Monkey Birthday Party Ideas To Help You Swing Into Action!

Fun And Fabulous Monkey Birthday Party
A Great Choice To Insure A lot Of Monkeying Around!

Why not go wild and plan a monkey party. You child is sure to go bananas! To discover how you can swing into action and create a jungle full of fun, keep scrolling and check out my monkey-inspired party ideas.

monkey birthday
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This birthday theme is the perfect choice for your monkey-lovin' kids. To help you get started in planning an adorable monkey party, start by getting in touch with your inner funky-monkey. Here are a few ideas to help you create some monkey mischief. You're sure to go ape over our suggestions!


MONKEY FACE INVITATIONS – Find a picture of a monkey face online and print it out to use as your stencil. Using light brown construction paper or card stock, trace around the picture of the monkey face to create your own monkey face on the paper. Make enough of the faces so you have one to send to each guest. Decorate the monkey faces using felt for the mouth and nose and googly eyes for the monkey’s eyes. On the back of the monkey face, include all of the pertinent party information. Add to large envelopes and send the invitations.

MONKEY STICKER FUN INVITATIONS – These invitations are easy to make but they look so beautiful. Start with blue card stock, cutting each piece in half and folding each pieces to create a folding invitation. Across the front of the invitation, blue a thick piece of yellow ribbon going horizontally across the invite, right in the middle. After attaching the ribbon, use a large monkey sticker and place in the very center of the invitation, overlapping the ribbon. Write, “You’re Invited to Swing Over to (Name’s) Birthday Party!” On the inside, write down all the details for the party. Slip into matching envelopes and send the invitations to those on your guest list.

3D BANANA INVITATIONS – Head to a craft store and purchase plastic bananas, purchasing one for each guest on your list. Using a black permanent marker, write all the party information right on the plastic banana. If you don’t think you can fit all the information on the banana, write the party info on pieces of card stock and use string or ribbon to tie the card to the plastic banana. You will need to deliver these invitations by hand.

Monkey Birthday Party Invitations

MONKEY TAIL INVITATIONS – Make your own felt monkey tails by threading elastic string through strips of brown felt that is sewn together to form a tail. After you make the tail, write the party information on a piece of card stock, and then punch a hole in the card, using ribbon to tie the invite to the monkey tail. When adding the party information, make sure you instruct guests to wear their party tails to the birthday party for some extra monkey fun.

BANANA-SHAPED INVITATIONS - Create banana-shaped invitations from card stock. On front write, "Join Us For Some Monkey-ing Around At ____'s Birthday Party." On reverse side, write the party details.

MONKEY INVITATIONS - Cut 8 1/2" x 11" shiny yellow card stock into 4 pieces and create a fun monkey scene using stickers. Across top say, "Join Us For Some Monkey-ing Around At ____'s Birthday Party", or "Our Little Monkey Is Turning ___". On the reverse side, type or hand write party details. Conclude by saying, "We'll go ape if you can't come." or "We'll go bananas if you can't come."


As your guests arrive, have a table set up to transform your little guests into cute little monkeys. Start by giving them each a tail. You can easily make the tails out of a strip of fabric that is attached to another piece of fabric that ties around the waste. You can also give them a foam monkey mask to help their little mugs turn into a monkey mug or paint on a little monkey face.


The best colors for a monkey birthday party are green, tan, and brown. If you want to add some jungle flowers, then you can spiff up your color scheme immensely! Create a festive jungle atmosphere at your home by using some of the following ideas:
  • Print out or draw your own monkey and gorilla pictures. Cut out the pictures and then add them to the fence or the trees around the party area. You can also use similar pictures to help decorate the walls and doors of the party area.

  • Using construction paper, cut out different tropical fruit shapes, such as pineapples, bananas, coconuts and any others you can think of. Use lots of different colors. Attach the cutouts to the side walk leading to the party so they can lead guests to the entrance of the party area.

  • You can use bowls of bananas and other tropical fruits as both decorations and food for your monkey birthday party. Use pretty bowls and set the bowls of bananas and fruit around the party area. That way your little monkeys can grab a healthy snack as they enjoy monkeying around.

  • Create sturdy vines out of brown paper grocery bags. Start by cutting out the bottom of the bags, then cut the bag into three different strips, lengthwise. Twist the three strips together like a braid and use some tape to fasten the ends. Make quite a few vines to hang up throughout the party area. Then, have fun embellishing the vines using tissue paper flowers, leaves made out of construction paper and yellow construction paper bananas.

  • Look online for a few stuffed monkeys that have long arms that can be Velcroed together. This way you can hang up the monkeys from the jungle vines you have already created.

  • To help decorate the tables, buy several barrel of monkeys games. Take the monkeys out of the barrels and use them instead of confetti on the party tables.

  • To add to the tropical, monkey theme, use raffia table skirts around all of your party tables. They really add to the atmosphere and you can use them again after the party for other events as well.

  • Make a fun monkey centerpiece, starting with a large stuffed monkey. Sit a plastic safari hat in front of the monkey and add a set of binoculars, a couple bananas and some coconuts to the hat. Tie a ribbon in your party colors around the monkey’s neck. Top off by tying a couple balloons to the monkey’s arm.

  • Hollow out a few coconuts or purchase fake coconut bowls and use them as serving bowls on the party tables to add to the overall décor.

Monkey Birthday Party Decorations

  • Use barrel of monkey games to help label your party foods. Make food tags and attach them to the barrel of monkeys, placing right next to each food. At the end of the party, remove the tags and hand out the games as favors to your little guests.

  • If you are creative, take a large piece of butcher paper and use paints to paint a jungle scene that includes banana trees, coconut trees, jungle vines, and of course, a few monkeys. Do this a day or two before the party so it has time to dry. Add to one of the party walls to really add something special to your monkey birthday party décor.

  • Take woven baskets and fill them with stuffed monkeys. Place throughout the party area. They’ll add to the décor and your young guests can enjoy playing with the monkeys too.

  • Make some fun signs and hang them on the walls. They could say things like: "Enter At Your Own Risk Cuz' Monkey Business Is Going On!", "Restricted Area--Monkeys Only!", "Monkeys At Play", and "Caution--Monkey Crossing".

  • Cluster helium balloons in your party colors throughout room.

  • Add a happy birthday banner on wall that has a picture of a monkey on it.

Here's some ideas for to help you decorate your table for your monkey birthday party:
  • Cover tables with tablecloths in your party colors. Tie corners with curling ribbon in any combination of these colors.

  • Arrange bananas in center of the table and attach balloons in your party colors for a centerpiece.

  • Attach monkey Mylar balloons to the chair of the the birthday child and helium balloons in party colors to the other kids' chairs.

  • Hang blow-up monkeys around room.

  • Hang vines of greenery around the room and from any ceiling chandeliers.

  • Make palm trees using foam-filled brown poster board for the trunks and green for the palm leaves and place on walls. If you want to put some throughout the room, all you need to do is put the bottom of the trunk into a bucket. Weight the bucket down with something like bricks, rocks, sand, etc. Place some brown fabric around the bucket to conceal it.

  • Cover the walls with various shades of green streamers to create the jungle atmosphere.

  • Hang monkey posters on walls, along with jungle food cutouts like coconuts, bananas, and pineapples.

  • Make large trees out of butcher paper, cardstock, posterboard, and construction paper and put them on the walls. Then hang blow-up monkeys or cutout monkeys in your trees.


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Here's an entire page that has all sorts of Monkey Game Ideas and Activities which include:
  • Coconut Dodge Ball
  • Monkey Banana Peel
  • Monkey Balloon Challenge
  • Monkey Calling Contest
  • Fun With Animal Sounds
  • Monkey Stomping Game
  • Barrel Of Monkeys Playoff


MONKEY MEAL SANDWICHES – These delicious sandwiches are sure to please your little monkeys with their sweet, yummy flavors. You’ll need lots of bananas and some hot dog buns for these sandwiches. Peel the bananas and add one banana to each hot dog bun. After adding the banana, top with peanut butter and then drizzle a bit of honey on top for a filling treat.

CHOCOLATE BANANA SMOOTHIES – Prepare delicious chocolate banana smoothies for your young guests by combining crushed ice, chocolate syrup, a banana and some milk together. Simply blend until you have a smooth, tasty treat. Serve them up in plastic coconut cups to make them extra fun.

BEN & JERRY’S – Find Chunky Monkey Ice cream by Ben and Jerry’s and serve up the ice cream in small bowls. Since it has a lot of sugar, keep the servings small. Be sure to label the ice cream cups as “Chunky Monkey” ice cream to get a few giggles from your party guests.

BANANA BREAD – Banana bread is extremely easy to make and it is super yummy too. Make a couple loaves of banana bread before the party. Slice up the loaves and place slices on a nice platter to serve. You can use this super easy recipe to whip up a couple loaves with barely any prep time at all. Yummy Banana Bread Recipe

TROPICAL FRUIT TRAY – Arrange banana slices, orange slices and chunks of pineapple on a nice serving tray. This offers a tasty, healthy food choice that goes well with the monkey birthday party theme. You can make a tasty fruit dip to go with the fruit if you desire.

MONKEY TAILs - Hot dogs.

MONKEY MAC & CHEESE - Prepare your favorite Mac & Cheese recipe.

ANIMAL-SHAPED NUGGETS - Serve chicken nuggets that come pre-made in various animal shapes.

Monkey Birthday Party Food Ideas

CHOCOLATE DIPPED BANANAS - Peel and cut crosswise 4-6 bananas into 16-24 pieces. Place peeled bananas onto skewers, and lay on a wax paper lined cookie sheet and freeze for at least 10 minutes. Melt a 12 oz. bag of chocolate chips with 1 tbsp. of butter over a low heat. Dip the chilled bananas in chocolate and then roll in chopped nuts, sprinkles, granola, or coconut. Refrigerate or freeze until ready to serve. If frozen, allow 30 minutes to thaw before serving.

JELL-O BANANAS - Make yellow Jell-O in rectangular pan. Add extra envelope of gelatin so it will hold together. When set, cut into banana shapes using cookie cutters.

BANANA PUDDING - Make pudding according to directions and add a few slices of banana and chopped nuts to the top of each serving.

JUNGLE JUICE - Pineapple juice or juice boxes that have jungle animals on them.


MONKEY FACE CUPCAKES – These cupcakes are cute and fun to make. You could even have the little ones help you decorate the monkey faces. Start with yellow cupcakes and frost them with chocolate icing. To create the faces, use a banana shaped candy, such as a Runt, to create the mouth, add 2 M&Ms in green or blue to make the eyes and make the nostrils with two mini chocolate chips. Add the ears with a couple mini Oreos and your monkey cupcake will be complete.

MIXING BOWL MONKEY CAKE – Mix up a chocolate cake mix according to directions, but bake it in an oven safe bowl, making sure you grease the bowl well to ensure the cake comes out without a problem. When the cake is done baking, let it cool and then tip it upside down on a cake platter so the flat side is down.

Ice the entire cake in chocolate buttercream. On the top of the cake, pipe on more brown buttercream to make the monkey hair. Take a cupcake and cut it in half, adding it to the sides as the monkey ears. Ice the ears in chocolate buttercream. With a little light yellow butter cream, ice an oval area to be the monkey’s nose and mouth area and ace the insides of the ears in yellow too. You will make the face on the side of the bowl cake. Add large M&Ms for the eyes and use licorice laces to create the mouth and nose. NOTE: If you don’t want to make the monkey’s hair on top of the cake, you can always use the top to write a birthday message in buttercream icing in a vibrant color that will stand out on the brown.

JUNGLE SCENE - Make or buy a sheet cake or a two-layer round cake and frost it light yellow. Place a jungle theme cake topper or plastic monkeys and jungle trees on top of the cake to create a festive monkey scene.

monkey cake images
Photo courtesy of: Piece-A-Cake-com

MONKEY CUPCAKES - Make or buy banana cupcakes and frost them with yellow frosting. Add a monkey pick or create your own picks by affixing two identical monkey stickers to one another with a toothpick in the middle of them.

MONKEY BIRTHDAY PARTY CAKE - Bake one round cake and two cupcakes. Cut the cupcakes vertically in half. Place a half cupcake on each side of the round cake for your monkey ears and one in the center of the cake for the nose. Frost your cake with brown frosting. To create the face, use tan frosting. To create the nose, use white frosting. Finish decorating the cake with sparkling sugar, edible glitter, sprinkles, or gel icing.

MONKEY CAKE - If you're pressed for time, make or buy a round cake and decorate it with a cute little monkey cake topper or edible sugar art image.


Fill cellophane bags or boxes decorated with monkey and jungle stickers and filled with any combination of plastic monkeys, a stuffed or beanbag monkey, Barrel of Monkeys, rubber snakes, jungle and monkey stickers, or books, coloring books and crayons with a monkey theme.

Monkey Birthday Party

Do you have some favorite monkey birthday party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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