Nathan's Adorable Bee Party

by Gail Ganez

Bee Cake

Bee Cake

I decided to have a bumble bee party for my son's 1st b-day because it's so bright and cherry just like him.

I made the invites using some yellow poster board. I cut out a bee shape that I found in a coloring book. I enlarged it and it worked perfect. I drew on some black lines with a sharpie and made his little antennae out of black pipe cleaners. Then I made some little wings out of velum and decorated them with glitter. I just glued them onto the bee. They were really darling. I wrote on the front to Buzz on Over for Nathan's B-Day.

I decorated our dining room mostly in black and yellow. I hung up lots of streamers that I twisted together and had my husband blow up balloons until he was blue in the face. I made a bunch of bees out of yellow poster board and hung them from my ceiling using fishing line. I also put some on my walls. The room looked really cute and best of all it was really cheap.

I turned everyone into a little bee. I bought some yellow party hats and black electrical tape at the dollar store. I also found some cute little bees there that I glued to the top of each hat. I wrapped the tape around the hats to make them look like bees. I also got a friend to help me do some bumble bee face painting.

I wanted to have a theme cake without all the frosting so I made a bee hive that only had a drizzling of frosting.

All the little tots looked darling and so sweet. Nathan's party with really fun and now he's one and getting so big.

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