Nature Scavenger Hunt List For Kids

Fun And Fabulous Nature Scavenger Hunt List
A Great Way To Teach Your Nature-Lovin' Kids!

A scavenger hunt for nature-related items can be elaborate or simple. Of course you'll want to design your hunt with the ages of your participants in mind. You don't want to frustrate younger kids if the items on their list are too hard to locate, however, older kids usually are up for the challenge and find the competition to win exhilarating. Therefore, if you have an older crew, step it up a bit and put them to work--let them really earn the right to win!

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Before the hunt commences, you'll want to be sure to establish some ground rules to keep everyone safe. The allowed boundaries that everyone may look for their items would be an example of a ground rule. This could be very important, if there is any bodies of water nearby. Also, advising everyone that they must stay with their team is another important rule that is at the top of the list. To be careful not to destroy the natural surroundings is another instruction you might want to give.

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After you review all the ground rules with everyone, you'll want to give each team some kind of a bag for them to use to carry their items. You might also want to provide some empty jars for bugs and Ziploc-type of bags for fragile items, along with some disposable gloves and plenty of wet wipes. If your participants don't have phones to take their pics, then be sure to have plenty of digital cameras on hand. Last but not least, give each team a garbage bag that they can use to gather garbage as they do their hunt. To provide everyone with an incentive to pick up the debris, give extra points for each piece of garbage gathered, or for types of garbage collected, etc.

After perusing the following list of nature-related items, if you like what you see, then print it out and you're good to go. If it doesn't quite meet with your approval, then you can use delete the items that need to go and add to it to create a hunt that everyone is sure to enjoy.


  • __________Abandoned bird nest

  • __________Acorn

  • __________Bark from fallen branch

  • __________Berry

  • __________Caterpillar

  • __________Clover leaf

  • __________Feather

  • __________Fern

  • __________Flower

  • __________Grass blades

  • __________Ladybug

  • __________Leaves from 3 different trees

  • __________Leaf with insect holes

  • __________Litter left by someone

  • __________Moss

  • __________Pebble

  • __________Pinecone

  • __________Pine needle

  • __________Rock

  • __________Seed pod

  • __________Stick

  • __________Twig in a Y-shape

  • __________White bark from fallen branch

  • __________Worm


  • __________Animal tracks

  • __________Bird

  • __________Boulder

  • __________Butterfly

  • __________Dead tree

  • __________Deer

  • __________Frog

  • ___________Hole in tree

  • __________Lizard

  • __________Mushroom

  • __________Spider web

  • __________Squirrel

  • __________Stream of water

  • __________Tree with blossoms

  • __________Vine

  • __________Waterfall

  • __________Wet mud

Be sure to let everyone know when they need to return from the hunt. The team who returns first within the time that has been allotted and has all the designated items shall be the winners.


  • 1 point will be given for each of the items collected.
  • Whichever team finishes first could be given 5 bonus points.
  • Give the team who returns with the most garbage a 5-point bonus.
  • If any team is late, penalize them by deducting 1 point.

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