Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Fun And Fabulous Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
Will Have Kids Runnin' The Neighborhood In No Time!

A scavenger hunt that focuses on your neighborhood is a great way for the teens and tweens in your life to spend an afternoon; it is also a great activity for a kids birthday party. The best part is that it's really easy to organize since you don't even have to transport everyone to another location. Basically, you'll just need to give everyone their marching orders and turn them loose. However, a chaperone might be necessary depending upon the age of your crew.

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To help get you going and get your creative juices flowing, I've put together a list of items that the kids can go on the hunt for in their own backyard so to speak. Of course you can pick and choose from these items, add a few of your own, or take a walk around your own neighborhood and see if you can find any unique items that might be a fun add-on to the hunt.

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Divide kids into teams, give them each a list of things to find and/or photograph, a time limit to complete the hunt, and let them cut loose and have a ball! Remember to give each team a bag to collect their items in.

If you are dealing with kids, you will probably want an adult or an older teen to stay with each team at all times.


Have your participants try to obtain either digital or Polaroid photos of the following items:

__________ BBQ pit at a house

__________ Basketball hoop

__________ Birdbath

__________ Doghouse

__________ Dog being walked down the street

__________ Flagstone walkway

__________ House with pillars

__________ Lawn chair at a house

__________ Mailbox with ornament on it

__________ Recreational vehicle parked at a house

__________ Sandbox

__________ Satellite dish on a house roof

__________ Swimming pool at a house

__________ Swing at a house

__________ Tire swing in a tree at a house

__________ Wind chimes at a house

__________ Yard flag at a house

Have your teams try to obtain the following objects from various neighbors in their quest to fulfill the Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt list:

__________ Birthday candle

__________ Bubble wrap piece

__________ Cotton ball

__________ Exercise magazine

__________ File folder

__________ Hand lotion sample bottle/tube

__________ Hanger

__________ Hanging file folder

__________ Paper napkin that is colored

__________ Plastic spoon

__________ Popsicle stick

__________ Post-It Note

__________ Printer cartridge that is empty

__________ Q-Tip

__________ Receipt

__________ Recipe

__________ Rubber band

__________ Scotch tape cylinder that is empty

__________ Shampoo sample bottle/tube

__________ Soy Sauce packet

__________ Stamp cancelled on envelope

__________ Tea bag

__________ Toilet paper - 5 sheets that are colored

__________ Typing paper that is colored

__________ Yarn piece

Once you have explained all the rules to your hunt participates, you'll need to determine a location for everyone to return to, along with a specific time. The team who successfully gathers all of the items, returns to the meeting place within the time that is given to do the hunt, and ends up with the most points shall will the hunt.


  • Each item collected is worth 1 point.
  • Items beginning with the letters "X" and "Z" will earn you extra points. -- Each worth 5 points.
  • 5 extra points will be awarded to the team who finishes first.
  • The teams that return late will be penalized by subtracting 1 point from their total.

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