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Before I get into the Noah Ark game assortment, just in case you are still in the process of figuring out how to create that fun-filled Noah's Ark theme party, be sure to start the fun flooding in by turning your party room into an "ark." To help you with this endeavor, I have created a Noahs Ark Birthday Party page that will provide you with lots of ideas for not only decorating your ark, but for creating your invites, along with food, cake and favor ideas. Once you have your party "stuff" handled, then you will certainly need some Noah's Ark party games to keep all your tots entertained. I have put together this page of games and activities that are perfect for this age group.

So get ready to ride the waves as we shower you with several games to help insure you host a successful party for your little herd. These games will not only help to solidify the Bible story concerning Noah's Ark, but they will also be fun to play. So hop on board, two by two, and start scrolling down the page to check out the game options.


NOAH'S ARK PUPPET SHOW - Enlist some of the parents' help or hire high school drama students to put on a puppet show. Use child's Bible or DVD of Noah's Ark story as your guide. To keep the little ones' attention, remember to use silly voices for your animals, lots of expression, and movement with the puppets.

NOAH'S ANIMAL CHARADES - Use animal flash cards, download animal pictures from Web, or cut out animal pictures from a magazine. Birthday child starts the game by selecting a picture without other children knowing which one, and proceeds to act out the animal through movement and sound. Other children try to guess the type of animal. Play continues until each child has had a turn at acting out an animal.

RAINBOW COLORS TREASURE HUNT – Purchase some fun toys and age appropriate candies in all different colors of the rainbow. Try to purchase 5-10 items of each color so your young guests can all enjoy finding several fun prizes. Before your party, have fun hiding all the rainbow colored treasure, but don’t make the items too hard to find, since your guests are still quite young. When you’re ready for this game, let your party guests crawl or toddle around trying to find rainbow treasure, but give them a specific color to look for with some help from their parents, of course. They’ll have fun finding the colorful treasure items and you can allow your guests to take the items home as cool rainbow favors that go perfectly with your Noah’s Ark theme.

Noah Ark Game

PASTA RAINBOWS – Another fun idea for your Noah’s Ark party is to have your small guests make rainbows out of colored pasta. You can buy colored pasta, but if you can’t find enough pretty colors, simply color the pasta using some rubbing alcohol and food coloring for plenty of pretty colors. Use a variety of different pasta shapes, from spirals, to shells or tube shaped pastas. Then, give kids a piece of thick poster board and with some adult help, let them glue on the rainbow colored pasta in the shape of a rainbow. This will take a bit of time, so if you use this activity, you probably won’t need to have many other activities or games. Let guests take home their pretty rainbow pasta creations at the end of the party.

NOAH'S ANIMAL PARADE - Birthday child starts the parade by leading other children in making animal sounds and movements. This activity will continue until everyone has an opportunity to be a leader or their attention span ceases to exist--whichever comes first.

NOAH'S ARK BEAN BAG TOSS - Make an ark out of cardboard boxes or wood. Cut holes for the door and windows. Paint the ark accordingly. Have the kids throw Beanie Baby animals into the ark trying to get them through the various holes.

Noah Ark Game

ANIMAL RELAY RACES - Have relay races where everyone has to act like a particular animal, while racing to the finish line, by making appropriate sounds and movements. For example, a kangaroo must hop, a bear must growl while moving arms and hands like they are trying to grab something, a fish must make swimming motions with their arms and kissy lips.

PIN THE TRUNK ON THE ELEPHANT - Use a poster or make a large elephant head. Have the kids pin the trunk on the elephant. You can make the trunks out of colored paper, card stock, or construction paper and use the double-stick type of tape to "pin" them on.

PIN A CLOUD ON NOAH’S RAINBOW – Take a unique Noah/Rainbow take on the old game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Start out with a big sheet of poster board. Draw a rainbow on the poster board and use markers to color in all the different parts of the rainbow. You can even add a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if you really want to get creative. Use a pale blue colored pencil to color the rest of the poster board blue to look like the sky. Then, using pieces of construction paper, cut out small cloud shapes, ensuring you have enough clouds for each child to have one. Let the little ones have fun sticking their cloud on the rainbow with some double sided tape. It will be fun to see where all the clouds end up on the rainbow. Since the kids are so young, you probably won’t need to blindfold them.

Noah Ark Game

MAKE A RAINBOW - Have the kids color a picture of a rainbow and then glue cotton balls (clouds) at the bottoms of the rainbow.

ANIMAL SPONGES - Set-up a craft area and give everyone sponges in various animal shapes, along with washable paint and have them paint and create a Noah's Ark filled with animals using their sponges and paints on butcher paper.

BALLOON ANIMAL GAME - Create various balloon animals. divide the children into 2 teams. Start by giving the first youngster in each of the lines a small broom and a balloon animal. They must try and "herd" their animal to their ark, which is located on the other side of the room or yard. Make a cardboard box ark for each team.

Noah Ark Game

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