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Once you have created a fun-filled Monkey theme party by turning your home into a jungle filled with all your little monkeys, you will be ready to take your little imps for a walk on the wild side. Here are some games that are sure to bring out the mischievousness of all your little guests.


COCONUT DODGE BALL – Take 6-8 beach balls and spray paint them with brown paint to make them look like coconuts. Then, split up your party guests into two teams. Outside, have each team stand on their own side of the area you’ve set up for the game. Place the “coconuts” in the middle of the area. When you start the game, guests for either team can race to get the “coconuts.” Instead of throwing “coconuts” right at people, players need to toss the coconuts high in the air so they fall like a coconut would. Players on the other team have to look up and make sure they are not hit by a falling “coconut.” Anyone who is hit is out of the game.

MONKEY BANANA PEEL – For this game, you’ll need plenty of bananas and a timer. Going one at a time, have each party guests try to peel a banana while holding it behind his back. Time each person as they try peeling the banana behind their back. The person who has the fastest time wins this game. (VARIATION: Instead you could put guests in teams. Have each team try to peel the banana, but they can only use one hand for each person. See which team can accomplish this the fastest.)

Monkey Game Ideas

MONKEY BALLOON CHALLENGE – Blow up a lot of yellow balloons (use long balloons so they look like bananas). In each balloon, you should put some hilarious challenges on a slip of paper, such as “walk like a gorilla,” “do a monkey dance,” “make monkey noises,” “sing while eating a real banana,” etc. Begin the game by giving everyone a balloon. When you start music, have the kids start tossing the balloons around the room to each other, making sure none of the balloons touch the floor. When the music stops, call out the name of one person. That person has to pop the “banana” and then do the challenge they find inside the balloon. Once they complete the task, they are given a prize. Continue playing until everyone gets a chance to do a challenge and get a small prize.

MONKEY CALLING CONTEST – For this game, let every child try their hand at doing a “monkey call.” Make sure everyone has a chance to try it. Have 2-3 adult judges watching the contest. Then, after everyone does a monkey call, have the judges hand out awards for the “Funniest Monkey Call,” the “Loudest Monkey Call,” the “Most Real Monkey Call,” the “Squeakiest Monkey Call,” etc. Have fun making up lots of cool awards for this game.

Monkey Game Ideas

FUN WITH ANIMAL SOUNDS – Have all the kids get in a circle. Have cards that have different names or pictures of animals on them. Shuffle the cards and have a child pick out one of the cards. They have to make the animal sounds of that animal until someone guesses what animal they are trying to be. The person who guesses gets to pick a card and go next. Make sure everyone gets a chance to try this.

MONKEY STOMPING GAME – Before starting the game, use some yarn to tie a balloon to each guest’s ankle, making sure the balloon nearly touches the ground. Then you’ll get to let your guests do their version of a monkey stomp. When you start the game, have everyone stomp around the room trying to pop the balloons of other players. Once a person’s balloon pops, they are out of the game and have to leave the area to sit on the side. The person who has their balloon still intact at the end of the game is the winner.

Monkey Game Ideas

BARREL OF MONKEYS PLAYOFF – Buy several Barrel of Monkeys games to use. Break guests into several groups and give each group one of the games. Have them compete to see who is able to make the longest chain using the monkeys in 30 seconds. Take the winners of each team and have them play each other to see who wins. Then, have the winners of the winners play each other until you have a final champion. Award the champion with a set of monkey ears to wear for the rest of the party, calling him/her King of the Monkeys.

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