Nascar Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Nascar Birthday Party Ideas
Everyone Will Make A Pit Stop At This Event!

Get ready to party in the fast lane with these fun Nascar party ideas. Keep reading to discover how you can throw your party into high gear and rev up the fun.

Welcome all race fans; you've come to the right place for a pit stop of great Nascar party ideas. If you've got a need for speed, then rev up your engine and race on down to the winner's circle of fun and exciting Nascar theme party ideas where you can get ready to party in the fast lane.


NASCAR BIRTHDY PARTY INVITATION - Download a Nascar photo onto the front of a piece of card stock and put all of your party details inside. In the alternative, you could put a large Nascar sticker on the front.

HOT WHEELS INVITE - Write or type out your invitation onto card stock or a piece of decorative scrapbook paper. Cut out the edges using a pair of decorative scissors. Hole-punch upper left corner and run a ribbon through the hole and tie it to a Hot Wheels car. Hand-deliver your invites.

CHECKERED FLAG INVITES #1 - Create the written invitation as noted above in the Hot Wheels invite except attach the invitation to a checkered flag.

Nascar Birthday Party Ideas For Nascar Invitations

CHECKERED FLAG INVITES #2 - Cut out black and white checkered flags from scrapbook paper and write your part details on the back. Glue an ice cream stick, straw, or dowel to the side of each one.

NASCAR BIRTHDAY PARTY PHOTO INVITE - If you have access to a cool looking race car, then have the birthday person's picture taken while sitting in the car. If possible, wear a Nascar costume to make it all the more authentic. Download the picture onto a piece of card stock and write the details on the reverse side or on the inside if you decide to opt for a card type invite.


Here are some ideas that you can consider using for the wording of your invites:

  • Start your engines and race on over to (Name's) house for a Nascar birthday party.

  • Attention all race fans! Zoom on over to (Name's) house for a Nascar party.

  • Rev up your engines, lower the checkered flag, and race on over to (Name's) house for a Nascar theme party.

  • Put the petal to the metal and head for the finish line as we celebrate (Name's) birthday in Nascar style.

  • If you've got a need for speed, then start your engines, shift into high gear, and join the winner's circle of fun as we celebrate (Name's) (age) birthday.


Invite everyone to come dressed in their Nascar best or just have them all wear their favorite T-shirt that showcases their favorite Nascar driver. As guests arrive, you could give out some ball caps that have a Nascar design or some bandanas that have flames.

As guests arrive have some teens ready with paint to paint on some flames, race car numbers, checkered flags, etc. on your guests' cheeks or hand.


For a Nascar birthday party you can go with the traditional colors of black and white with a touch of red or use those colors that are contained in some of the party supplies that are offered with this theme.

  • Attach black, red and white balloons to your mailbox to alert your guests to the party's location.

  • Hang a sign or banner across your garage that says something like Welcome To Name's Race Track or Welcome Race Fans.

  • Greet guests with a Nascar driver standee. Take a photo of everyone with the driver as they arrive and give out the photos at the end of the party as one of your favors.

  • Greet your guests with a big black and white checkered arch. You can make the arch out of poster board or cardboard and attach it to a wire arch frame.

  • Another archway option would be to cover a wire archway with red, white and black balloons.

  • Line the walkway with red, black and white balloons attached to yard stakes.

  • Make some black and white checkered flags using black and white checkered fabric glued or stapled to wood dowels or yard stakes and place them throughout your front yard.

  • Place several tires around the yard.

Nascar Birthday Party Ideas For Nascar Decorations


  • Hang posters of various race cars and famous race car drivers on your party room walls to transform them into a Nascar theme.

  • Hang a personalized birthday banner on your wall or perhaps over your cake or gift table.

  • Hang streamers throughout the room ensuring that you twist them around the door and window frames for an added accent.

  • Hang some checkered flags and pennants on the walls.

  • Make some stop lights out of poster board and hang on the wall.

  • Hang race car cutouts on the wall.

  • Hang some Nascar wall graphics on your party walls and when the party is over, transfer them to your child's room.

Make some signs using various racing terms and hang them on your walls, fence, or garage door. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Rev Up Your Engines
  • Start Your Engines
  • Zoom Zoom
  • Lower The Checker Flag
  • Pit Stop
  • Shift Into High Gear
  • Put The Petal To The Metal
  • Full-Throttle
  • Take A Victory Lap
  • Winners Circle


  • Cover your table with a race car theme table cover.

  • Make race car placemats by laminating pictures of race cars. A calendar is a good source of great photos.

  • Add Nascar theme party ware to compliment your theme. If you opt to do this, you might want to use a solid table cover to keep things from getting too busy.

  • Sprinkle Nascar confetti onto the table top.

  • Create a fun theme centerpiece by using an upside down racing helmet. Make some checkered flags by cutting out rectangles from black and white checked scrapbook paper and attaching it to straws or ice cream sticks. You can also accent it with Hot Wheel cars. Be sure to attach a large bouquet of balloons with lots of curling ribbons hang off it.

  • Another option for a centerpiece might be a race car shaped pinata with a bouquet of balloons attached to it. Simple to put together, but makes a great theme statement.


TIRE ROLL - Divide your guests into two teams and give each team a tire. On "Go", the first person on each team rolls the tire to the opposite side of the yard and back to their teammates. Each teammate repeats the process and the first team to get through all their teammates first are the winners. Young players can use a hula hoop instead of a tire.

TIRE RELAY - Split your guests into teams and give each team a helium tire balloon. On "Go," the first person from each team puts the balloon between their legs and waddles across the yard to the "pit stop" where they must change out their tire by removing the tire between their legs and replacing it with another helium tire balloon that is at the pit stop. Once this is done, they waddle their way back to their teammates and the next person in line repeats this process. Whoever gets through all their teammates first are the winners.

OBSTACLE COURSE - This relay is done like the Tire Roll above, except it will be a little more challenging. Place some construction cones and various ramps made out of bricks and boards in various positions for everyone to roll the tire on and around.

If your guests are young, instead of using a tire, just have them pretend they are cars and maneuver their way through the course while making race car sounds. Another option would be to use large cardboard boxes that have been decorated to look like a race car and have the middle cut out with possible straps attached so they can slip the "car" on and then run the relay.

PULLBACK CAR RACE - Create an area in which everyone can line up their car for a race using a pullback car. Whichever car goes the furthest is the winner.

RACE CAR PINATA - This is always a hit with the younger crowd and it can serve as a table decoration until it is needed.

Nascar Birthday Party Ideas For Nascar Games


DECORATE A PENNANT - Provide craft supplies like felt pennant shapes, dowels, glitter, paints, and glue and have your guests create their own racing flags.

DECORATE NASCAR T-SHIRT - Provide everyone with a Nascar printed t-shirt along with various craft supplies and have them embellish the Nascar design. Provide things like fabric puffy paints, glitter, sequins, buttons, glue, etc. Also provide a piece of heavy cardboard to everyone so they can put that between the layers of the t-shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through.

MAKE A LICENSE PLATE - Have the kids create a license plate out of craft foam. Have available pre-cut rectangular pieces of foam which will be the foundation of the plate, pre-cut foam frame pieces that will sit around the end of the rectangle and frame it out, and lots of letters, paints, markers, glue, and glitter.


Take tried and true classic kids party games that kids have enjoyed playing for many decades and give them a Nascar twist. Here are a few options to consider:

HOT RACE CAR - This game is played like Hot Potato except you will need to use a toy car.

PIN THE TIRES ON THE RACE CAR - Hang a race car poster on the wall that has a good shot of the tires. Cut out tire shapes from construction paper for the kids to pin to the race car using double-stick tape while blindfolded.

WALK THE CHECKERED FLAG - This game is a spin on a cakewalk. Create a black and white checkered circle using poster board, construction paper, butcher paper, or felt. Number some of the squares to correspond with the same numbers on various Hot Wheel race cars. Play some fun music in the background as the kids walk around the pathway. When the music stops, everyone must try to get onto a square that has a number. Then draw a pre-numbered piece of paper from a racing helmet. Whoever is standing on that number wins the car that has the same number.

RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT - Have the birthday child serve as the "stoplight" and all the other kids are "race cars." Have the stoplight at the finish line and everyone else at the start line. The stoplight turns away from the race cars and yells the commands of green light, yellow light or red light. On green, the race cars walk toward the stoplight. On yellow, the race cars run toward the stoplight. On red the race cars must stop and at this point the stoplight quickly turns around to try and catch the race cars moving.

Whoever is caught moving is out. Whoever tags the stoplight first is the winner. If the stoplight gets all the race cars out before they can tag the stoplight, then the stoplight wins.


You can give Nascar related items for prizes. Things like Hot Wheel cars, hats or headbands with race car designs, trading cards, Nascar DVD's, etc.


Create a pit stop for all your party-goers and serve up concession type foods like you might find at the race track, foods that tie into Nascar related items like wheels, or foods that relate to Nascar sponsors. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Hamburgers
  • Nachos
  • Wheel shaped pasta can be used to make pasta salad, macaroni and cheese, or chicken Alfredo
  • Baked beans
  • Macaroni & cheese
  • Mini doughnuts
  • M&M's, Snickers, Oreos, Chips Ahoy, or Cheese Nips

  • Gatorade
  • PowerAde
  • Bottled Water
  • Sparkling apple, grape or cranberry cider as your championship champagne.

For added theme fun, serve up your food in new unused car pans or other car-related items.

Race Car Hot Dog image
RACE CAR HOT DOGS - Taste of Home has made this adorable hot dog race car, which would be a perfect addition to a Nascar or Hot Wheels party. Here's how to make 8 of these fun little guys:


8 green onions with roots
Ketchup and mustard
40 toothpicks
8 hot dog buns
32 large pitted black olives, cut in half
16 slices of processed American cheese
8 hot dogs
8 radish slices


Cut the bulk of the onion off to 2 1/2" lengths while leaving the root end intact. Dip the roots into mustard. Insert a toothpick into the opposite end and set it aside for now.

Place the buns on the plates. To create the wheels, insert 4 toothpicks into each bun with 2 on each side. Place an olive half with the cut side out onto each toothpick. Cut the cheese into 3-1/4" triangles and set aside.

Cook the hot dogs according to the package directions and place them into the buns. Place the driver, which is the green onion into the center of the hot dog using a toothpick. Cut a small width-wise slit into the hot dog in front of the driver and insert the steering wheel which is a slice of radish.

Place 1 triangle of cheese in front of the steering wheel and 1 behind the driver. Partially fill a plastic bag with ketchup and cut off the corner. Using the bag like a pastry bag, pipe out the numbers onto the cheese slices in the front and on the sides of the buns. Pipe out the eyes and mouth of the driver.


HOT WHEELS CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake and frost it gray or cover it with fray fondant to represent the blacktop. Whatever the age of the birthday recipient, create a large number or numbers out of black fondant and lay it on top of the gray frosting. Pipe on some broken white lines to create the lane division. Place some Hot Wheel cars onto the "blacktop". Decorate around the edge of the cake to give it a black and white checkered look.

RACE CAR CAKE - Use a race car cake pan and decorate the cake to look like your favorite driver's car. You can place the car on top of a sheet cake that has been covered in gray or black fondant with white piped on lines for the lanes.

Nascar Birthday Party Ideas For Nascar Cakes

BLACK AND WHITE CHECKERED FLAG CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake and cover it with black and white fondant in a checkered pattern. Add an edible sugar art image of the birthday recipient in the center.

RACE TRACK CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake and cut it into the shape of the number 8. Frost the cake green. Cut out a large number 8 from brown fondant and lay it on top of the cake. This will represent the race track. Press onto all of the exposed portions of green frosting green tinted coconut to create grass. To accent the brown figure 8, pipe out white frosting around all the edges. Pipe out white lines on top of the figure 8 to create the track lanes. Then place a few black and white checkered flags and new hot wheel cars on the track.


You can fill flame bandanas or theme cellophane bags with your favors. Here are some ideas to consider:
  • Hot Wheel cars
  • Nascar stickers or tattoos
  • Balloon racer
  • Notepad and pencil
  • Race car lollipop
  • Trophy
  • Checkered flag
  • Whistle
  • Race car gummies
  • Stop watch

Your Favorite Nascar Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have a some favorite Nascar birthday party ideas or options for creating a great cake or costume? Why not share it!

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