to tie the card to the box of animal crackers. Guests will love receiving an edible invitation to the birthday party.

LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS MASK INVITATIONS – Lions and tigers and bears masks. Oh My! For these adorable invitations, you’ll want to make masks of different animal faces, cutting out holes for the eyes. Start with some construction paper and draw the face of an animal, such as a lion, or tiger, or bear. You can find some helpful templates online. After creating the faces, cut out the holes so the little ones can look through the masks. On the back of the mask, write all the important information for the Noah’s Ark birthday party. Invite guests to bring their masks with them to wear at the party.

Noahs Ark Birthday Party Invitations

NOAH'S ARK ANIMAL CROSSING SIGN INVITATIONS – On bright yellow cardstock or construction paper, create a diamond shaped animal crossing sign. Print out a black silhouette of an animal, such as a fox, dear, cow, horse or other animal. Cut out the black silhouette and place on the yellow sign. Write “Animal Crossing” on the sign in black lettering. You could even create black paw prints across the sign instead of using the silhouette of an animal. On the back, write the details for the birthday party. If you don’t want to make the crossing signs, you could find pictures of animal crossing signs online and print them out, attaching to cardstock to make this a bit simpler.

ELEPHANT INVITATION - Cut out a large elephant head from gray card stock using a stencil or download a picture from the Internet. Glue on wiggly eyes. Make white tusks from white card stock and glue on head. Make a long gray trunk from construction paper and write, "Join Me For A Cruise On Noah's Ark." Then fold the trunk in an accordion pleat style. On the back, write the party details.

NOAH'S ARK BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS #1 - Cut 8 1/2" x 11" card stock into 2 pieces and fold in half. Decorate with animal stickers like monkeys, elephants, giraffes, etc. Type or write party details in calligraphy on piece of scrapbook paper. Cut finished piece with decorative scissors to 3" x 4 1/2". Glue to back of card stock. Decorate corners with rainbow stickers.

Noahs Ark Birthday Party Invitations

NOAH'S ARK BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS #2 - Cut 8 1/2" x 11" card stock into 2 pieces and fold in half. Decorate with animal stickers on the front of the card stock. On left side either type or hand write in calligraphy:

All the animals have joined together to invite you to my birthday party
We're flooded with excitement
Bring the whole herd!

On right-hand side type or hand write party details on scrapbook paper. Cut finished piece with decorative scissors to 3" x 4 1/2". Glue to right side of card stock. Decorate corners with rainbow stickers.

STUFFED ANIMAL INVITATIONS - Cut 8 1/2" x 11" card stock into 4 pieces. Type or hand write party details in calligraphy on scrapbook paper. Cut finished piece with decorative scissors to 3" x 4 1/2". Glue to back of card stock. Decorate corners with animal stickers. Hole-punch, run curling ribbon through, tie around neck of small stuffed animal, and hand-deliver animal invitations.


Invite your little guests to wear their favorite animal themed costume or change them into cute little animals as they arrive at the party. You can have a face painter or two at the ready to paint on some whiskers, circles on the cheeks, dots on their little noses and then give them a tail and some ears that are attached to headbands.


Noahs Ark Birthday Party Decorations

  • Before the party, you should head outdoors with some sidewalk chalk. Use the chalk to draw animal footprints on the sidewalk, making sure that you draw the footprints to look like they are walking towards the party entrance. Your young guests can enjoy walking up to the party area by following the animal footprints.

  • Create your own balloon rainbow that can be used to cover one of the walls of the party area. You’ll need red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple balloons. Start with 12 red balloons at the top of the rainbow, then 11 orange balloons, 10 yellow balloons, 9 green balloons, 8 blue balloons and 7 purple balloons. String them together to create your rainbow and secure them to a wall or hang from the ceiling to hang down against one wall.

  • If you’re holding the party outdoors, use hay to help decorate the party area. Add some hay bales for people to sit on and sprinkle some hay along walkways and all throughout the party area to add to the Noah’s Ark party décor.

  • Build your own plank out of particle board, painting it brown. Set it up at the entrance to the party area so guests have to walk across the plan as they “board the Ark” for the party.

  • If possible, hold the party on a boat.

  • Make a huge ark that covers one of the party room walls. Make windows and place a photo of each child in one of the windows. Add animal Mylar balloons (2 by 2) on the ark, wavy blue water at the ark's bottom, and a rainbow and white dove in the sky.

  • Decorate your doorways and archways with streamers by alternating the various colors of the rainbow across the openings.

  • Accent your wider walkways with strips of fabric sewn together to create rainbow curtains. Pull them back and tie them off with a coordinating tie.

Noahs Ark Birthday Party Decorations

  • Make various Noah's Ark-related signs, hang them on the walls, place them on yard stakes and line the walkway. Have them say things like "Caution, Flooding Ahead", "Welcome to (child's Name)'s Ark", "Animal Crossing", etc.

  • Cover your tables with Noah's Ark birthday printed tablecloth, or opt for a solid one, select one of the colors of the rainbow. Tie off corners with coordinating curling ribbon in the party colors.

  • Create "rainbow" placemats by gluing ark-shaped pieces of construction paper in the various rainbow colors onto a solid piece of paper. Laminate for stability.

  • Decorate the top of the table with small animals and animal confetti.

  • Cut various animal shapes (2 of each animal) from craft foam or construction paper, using animal stencils as your guide and hang from the ceiling with fishing line.

Noahs Ark Birthday Party Decorations

  • Set large galvanized tubs around the room. Fill with water dyed blue using food coloring. Place a small "ark" in each tub and fill with various animals.

  • Use Noahs Ark birthday printed plates, cups, napkins, and coordinating plastic ware.

  • Hang Noahs Ark birthday party banner, wall cut-outs, and posters on walls. You can also add posters and cut-outs of various animals.

  • To make an "ark" centerpiece, start by filling a large ark with various animals and set the ark upon blue shred. Tie balloons to ark.

Noahs Ark Birthday Party Decorations

  • String lightweight fishnet across ceiling and fill with pearl and light blue balloons to create "sky" atmosphere.

  • To let everyone know where the Noah's Ark birthday party bash is being held, by attaching balloons in the colors of the rainbow to your mailbox, or hang the balloons from a tree, or tie them to a car antenna.

  • Decorate room with stuffed animals, placing them 2 by 2.

  • Hang Noahs Ark birthday banner on wall.

  • Draw various animal footprints (2 by 2) with chalk on the sidewalk leading up to the front door.


PRINTABLE GAMES - Here's a great site that has lots of fun print and play toddler party games that would be a perfect party game add-on!

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Here's an entire page with nothing but Noah Ark Game Ideas and Activities, such as:

  • Noah's Ark Puppet Show
  • Noah's Animal Charades
  • Noah's Animal Game
  • Noah's Animal Parade
  • Noah's Ark Bean Bag Toss
  • animal Relay Races
  • Pin The Trunk On The Elephant
  • Animal Sponges
  • Balloon Animal Game
  • Make A Rainbow


Serve the food in dishes that are shaped like boats or have animal prints on them.

Noahs Ark Birthday Party Food Ideas

SPIDER HOTDOGS – To stick with the animal theme you’re using for your Noah’s Ark birthday party, make fun spider hotdogs. Cutting halfway up on hotdogs, create eight legs by slicing the hotdog into eight pieces. Boil the hotdogs and as they boil, the “legs” will curl up so the dogs look like cool spiders when they are done cooking. Serve the “spiders” up on a big platter. Let kids have fun decorating their spider hotdogs with mustard and ketchup before they eat them.

RAINBOW FRUIT TRAY – Create your own rainbow fruit tray. Start with a large fruit tray, then use strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, blackberries and other colorful fruits for the tray. Arrange the different colored fruits into a beautiful, colorful rainbow on the fruit tray, which can even be used as the centerpiece for your food table. Make some fruit dip to go along with the yummy fruit.

TASTY TIGER TREATS – Take orange cheese balls and place them in a bowl. Label them as “Tasty Tiger Treats” to get some giggles from the kids as they enjoy their “tiger treats.”

Noahs Ark Birthday Party Food Ideas

RAINBOW JELLO PARFAITS – Create parfaits out of different colors of Jell-O cut up into cubes. For example, start with a couple cubes of red, then a layer of whipped cream, then orange cubes, then whipped cream, then green cubes, then whipped cream, then blue cubes, then whipped cream, etc. Make the parfaits in clear cups so they look beautiful on your party table.

ANIMAL STRIPED DIY PIZZAS – Let kids help decorate their own little pizzas. Offer different colors of cheeses and various toppings. Have kids arrange the toppings in stripes to make the pizzas look like they have animal stripes. Bake and serve, letting kids enjoy their “animal striped pizzas.

CHICKEN TENDERS – Bake chicken tenders in the oven, which are kid friendly favorites. Serve them up and call them “Noah’s Ark Chicken Tenders.”

FRENCH FLIES – There were no doubt plenty of flies on the ark, so serve up some French fries and call them “French Flies.” They are sure to be a huge hit with all the kids.

TOAD SLAW – Make up your favorite recipe for coleslaw or purchase some coleslaw for the party, since coleslaw definitely makes a great side to go with the “Spider Dogs.” Instead of calling it coleslaw, call it Toad Slaw. The kids will love the name.

Noahs Ark Birthday Party Food Ideas

ANIMAL STRIPES CRACKERS AND CHEESE – Make a cracker and cheese tray, arranging the cheese and crackers in stripes so the tray looks like it has animal stripes. Kids can enjoy choosing what cheeses they want to add to their crackers.

ANIMAL PIZZA - Shape your pizza dough into wild animal shapes. Top with pizza sauce and then layer white and yellow cheese in rows to create the animal stripes.

HEAVENLY FRUIT DIP - Mix together 1 (12-oz.) container of whipped topping, thawed; 1 small jar of marshmallow cream; 1 (8-oz.) pkg of cream cheese softened; and 2 small cartons of strawberry yogurt. Refrigerate until ready to use. Serve with cut-up apples, strawberries, grapes, and pineapple.

RAINBOW JELL-O - Make Jell-O in a Bundt pan by layering various colors. After it is completely set, cut the circle in half and lay the 2 halves on plates with dollops of whip cream at the bottoms of the rainbow.


noahs ark birthday
Photo courtesy of: KC Koenig

RAINBOW CUPCAKES – Cupcakes are perfect for younger guests. Bake up chocolate or white cupcakes. Ice them cupcakes in white. Then, using all the colors of the rainbow, pipe rainbows on each of the cupcakes to create your own rainbow cupcakes. If you don’t want to use icing to create the rainbow, you can always use colored candies to create rainbows on top of the cupcakes for a tasty, beautiful cupcake.

RAINBOW AND ANIMALS CAKE – Make two round cakes, one smaller than the other is, in any flavor. Stack the cakes and then ice the cakes in marbled blue fondant to make it look like water. Use fondant to make various animals, such as cute elephants, giraffes, bears, etc. Create a rainbow out of fondant. You may need to make the fondant animals and rainbow a couple days in advance. Add the fondant animals to the cake, then top the cake with the fondant rainbow. You will have a gorgeous cake that the kids will love.

Noahs Ark Birthday Party Cakes

RAINBOW DECORATED SHEET CAKE – Bake a sheet cake in any flavor. Decorate the cake in white buttercream icing. Use extra butter cream and food coloring to create small bowls of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple icing. Create a large rainbow in the middle of the cake by piping on the icing in the rainbow colors. You could even add a few animal crackers to the cake under the rainbow to make it look even cuter.

NOAH’S ARK LAYER CAKE – Make two round cakes to create a layer cake. The bottom cake should be larger than the other cake is. Place the larger cake on a serving dish, icing it with blue icing to look like water. Then, top with the smaller cake. Ice the smaller cake in brown icing, using a toothpick to draw lines on the sides to make it look like planks of wood. Using graham crackers and icing, build a square shaped little building to add to the top of the small round cake, which will be the top of the ark. Ice the graham cracker creation with brown icing too. Buy some sugar animals or make them out of fondant and add around the top ark layer of the cake. Make a giraffe’s neck and head out of fondant, making it peer up over the edge of the ark’s roof so it looks like it is peeking out of the ark.

If you would like to check out some teriffic photos of some NOAH'S ARK BIRTHDAY CAKES, then click on over to take a quick look for some ideas.


Have fun coming up with exciting Noah’s Ark favors to hand out at the end of the party. Noah’s Ark coloring books and a box of crayons make a fun, easy favor. Simply tie the crayons to the coloring book with some pretty ribbon. You could also give out cute little stuffed animals as favors. Another fun idea is to bake animal shaped cookies, icing them to look like the animals. Wrap in some cellophane and hand out as edible Noah’s Ark birthday party favors.

Noahs Ark Birthday

Do you have some favorite Noahs Ark birthday party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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