Murder Mystery Party
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Fun And Fabulous Murder Mystery Party
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If you are looking to host a party that adds both excitement and interaction, then you certainly want to give the idea of a murder mystery theme a good hard look. This theme provides lots of opportunities for everyone to interact while enjoying a fantabulous birthday bash!

murder mystery party
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To insure your party goes off without a hitch, invite guests to experience an evening full of suspense and intrigue and of course, murder! Everyone will try to guess "who dunit." To add to the atmosphere, tell guests to come dressed to kill in appropriate theme-related attire. Keep scrolling to see how you can turn your home in a scene of MURDER!

WHAT IS A MURDER MYSTERY PARTY - There are a few ways in which you can host this type of party.

  • Host a party with a theme. Everyone, including the host, plays a role for the evening and one of the guests is the murderer. During the party, everyone tries to figure out who the murderer is while scheming and plotting their way to gaining information, and the murderer tries to avoid being discovered.

  • Host a sit-down dinner party with a theme. Hire actors, perhaps kids from your school's drama department, to act out the play while your guests dine on dinner and try to figure out "who dunit."

  • Select one of the "How To Host A Murder" boxed games and follow the instructions for that particular game. These games generally come with instructions, invitations, guide book for each character to follow, clues, maps, police reports, etc.


The murder mystery party kit usually has the necessary invitations included, however, if your kit fails to supply them, just be sure to make theme-appropriate invitations. Be sure to require guests RSVP, as you wouldn't want your murderer to not show up!

When putting together your guest list, keep in mind that you will want to invite friends who are going to be willing to get out of their shells. They must be willing to strike-up conversations with other guests while maintaining their character's personality.

You will provide guests with a description of their character, costume suggestions, and a background of the story line.


Be sure your guests understand they are coming to a murder mystery and that they must come dressed in costume to coincide with the theme of the party. Wearing appropriate costumes will aid in creating the party mood and setting the tone for the actors. When casting the roles for your mystery, factor in your friends' personalities. If the character is "colorful," then by all means don't give that part to a shy friend.


The murder mystery kit will provide suggestions for decorations to coincide with your party's theme. This is important in order to set the atmosphere for the party. For example, if you have a wild west theme with everyone dressed accordingly and the party is held in a room with modern decor, your party may not flow because the atmosphere is working against your theme.


Depending on the theme of the party you select, this will dictate the food. For example, if you want the guests to mingle then you will probably want to have a table of finger foods. If your guests are going to be watching the murder unfold in the form of a play, then you probably want to corral your guests with a sit-down dinner.


If you are hosting an interactive murder mystery, it is imperative that you take time for introductions, especially with teens, as they may not have read the info ahead of time, so you might need to take longer to go through the rules. You can either have everyone stand in a circle and introduce themselves (in character), or else have the host introduce each person and read the cast description for all to hear. This way the necessary information is imparted to everyone and no one accidentally shares something they should not.


DEAD BODY CAKE - Either make or buy a round cake and frost it white. Draw a dead body outline with a toothpick and fill in the body with black frosting. Add red icing for blood coming out of the body and creating a small puddle. Add a birthday greeting like "Dying To See You Turn (Age). Happy birthday (Name)."

CRIME SCENE TAPE CAKE - Make or buy a white sheet cake. Create a large strip of yellow frosting across the cake at an angle. Pipe on "CRIME SCENE" in black.

MAGNIFYING GLASS CAKE - Make 1 round cake and 1 rectangle cake for handle. Frost round cake white and rectangle cake black. Add birthday greeting like, "I see (name) is turning (age)."


You can either select favors that follow the story line of your party or go with mystery-related items like a magnifying glass, flashlight, disappearing ink pen and paper, etc.

Murder Mystery Party

Do you have some favorite ideas for a Murder Mystery Party? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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