"My Heart At Barcelona" - Heart Cake

by Tiago Amaral
(Costa da Caparica, Portugal)

Perfect For A Valentine Birthday

Perfect For A Valentine Birthday

Here is my story behind the making of this cake...

My girlfriend's birthday was approaching and she was working in Barcelona at the time. I knew she was going to be arriving in Portugal the following day so I decided to bake her this surprise--a cake in the shape of a heart inspired in Gaudi's art.

What a stunning Valentine cake – just perfect for a Valentine birthday party. If you want to bake a heart shaped cake for a birthday, you can try to copy this cake or you can try one of the following ideas that this cake inspired.

If you’re looking for a way to make an easy heart shaped Valentine cake, one of the easiest methods to use is to buy a cake pan that is shaped like a heart. These pans are easy to find online and are reasonably priced. Simply add your cake batter and bake the cake. When it’s done, you’ll have a heart-shaped cake. Then decorate it. Perhaps you can even find a 3-D heart-shaped cake pan, which would be perfect for a Valentine birthday party.

If you would rather no buy a heart shaped cake pan, then you can make it happen by baking two round cakes and cutting them to make your cake into the heart-shape you desire. It’s easy to find directions online and then you can have a lot of fun with the decorations for your lovely cake.

An alternative to baking the heart-shaped cake, would be to make a square, round or rectangle shaped cake and then decorate it with hearts. Use icing to draw on one big heart or you can draw on many hearts with icing to make the perfect Valentine cake. If you’re not confident with your cake decorating skills, simply ice the cake with white icing and you can purchase edible heart shaped candies or other cake toppers to make it look beautiful for a party that centers around a Valentine birthday.

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