Newspaper Scavenger Hunt Guaranteed To Make The Headlines!

Fun And Fabulous Newspaper Scavenger Hunt
Just The Hunt That's Classified for Success!

A newspaper type scavenger hunt is the perfect activity for a party or when you've got kids that are bored and looking for something "fun" to do.

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This hunt can be played individually or you can break the kids down into teams and have them work together. This is also a great activity when you need to keep the kids close at hand and don't wish to turn them loose outside, but you don't have the time to be directly engaged in an activity with them.

To get started creating a newspaper scavenger hunt , all you need are a bunch of newspapers, basically enough so you can give each person or team a newspaper and a pair of scissors. If possible, plan ahead and stock up on your newspapers, otherwise you might have to hit your neighbors up for their extras. As I live in a small city, I know our local newspaper can be very small and might not contain all the items that you're seeking or they might be too easy to find. Therefore, if possible, try to secure newspapers from larger cities so the hunt can be a bit more challenging.

At any rate, listed below are some suggested photos, ads, notices, etc. for all your little scavengers to find in their newspapers.

newspaper scavenger hunt
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Variation: To make things a little more challenging for your newspaper scavenger hunt, dismantle numerous newspapers so the pages are all individual and put them into the center of the table. Then only allow people to grab one piece of newspaper at a time, review it for whatever they are looking for, return it to the pile and grab another, etc. An individual is never allowed to have more than one piece of newspaper at a time. If you are playing in teams, then each team member is only allowed to have one newspaper at a time.


  • __________Ad for a new vehicle priced under $15,000

  • __________Animal-related article

  • __________Announcement of a new business opening

  • __________Auction notice

  • __________Church bazaar/garage sale notice

  • __________Coupon

  • __________Dear Abby type of column

  • __________Death notice of someone under 21

  • __________Engagement photo

  • __________Estate sale notice

  • __________Fictitious business name notice

  • __________Funny headline

  • __________Going out of business sale ad

  • __________House for sale that has a swimming pool

  • __________Jazz concert notice

  • ___________Job for an accounting type position

  • __________Lost pet notice

  • __________Mix and match pieces of existing headlines to create a funny new headline

  • __________Musical instrument for sale ad

  • __________Product advertised at 75% off

  • __________Recipe

  • __________Story about a local sports "hero"

  • __________Sodoku puzzle

  • __________Typo or spelling error in an article

  • __________Used car for sale that is red with less than 100,000 miles

  • __________Wedding photo

  • __________Weird news story (E.g., one paper says drunk mom allegedly runs through school with sword.)

    Designate a time that the scavenger hunt will end. The first person or team to cut out all of the items from their newspaper and has the most points will be the winner.


    • Each item collected is worth 1 point.
    • The first team to finish shall receive 5 bonus points.
    • For each minute a team is late, they will be penalized 1 point.

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