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Fun And Fabulous Monkey Theme Birthday
To Help You Create A Great Mod Monkey Party!

Bring out your little one's inner monkey with a fun monkey party. This is an adorable option that little ones are sure to enjoy. To insure you have a great party, be sure to invite all your child's party animal friends.

As you will soon discover, planning a monkey party is really more fun than a barrel of monkeys for everyone involved. The mood of the party will be set as soon as you open the door if you greet your guests wearing a monkey costume. This will help your party swing into the fun zone. Everyone will go bananas!


As you can see, there are numerous monkey invitations from which to select. If you're more interested in focusing upon creating a Mod Monkey party theme, you can opt to create your own invite or go with one of the personalized options pictured above. There is also a fun Mod Monkey party pack which not only contains invitations, but also contains just about everything you might need to create a Mod Monkey party.

MOD MONKEY BANANA INVITES - If you would like to make your own invitations, start with a piece of bright yellow card stock. Cut out the shape of a banana and outline the edge with a brown crayon. Write something like, "Guess who's having a 1st birthday party" on the front and write out the party details on the reverse side. Pop it in an envelope and seal it with a monkey sticker.

STUFFED MONKEY INVITATIONS - Type out all of your party details onto a piece of decorative scrapbook paper and cut it out using decorative scissors. Laminate it and hole-punch the upper left-hand corner. Run a color-coordinated ribbon through the hole and tie it to a little stuffed monkey. Hand-deliver your invitations to all your guests. For added fun, have Dad dress up in a monkey costume and make the deliveries. This is sure to get little ones laughing and parents will be looking forward to the party and all the shenanigans that will follow.

BALLOON MONKEY INVITATIONS - Prepare the invite as noted above in the stuffed monkey invitations except attach the invite to a Mylar monkey balloon.

MONKEY INVITATIONS - Download a picture of a cute little monkey onto a piece of card stock. Glitz it up with some glitter and googly eyes. Type out your party details onto a piece of decorative scrapbook paper and glue to the reverse side.


If you've decided to add to the fun of your Mod Monkey party, why not invite your guests to come dressed as little monkeys. As you can see from the pictures above, there are numerous monkey costumes from which to select.

If you want to keep it simple, then you might consider a fun little monkey t-shirt for the birthday child and all his or her little guests. Add a monkey party hat and you've got a great little photo op.


You can really go bananas when it comes to decorating your party room with a Mod Monkey party theme or any of the other monkey party options.

  • Start by hanging balloons and twisting colorful streamers from the ceiling.

  • Attach small cut-out monkeys to the steamers, which are available in the Mod Monkey party line.

  • Hang monkey posters and decals on the walls to jazz them up and bring your monkey theme to life. After the party is over, transfer them to your child's bedroom walls for a fun transformation.

  • Hang a personalized Happy Birthday banner on one of your main party walls, over the garage door to welcome guests, or perhaps over the cake or favor table.

  • Attach a string monkey pinata from the ceiling over the party table to add a focal point for little eyes to notice.

  • Hang greenery and vines with stuffed toy monkeys on various pieces of furniture, shelves, window sills, etc.

Monkey Theme Birthday Party Ideas For Monkey Decorations

  • To really add pizazz to your party room, you might want to consider using the Jungle Monkey party canopy pictured above. It comes fully assembled and it transforms the party area instantly. All you need to do is add a few inflatable monkeys and balloons and you're good to go.

  • Create a fun table using a white cover and tape streamers in colors of yellow, green and brown onto the table top. Add a dusting of glitter for the wow effect; just be sure it's the edible kind in case little hands decide to take a taste.

  • Be sure to add some colorful Mod Monkey party ware, napkins, etc. or select one of the other fun monkey themed party packages to give your table a little pizazz.

  • Decorate your entry way with monkey banners, Mylar monkey balloons and attach streamers in shades of green and brown to resemble vines around the door frame.

  • Be sure to play some fun jungle music in the background that has lots of monkey sounds.


MONKEY TREASURE HUNT - A 1st birthday party is incomplete without a treasure hunt, or in this instance a monkey hunt. Prior to the party, hide monkeys in the party room. Just be sure they are easy for your little one-year-olds to find with a little assistance. Have a parent or a teen helper take the little ones around the room to find the monkeys hanging from streamers, furniture, door knobs, or wherever you have placed them. You can use stuffed, inflatable or plastic monkeys, or even download and print some off onto card stock. Be sure to give everyone a prize, perhaps the monkeys that they find or a little bag of peanuts, animal crackers, or candies.

MONKEY DANCERS - Little ones love to dance, so turn up the music and let the dancing begin. Have a parent or teen lead the fun with monkey shenanigans--movin' and groovin' to the music in monkey style. You can also have them make monkey sounds. Give a cookie to each one as their prize, because they're all winners.

CHASING BUBBLES - Entertain the little tykes with bubbles. Have someone blow bubbles and tell the babies to try and catch the bubbles before they disappear.

Monkey Theme Birthday Party Ideas For Monkey Games

MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO - Have the babies stand in a half circle and have a parent or teen helper stand with each one, along with having someone in the middle serve as the leader. The leader will say and do a particular action like scratch under your armpit like a monkey, rub your tummy like a monkey, walk around the room like a monkey, make a monkey sound, etc. Reward everyone with a monkey treat like a piece of banana rolled in coconut.

MONKEY GAME WIND DOWN - Too much excitement? Time to wind them down? Have someone read a Curious George book with gusto or have them watch a monkey themed movie like Space Chimps or Curious George.

MONKEY PINATA - For one of the last games of the party, have the little ones pull on the string to open the monkey pinata and share the goodies.


When planning your menu, always bear in mind that this ia a 1st birthday party and food must be age appropriate. Here are a few ideas that are sure to be a hit with your little crowd:

Mac n' Cheese or Spaghetti-O's is always a favorite and an easy-fix.

Add some string cheese, a thinly sliced apple, and seedless grapes cut in half to help avoid choking.

A sandwich of peanut butter with thinly sliced bananas on top is always a crowd-pleaser for all ages.

Add a dish of cut-up melon, strawberries and pineapple with a dash of Cool Whip for a real yummy taste delight.

Monkey Theme Birthday

Banana pudding and Animal Crackers with a juice box are other food choices that are quick and easy.

If you're thinking of making some cookies for the party, try adding some lemon instead of vanilla extract to your sugar cookie recipe for a little zingy flavor.

Add a banana holder (available at the super market) with bananas hanging from it to your table. This can serve not only as a decoration, but a healthy treat.

Speaking of treats, why not put a few bowls of yummy yellow goodies out for everyone to enjoy. Things like lemon slice candies, Haribo yellow Gummi Bears, yellow Swedish Fish candies, Jelly Belly's, and M&M's. For added fun, you could display the candies upon a glass cake stand in diagonal rows for added eye appeal.


MONKEY BIRTHDAY CAKE - Whether you opt to make a sheet cake or have one professionally made, decorate it with a jungle scene with an emphasis on monkeys. Be sure to have trees and vines of green and brown with a big monkey face in the center of the cake. Add some sliced bananas in each of the corners, along with a Happy Birthday greeting.

MONKEY BIRTHDAY CAKE - Another idea is to make a round banana cake and cover it with yellow frosting. Place a monkey cake topper in the center, press a few sprinkles onto the sides, and add a birthday greeting. Lastly, decorate the base of the cake with small pieces of banana, which can be used to make banana splits. Your older party goers will really like this idea.


All party goers love to take home a little gift and one-year-olds are no exception. This age group would certainly enjoy receiving a bottle of bubbles, a small toy--perhaps a stuffed or inflatable monkey, cookies shaped and decorated like monkeys, a gift bag of Gummi Bears, or perhaps some monkey stickers or tattoos, which are always a hit. As your guests depart, pull down the Mylar monkey balloons and hand one out to each of them as an additional party favor.


As the last of your guests leave and you shut the door to reflect upon the wonderful 1st birthday party that you just hosted and the great time that everyone had, you'll want to be sure that you have captured all those wonderful party moments. Be sure to take lots of photos and video so you can share with your child in the not so distant future his or her marvelous Mod Monkey party. Create that memory book now. Fill it with mementos, along with little antidotes to help you relive that once in a lifetime 1st birthday party all over again.

YOUR Favorite Monkey Theme Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite monkey theme party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your airplane cakes and costumes.

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