New Years Eve Scavenger Hunt
Fun For All!

Fun And Fabulous New Years Eve Scavenger Hunt
An Old Favorite With A New Years Twist!

Before I venture into helping you with your New Years Eve hunt, if you happen to be also throwing a New Years Birthday, here are some great ideas for New Years-themed invitations, decorations, party food ideas, favors, and more, with a birthday twist! Also, FYI, these ideas would also work great for a traditional News Years Eve party. Okay, enough of that jazz onward and upward toward the hunt!

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When you are trying to figure out what you want to do in order to create a great New Years birthday party or perhaps a fun-filled family New Years get together, you might consider adding a fun New Years Eve scavenger hunt with a New Years flavor. Scavenger hunts are always popular with young kids and teens alike. They're a great option for a party that is slated to last for many hours as they can easily take up a good amount of time--how you structure them will make this determination.

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To help get you started, you will want to create a hunt that centers around the New Years Eve celebration. If you're incorporating a birthday, then you might want to throw in some items that have significance to the birthday recipient. That way the New Years Eve scavenger hunt could also have a focus on that person, which would certainly make him or her feel rather special.

To get your hunt underway, start by dividing everyone up into teams. Then you will need to give each of your teams a list of what you want them to go on the hunt for and/or what you want them to photgraph. Be sure to allow sufficient time for them to adequately complete their hunt; then all you need to do is cut them loose and send them on their merry way. Be sure each team has some kind of a bag or container to place the items into that they ae able to secure.

If the hunt's participants consist primarily of kids, then you will need to have an older responsible teenager or adult assigned to each team to insure safety of your younger participants.


  • __________Photo of a street sign with the word "New" in it.

  • __________Photo of a clock that reads a specific time.

  • __________Photo of a sign on a business that says "Happy New Year".

  • __________Birthday candle

  • __________Birthday or New Years invitation - If you get both, 5 extra points.

  • __________Can of black eyed peas

  • __________Confetti - If the confetti reflects the new year you receive 5 bonus points.

  • __________Party hat - If the hat reflects the new year you receive 5 bonus points.

  • __________Streamers

  • __________Party horn

  • __________Glow stick

  • __________Plastic champagne glass

  • __________Tiara - If the tiara reflects the new year you receive 5 bonus points.

  • __________Serpentine throw (looks like colored curling ribbon)

  • __________Party popper

  • __________Any kind of a star

  • __________Lei

  • __________Balloons - 1 point for each color obtained. If they are already blown up by someone other than participants in the game, you receive 1 extra point for each balloon.

  • __________Coupon with an expiration date of 12/31/current year

  • __________Desk calendar page reflecting 12/31/current year

Be sure to let everyone know what time they all need to return to the designated meeting place. Whichever team successfully obtains all of the items, returns first, and has obtained the most points shall be the winners of the game.


  • Give each team who collects each of the designated items, 1 point for each item.
  • The team who returns to the meeting place first shall receive a 5-point bonus.
  • If any team is late, penalize each team 1 point for each of the minutes that they are late.

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