Noahs Ark Birthday Party

Fun And Fabulous Noahs Ark Birthday Party
Time To Board The Ark & Ride The Waves!

Youngsters generally enjoy most animals and if you would like to focus a party around this a Noahs Ark theme party would certainly make for a great first birthday. This theme provides ample opportunities to create fun-loving decor that will give little ones lots of eye candy to enjoy.

Sail on over for a Noahs Ark Party and start creating a memorable 1st birthday party using some of the Noah's Ark theme birthday party ideas listed below. Float on down to learn how to shower your little one's special day with lots of fun!


FOOTPRINT STAMPED INVITATIONS – Use cardstock in the color of your choice, choosing a color that goes along with the colors you’ve chosen for decorations. Buy some stamps of different animal footprints. Make a footprint border around the edges of the invitation with the footprint stamps. Make sure to add some footprints stamps on the inside of the invitations as well. On the front write, “Take a Walk on the Wild Side – You’re Invited to a Wild Noah’s Ark Party!” Then, inside of the invites, be sure to include all the important information for the party.

COLORFUL RAINBOW NOAH’S ARK INVITATIONS – Create your own rainbow invitations, which will go perfect with your Noah’s Ark birthday party theme. Start with white cardstock, folding the cardstock in half so the card opens up and you have enough room to draw a rainbow. Using markers, draw a rainbow and then color it in using markers. If you need a template, print out a rainbow you like from the internet and then trace it on your invitations.

Noahs Ark Birthday Party Invitations

NOAH’S ARK ANIMAL PAIRS INVITATIONS – Using some cardstock, create an invitation. On the outside of the invitations, include two animals in pairs, such as two elephants, two lions, two bears, etc. Then, write over the pair of animals, “The animals entered the ark two by two…” On the inside of the invitation, take a picture of the birthday child and insert it inside the invitation. Above the child’s picture write, “but there’s only one me, so I’ll need you to help me celebrate my birthday!” Make sure you that include the party details inside the invites as well.

TASTY ANIMAL COOKIES INVITATIONS – Animal cookies are a kid favorite and the animals will go perfectly with your Noah’s Ark theme. Buy enough small boxes of animal cookies to make sure you have enough to give one box to each child. Then, buy self-sticking mail labels. On the labels write the party info and then stick the labels to the boxes of animal cookies. Deliver them by hand and let your young guests enjoy munching on the cookies in anticipation of the Noah’s Ark birthday party.

Noahs Ark Birthday Party Invitations

NOAH'S ARK-SHAPED INVITES - Cut out the shape of an ark from brown cardstock. Download various Noah's Ark animals or use die-cut elephants, giraffes, monkeys, lions, lambs, etc. and place them into the ark. Write on the ark, "Beat The Flood & Join Me For My 1st B-Day Party!" On the back portion provide your party details.

NOAHS ARK BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITES - Cut a piece of card stock into two pieces and fold them in half. Then download some Noah's Ark animals or use die-cut elephants, giraffes, monkeys, lions, lambs, etc. and glue them to the front of the card stock. On the left side either type or hand write in calligraphy:

We're flooded with excitement and fun
As (Baby's Name) is turning one!
The animals came 2 by 2,
Now we want to party with you!

On the right side, type or hand write all your important party details onto decorative paper and then cut around the edges using decorative scissors. Glue paper to the card stock and decorate the corners with some Noah's Ark stickers. Place the invite in a colorful envelope and add a few more stickers.

Noahs Ark Birthday Party Invitations

ELEPHANT INVITES - Cut a large elephant head with a long wide trunk out of gray construction paper or cardstock. Glue goggle eyes to the face. Write on the trunk, "Sail On Over, Two-By-Two, To (Baby's Name) 1st Birthday Party." Place the all-important party details on the reverse. Then fold up the trunk in an accordion fashion and place into a colorful envelope that is embellished with Noah's Ark stickers. If necessary, fold down the elephant ears to make your invite fit.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE NOAH'S ARK INVITES - Buy ready-made Noah's Ark invites and decorate the pic with various colors of glitter to match the animals. Glue tiny google eyes onto some of the animals, a ribbon around the neck of an animal, or perhaps a tiny silk flower near the ear of an animal.


If you want to have costumes for the party, you can encourage your guests to show up wearing an animal costume. However, you can make it easier for parents by having some fun costume items for kids to wear once they arrive at the party. Create a costume table that has animal masks on it for the kids to wear. You can also provide them with animal ears that the kids can put on and you may even be able to find some attachable animal tails, which the kids are sure to have fun wearing. You can also transform them into Noah's Ark animals with face-painted whiskers and dots on their noses. If you opt for providing the kids with any costume accessories, let them take their costume items home as part of their fun favors.


  • For your party food table, turn the entire table into a huge rainbow. Start with a sky blue tablecloth on the table. Then, you’ll need streamers in all colors of the rainbow. Using the streamers, arrange them in the shape of a rainbow, starting with red streamers, then orange streamers, yellow streamers, green streamers, blue streamers and then last, purple streamers. Use tape to secure the streamers in the rainbow shape so they won’t move when you place other items on the table.

  • Another fun idea for the party tables is to sprinkle Skittles, or other rainbow colored candies, on the table instead of using confetti. This way your guests can enjoy eating the “candy confetti” on the tables.

  • Hang pairs of animal piñatas throughout the party area. Not only will they make great decorations, but they can be used for activities later. Since you have young guests, go with pull piñatas, since your young guests are probably too young to hit piñatas. Fill them with fun treats.

More Noahs Ark Birthday Party Decorations

  • Since hay bales were probably on the ark, add some hay bales throughout the party area. You could even use hay bales to offer seating for the guests at your party.

  • Make your own animal face balloons to hang around the party area. Use permanent markers by adding faces to different colored balloons. For example, draw a duck face on a bright yellow balloon or a cow faces with cow markings on white balloons. You could even put a tiger face on an orange balloon. Hang up the balloons in pairs around the room.

  • Fill clear jars with gummy bears and add them to your food tables. They’ll add to the colorful décor and of course, they can be served to your guests as well.

More Noahs Ark Birthday Party Decorations

  • Outside the party area, use some sidewalk chalk to draw various animal footprints walking up the sidewalk towards the party area. Guests can follow the animal footprints when they arrive.

  • Use “planks” made out of cardboard or construction paper to decorate the entrance of the party area to look like a ship entrance. This will let your young guests feel like they’re actually entering the ark when they arrive. You can even make your own plank for guests to walk over as they enter “Noah’s Ark.”

  • Use stuffed animals to help add to your party décor. Place them in pairs all around the party area. The little ones will enjoy playing with the animals as well, so they double as decorations and activities. You could even use them to create centerpieces, putting a pair of animals together and tying balloons to them.

More Noahs Ark Birthday Party Decorations

  • Consider using butcher paper on the walls, using paint or markers to draw on the paper to make it look like the sides of the Ark. This way it feels like you’re actually inside the ark. You could even draw on some windows and show the water through the windows to add to the visual appeal.

  • Accent your entryway door with a Noah's Ark scene using butcher paper. Add water, ark, and animals two by two.

  • Hang Noah's Ark and animal posters on wall.

  • Hang Noah's Ark happy 1st birthday banner on wall.

  • Cover tables with any rainbow colored tablecloths and tie corners with curling ribbons.

More Noahs Ark Birthday Party Decorations

  • Display Noah's Ark stuffed animals in birthday room(s).
  • If you're looking for a special theme party item that will make your little one's 1st birthday extra special, a Noah's Ark standee that would make a great backdrop for photos. It could also do double duty and be used during story time to talk about the various types of animals on the Ark.

  • Make a fun Noah's theme centerpiece by cutting off top of a clean 1/2 gallon milk carton. Cover with wrapping paper. Decorate with Noah's Ark stickers, or download pictures of Noah's Ark characters and glue to sides. Fill with weighted bouquet of Mylar Noah's Ark balloons and colorful tissue paper.


Be sure to set aside a portion of the party time to entertain all your little tykes with some games that have a Noah's theme. In case you're scratching your head for ideas, I've created a page of Noahs Ark Activities & Games that include the following:

  • Noah's Ark Puppet Show,br>
  • Noah's Animal Charades
  • Rainbow Colors Treasure Hunt
  • Pasta Rainbows
  • Noah's Animal Parade
  • Noah's Ark Bean Bag Toss
  • Animal Relay Races
  • Pin The Trunk On The Elephant
  • Pin A Cloud On Noah's Rainbow
  • Make A Rainbow
  • Animal Sponges
  • Balloon Animal Game


TIGER BALLS – Serve up small orange cheese balls and call them tiger balls.

FRENCH FLIES – Young kids love French fries, so bake up plenty of them and serve them up, giving them the name, “French Flies.”

ANIMAL CHEESE – Soft cheeses are yummy options for your young guests and to make them extra special, you can use small cookie cutters to cut the cheese slices into fun animal shapes as well. Small pieces of cheese leftover can be used to top another dish or they can be placed on crackers.

More Noahs Ark Birthday Party Food Ideas

ANIMAL CRACKERS – It’s easy to find big bags of animal crackers and young kids just love them. Serve them up in a brightly colored bowl. They are especially good served with glasses of milk.

RAINBOW FRUIT TRAY – Create a fruit tray using fruits of different colors. Use colorful fruits like blueberries, purple grapes, strawberries, oranges, kiwi and pineapples. Arrange the fruit on the tray to look like a rainbow. It not only offers a tasty food dish, but it will look amazing on your food tables too.

ANIMAL COOKIES - Make favorite sugar cookie recipe. Using animal-shaped cookie cutters cut into shapes. Frost in appropriate animal colors and decorate with toasted coconut, edible glitter, sprinkles, sparkling sugar, and gel icing.

More Noahs Ark Birthday Party Food Ideas

NOAH'S ARK MUNCHIES - Goldfish crackers, animal crackers, Chex cereal, Honeycomb cereal, and Cheerios.


PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY SANDWICHES - Cut sandwiches into animal shapes with cookie cutters.

NOAH'S ARK GRILLED CHEESE - Using an ark-shaped cookie cutter, turn grilled cheese sandwiches into little arks.

More Noahs Ark Birthday Party Food Ideas

NOAH'S ARK FRUIT BOAT - To make boat cut away unwanted shell and scoop out melon fruit, leaving shell about 1" thick. Fill boat with soft fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew balls, cut-up strawberries, raspberries, bananas, and kiwi.


NOAH'S PARTY PUNCH - Make a decorative ice ring that has lemon and orange slices. Fill a punch bowl with two 12-ounce cans of frozen concentrated cranberry juice that has been thawed and 1 1/2 cups of orange juice. Place this into the refrigerator until serving time. Then add 1 1/2 pints of club soda and the ice ring.


RAINBOW CANDY CUPCAKES – Cupcakes are a perfect choice for your young guests because they are so easy to manage. Start with cupcakes in any flavor. Ice the cupcakes in sky blue icing. Then, use colored candies to make small rainbows on top of the cupcakes. Skittles, or other rainbow colored candies, work perfectly for creating the small rainbows.

ANIMAL FACE CUPCAKES – Another fun cupcake idea is to bake up delicious cupcakes in your favorite flavor. Then, use icing to decorate the cupcakes to look like different animal faces. You could make cow faces, duck faces, tiger faces, monkey faces or any other favorite animal faces. If you don’t want to take the time to decorate the faces with icing, consider using animal cupcake toppers to make it easy.

More Noahs Ark Birthday Party Cake Ideas

NOAH'S ARK BOAT CAKE #1 - Bake 1 round cake and 1 square cake. Cut round cake in half and stack two pieces on top of each other using frosting as "glue." Trim rounded portion of stacked cake to create a flat boat bottom. Place flat bottom of cake onto blue paper covered cake board and frost entire cake with chocolate frosting. Cut 2 squares from square cake to create boathouse and stack two pieces on top of each other using frosting as "glue." Place stacked square on top of boat and frost. Make a flag by wrapping piece of fruit roll-up around pretzel and place at top of boathouse. Either place pairs of animal crackers or clean plastic animals on and around ark.

NOAH'S ARK BOAT CAKE #2 - Make cake as noted above except lay cake on cake board rather than standing it up.

Looking for cake ideas? Here are some great cake photos of NOAH'S ARK BIRTHDAY CAKES to get you started.


At the end of the Noah’s Ark birthday party, be sure to have some fun themed favors to give your young guests. Small Noah’s Ark story books, Noah’s Ark or animal themed coloring books and crayons will make great favors that all your guests will appreciate. Bags of Goldfish crackers or animal crackers are delicious edible favors, as are cookies cut into animal shapes. Small toy boats, animal finger puppets, rainbow stickers, animal stickers and small toy animals also make fabulous favors. Chocolates shaped in various animal shapes are sure to please, as are small bags of gummy bears. You could purchase animal print bags or small animal boxes to place the favors in.

Noahs Ark Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite Noahs Ark birthday party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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