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If you are gearing up to ring in the new year or are celebrating a New Year's Birthday, you will also need to plan lots of games as it's going to be a while before midnight rolls around.

Whether you are creating a fun-filled New Year's birthday party or a warm, family New Years Eve get together, here are some game ideas to consider. Your guests are sure to be counting down to an evening of fun. Get ready to rev up your party engines and check out these great games.

New Years Games

HONOR YOUR NEW YEARS BIRTHDAY PERSON - Do a mini roast and have everyone share a funny story about the honoree. Gather old family photos, videos, artwork that only a mother could love, awards, and incorporate a little "This Is Your Life" type of activity. If you can come up with someone from the past who was important in the birthday's person's life, that person's presence would probably be the best gift of all.

RESOLUTIONS - As guests arrive give them each five slips of paper and have them write down one New Year's resolution on each piece of paper, along with their name. Put all the slips into a container. At game time, pull out one slip at a time, read it aloud, and have everyone write down who they think made that particular resolution. Whoever guesses the most correctly, wins the game.

New Years Games

NEW YEARS BIRTHDAY WORD GAME - Give everyone five minutes to come up with as many words possible from "Happy New Year's Birthday (Name)". Whoever comes up with the most words in the allotted time shall be the winner.

PASS THE PRESENT - Wrap up a prize in numerous layers of wrapping paper in various colors, dependent upon how many people are attending the party. Play some fun music in the background while your guests sit in a circle and pass the present to the person on their right. When music stops, whoever is left holding the package, must unwrap a layer of paper. The game continues until one person unwraps the final layer and is the winner of the prize. The prize could be a white elephant gift or a nice gift that anyone would love to receive.

Variation: - Have everyone wear disposable gloves while playing this game. It will make for a more interesting unwrapping of a layer of paper. Also, you could periodically use pieces of duct tape, masking tape, and mailing tape to make it more challenging.

New Years Games

NEWLYWED GAME - If your guests are couples, then play a few rounds of the Newlywed Game and see who knows who the best.

TIME CHARADES - In keeping with the infamous New Year's Eve countdown, play charades using only songs, books, or movies that contain the word "time" in them. Here's a few to help get you started:

Time In A Bottle (Jim Croce song)
Time After Time (song)
Knock Three Times (Tony Orlando & Dawn song)
Three Times A Lady (Lionel Richie song)
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Roberta Flack song)
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is (Chicago song)
No time (Guess Who song)
The Time Machine (movie)
The Time Traveler's Wife (movie)
The Land Before Time (movie)
Time Bandits (movie)
Once Upon A Time In America (movie)
A Time to Kill (movie)

Killing Time (Elise Title book)
A Brief History Of Time (Stephen Hawking book)
The Wheel Of Time (Robert Jordan book)
In Search Of Lost Time (Marcel Proust book)
The Time Machine (Herbert George)
The Last Time I Saw You (Elizabeth Berg book)

New Years Games

TIME CAPSULE - Create a time capsule to be opened in five or seven years. Have guests answer questions about the birthday person and include the questionnaires in the time capsule. If you're looking for New Year's Eve party ideas for a time capsule, focus the questions on what the world will be like in five or seven years. Video the party and include it in the capsule.

FIREWORKS – Are fireworks allowed in your area? If so, you can have tons of fun putting on your own fireworks show. For older kids, have some repeating aerial displays, fun shells, rockets and other cool fireworks to set off. For the younger kids, they will enjoy smokes, sparklers, poppers and fountains.

New Years Games

FUNNY HAT CONTEST - Ask all of your guests to wear a funny hat, then have everyone vote on the best hat, and give the winner a prize.

GUESS WHO - Have all your guests send a baby picture ahead of time. Number them, and at game time, have your guests try to guess the pictures' identities. Whoever has the most right, wins the game.

New Years Games

DANCE CONTEST - Gather together music from the various, more popular decades. Every hour change the music and let your guests get out there and cut a rug! Examples:
  • Break Dancing - Started in 70's and still popular today.

  • Cha Cha - popular in the 50's.

  • Charleston - from the Roaring 20's.

  • Disco - from the 70's.

  • Hula - from the 19th century and still going strong today.

  • Tango - most popular in the 30's and 40's.

  • Waltzes - from the 18th century.

  • Western Dance - from the 18th century and still happenin' today.

Print and play party games would be a perfect add-on to your New Year's birthday party. Here's an entire page with nothing but a wonderful batch of Printable New Years Eve Games to also consider.

New Year's Music

Whenever you need to play music in the background, here's some New Year's Eve options to consider:

Auld Lang Syne - Robert Burns
Happy New Year - ABBA
Let's Start The New Year Right – by Bing Crosby
It was A Very Good Year - Frank Sinatra
It's Just Another New Year's Eve – by Barry Manilow
New Year's Day - U2
New Year's Eve - The Walkmen
Same Old Lang Syne - Dan Fogelberg
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? - Frank Loesser

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