Noah Ark Game - Get The Animals On The Ark

by PJ
(Waterford PA)

All Aboard--2 By 2

All Aboard--2 By 2

To play this game you need:

2 Teams
2 long handled grabbers
Stuffed animals

The teams pick up animal with grabber and run to place it in the "Ark" container. The first team to get all their animals in the ark wins.

Variation: have cards with certain animals for children to pick up. Have doubles of all the animals.

This is one of the coolest Noah’s Ark games I’ve ever seen and kids are sure to have a blast playing it. If you are looking for some more fun activities and games to use at your Noah’s Ark birthday party, this cool game from PJ made me think of some great ideas you may want to try.

One cool idea for an exciting activity is to have the kids sing some fun Noah’s Ark tunes. For example, you can check out this cool Noah’s Ark song that is sung to the tune of the song, “Old MacDonald” If your child is a fan of The Wiggles, consider showing the video to the song “Uncle Noah’s Ark,” which the kids are sure to love.

If you can find a cool kid’s version of the Noah’s Ark story, such as a cartoon version, you may want to show it to the kids at the Noah’s Ark birthday party. If you are unable to find a movie, consider reading them a storybook that tells the story of Noah. They are sure to love the parts about all the animals.

Coloring pages of animals can be used as an activity as well. Another cool Noah’s Ark game idea is Guess that Animal. Have a basket of stuffed animals. Play the game by holding up the animal for all the kids to see. The first one to guess the animal can pick the next animal for the kids to guess. Just make sure you pick animals that most kids this age will be fairly familiar with so the game is easy enough for them.

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